Is Turkey Bacon Better Than Normal Bacon?

Bacon is one of those foods that people have strong opinions about. For bacon lovers the savory smoky flavor is irresistible. But over the years, health concerns about bacon have caused some people to view it as more of an indulgence. This has led to an increasing popularity of turkey bacon as an alternative. But … Read more

How Much Sodium is in Uncured Bacon?

Bacon is a beloved breakfast food for many, adding a savory, salty crunch to dishes like eggs, pancakes, sandwiches and more While most bacon contains nitrates and nitrites to preserve freshness and add color, some bacon is marketed as “uncured” without these added ingredients But just how much less sodium is in uncured bacon compared … Read more

What Happened to Nabisco Bacon Crackers? A Nostalgic Snack Investigation

Bacon makes everything better. That was the thinking behind Nabisco Bacon Thins – the legendary bacon-flavored crackers that disappeared from store shelves years ago. If you have fond memories of these tasty crackers, you’re probably wondering: what happened to Nabisco Bacon Crackers? Did they get discontinued? And will they ever make a comeback? As a … Read more

is schneiders bacon gluten free

The Definitive Guide to Schneider’s Bacon and Gluten As someone who loves bacon, I was on a mission to find out whether Schneider’s, a popular Canadian bacon brand, offers any gluten-free varieties. With so many bacon options on the market, it can be tricky navigating brand claims and labels to determine exactly what’s safe when … Read more

Are McCormick Bacon Pieces Gluten Free?

Bacon bits are a popular topping for salads, baked potatoes, pasta dishes, and more. McCormick is one of the most well-known brands of bacon bits. But are McCormick’s bacon pieces actually gluten free? What Are McCormick Bacon Pieces? McCormick bacon pieces are textured soy flour that has been flavored to imitate the taste and texture … Read more

How to Make Bacon Biltong at Home: A Step-By-Step Guide

Bacon biltong is a unique twist on a classic dried meat snack. This South African specialty involves air-drying cured and spiced bacon strips to create a shelf-stable, protein-packed treat. The end result is intensely flavored, crispy bacon that makes an irresistible high-protein snack. While biltong is traditionally made from beef or game meats, bacon works … Read more