where to buy sahlens smokehouse ham

Where to Buy Sahlen’s Signature Smokehouse Ham The Ultimate Guide Sahlen’s Smokehouse Ham is a beloved deli meat staple in Western New York and beyond. With its deliciously smoky flavor and juicy texture, this premium ham has developed a loyal following over the company’s 100+ year history. But where can you buy this iconic meat … Read more

How Long Does Ham Stock Last in the Fridge?

Ham stock is a delicious way to add flavor to soups stews, beans, greens, and more. Simmering ham bones meat, and aromatics like onions, carrots, and celery produces a rich, savory broth perfect for cooking or sipping. But like any perishable food, ham stock won’t last forever. So how long does ham stock really last … Read more

Smoked vs. Unsmoked Ham: Unraveling the Key Differences in Flavor, Texture and Preparation

For ham lovers one of the most common debates is smoked ham versus unsmoked ham. While they may look similar at first glance smoked and unsmoked ham have distinct differences when it comes to flavor, texture, preparation method and best uses. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about smoked and … Read more

Got a Slimy Spiral Ham? Here’s Why and What To Do

Spiral cut hams are a popular choice for holidays and special occasions. Who doesn’t love those perfect slices of glistening ham? However nothing can ruin a beautiful ham faster than realizing it has a gross slimy texture or film. Yuck! If you’ve ever experienced this with a store bought spiral ham, you’re not alone. Below … Read more