Can Mormons Eat Bacon? Exploring the Mormon Dietary Restrictions

Bacon – the salty, smokey, fatty strips of cured and smoked pork belly that are crispy, delicious, and oh so tempting. For many Americans, bacon is considered an essential part of a hearty breakfast, topping everything from eggs to pancakes to sandwiches. But what about Mormons? Can members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints indulge in this pork product? Let’s explore the Mormon dietary restrictions and find out!

The Mormon Health Code – The Word of Wisdom

The dietary habits of Mormons are based on a health code called the Word of Wisdom. This code outlines foods and substances that are prohibited as well as those that are recommended. The Word of Wisdom was revealed to Joseph Smith in 1833 and encourages Mormons to eat wholesome foods while avoiding alcohol, tobacco, tea and coffee.

Specifically regarding meat, the Word of Wisdom states:

“Yea flesh also of beasts and of the fowls of the air. I. the Lord have ordained for the use of man with thanksgiving; nevertheless they are to be used sparingly;”

It does not explicitly prohibit the consumption of pork or any other meat. However, there has been debate within the Mormon community regarding whether the spirit of the law implies certain meats should be avoided.

The Debate on Pork

The ambiguity around pork in the Word of Wisdom has led to differing perspectives on whether Mormons can eat products like bacon. The debate centers around a few key points:

1. Historical avoidance of pork – In the 1800s when the Word of Wisdom was introduced, Mormons generally avoided pork and adhered to kosher dietary standards Joseph Smith and Brigham Young both reportedly taught that pork should be used sparingly

2. Risk of parasites – Some argue that because pork had higher risk of parasites like trichinosis in the 1800s, it makes sense the early Mormon leaders advised caution regarding its consumption. Modern pork farming practices have now made this less of a concern.

3. Interpretation of “sparingly” – The counsel to eat meat “sparingly” can be interpreted to mean Mormons should limit meat consumption in general. However, some view this as a recommendation rather than strict commandment.

4. Official church stance – In recent decades, the LDS church has emphasized that only the restrictions specifically stated in the Word of Wisdom are mandated. Beyond this, diet choices are left up to individual discretion.

The Modern Mormon Diet

While the historical tradition leans toward pork avoidance, the prevailing practice today is that Mormons consider bacon and other pork products acceptable. The church takes an official neutral stance on pork consumption, neither condoning nor condemning it.

Most Mormons choose to apply the “sparingly” counsel to their diet in general. They aim to eat well-balanced meals with lean meats, veggies, grains, fruits and dairy. Some may personally decide to consume little or no pork for cultural reasons, while others eat it freely.

Here are some common modern Mormon diet patterns:

  • Emphasis on whole foods over processed and convenience items
  • Lean meats like chicken and fish more often than red meat
  • Lower refined sugar intake
  • Higher intake of fruits, vegetables and whole grains
  • Use of full-fat dairy products emphasized over low-fat varieties
  • No alcohol, coffee, tea or tobacco per the Word of Wisdom

Beyond this, Mormons have significant flexibility in their food choices. The casual Mormon may enjoy weekend bacon cheeseburgers and grabbed Boston cream donuts from the grocery store bakery. More devout members opt for grilled salmon and fresh fruit smoothies to stay true to the spirit of the health code.

The Verdict on Bacon

The answer to “Can Mormons eat bacon?” is a definitive yes! While the history of Mormon teachings leans away from pork, modern members are not restricted from eating bacon or other pork products according to official doctrine.

The Mormon proscription against alcohol, tobacco, tea and coffee is strict. However, for other areas of the health code like meat consumption, Mormons are encouraged to make wise choices but ultimately can choose based on their own conscience and preferences.

Most Mormons do consume pork sparingly as part of an overall balanced diet. Some members choose to avoid it, while others enjoy bacon and other pork freely. When it comes to this tasty smoked meat, Mormons can relish those crispy, savory strips … in moderation of course!

So while it may not be found at your typical Mormon potluck, you won’t be denied bacon at a Mormon household on Sunday morning. The smells of sizzling pork belly strips and scrambled eggs are as welcome in Mormon kitchens as any other on weekends and holidays. For Mormons, moderation, variety and abundance of plant foods are ideals to strive for, but no need to totally shun the occasional pleasure of bacon!

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What foods are forbidden in Mormonism?

It says to consume fruit seasonally, eat meat sparingly, and to eat grain, especially wheat, which is referred to as “the staff of life”. The scripture prohibits consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and “hot drinks” (coffee and tea).

Can Mormons eat McDonald’s french fries?

Yes, Mormons eat french fries and bonbons.) From the beginning, we’re immersed in a somewhat insulated, Christianese-y, lemonade-drinking, 1980s LDS world.

What religion does not eat pork?

Both Judaism and Islam have prohibited eating pork and its products for thousands of years. Scholars have proposed several reasons for the ban to which both religions almost totally adhere. Pork, and the refusal to eat it, possesses powerful cultural baggage for Jews.

Are Mormons allowed to kiss before marriage?

Church leaders have stated that outside of marriage prolonged and “passionate kisses” are off limits. For example, church president Spencer W.

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