Pregnant and Craving Beef Tartare? Here’s the Lowdown

As a mom-to-be those pregnancy cravings can hit hard. Pickles and ice cream? Bring it on. But what about something more risky like beef tartare or steak tartare? That classic French appetizer of raw ground beef looks so tempting but is it safe when there’s a bun in the oven?

I feel you. Pregnancy killed my rare steak game too. But as much as we may crave it there are good reasons to take beef tartare off the menu for the next 9 months.

In this article. I’ll explain

  • What exactly beef tartare is
  • Why it’s generally unsafe during pregnancy
  • Some less risky ways to satisfy those cravings
  • When you can indulge in tartare again

So read on for the tasty lowdown before you dig into that raw meat!

What is Beef Tartare Exactly?

Never heard of beef tartare before? Here’s a quick lowdown:

  • It’s made from raw, lean ground beef or finely chopped steak.

  • Usually mixed with some kind of fat like egg yolk or cream.

  • Often served with capers, onions, parsley and other seasonings.

  • Formed into patties or balls and served chilled as an appetizer.

That’s it – just raw meat swirled with flavorings. So simple, yet so sinfully delicious. But also potentially unsafe, which leads us to…

Why Beef Tartare is a No-Go When Pregnant

Here’s the deal. Beef tartare is raw. As in uncooked. And raw meat carries certain risks we need to avoid while pregnant, namely:

Bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella – These bugs can cause serious food poisoning. During pregnancy, they can also infect the placenta and harm your baby. No bueno.

Toxoplasma parasites – These sneakies can live dormantly in raw meat. An infection may only cause mild flu symptoms in mom, but can be fatal to the fetus.

Prions – Proteins found in raw meat and brains that can cause neurodegenerative “mad cow” type diseases. Unlikely, but possible.

So while beef tartare hits the spot for non-preggos, these risks make it too dangerous as a pregnant woman. Stick to thoroughly cooked meats to dodge foodborne illnesses.

But what if you just can’t kick that beef tartare craving? Read on for some safer ways to get your fix!

Satisfying Your Beef Tartare Urges During Pregnancy

Just because you can’t dive face first into a platter of raw beef doesn’t mean you’re totally out of luck. Here are some ways to healthily satisfy your pregnancy beef tartare craving:

  • Carpaccio – Paper-thin slices of raw beef quickly seared. Lower pathogen risk than ground meat.

  • Seared tartare – Lightly pan sear beef cubes to kill surface bacteria before eating nearly “raw.”

  • Ceviche – “Cook” raw fish or shrimp by marinating in citrus juice. Acid denatures proteins.

  • Beef sashimi – Dipped in boiling water for 20 seconds to kill surface bacteria. Still pretty raw inside.

  • Kitfo – Ethiopian beef dish minced expertly to avoid contamination then spiced up.

  • Steak smoked salmon – A twist on tartare with omega-3 rich salmon instead of beef.

Obviously these still carry some risks since they contain lightly cooked or raw elements. But they are relatively safer options to consider if you absolutely need that tartare taste during pregnancy.

Ideally though, try to resist the siren call of uncooked meat for the full 9 months. Get your fix after delivery!

Indulge in Beef Tartare Again After Birth

The good news is beef tartare doesn’t have to be off limits forever. Once you’ve safely delivered, you can gradually introduce it back into your diet. Here are some tips for hitting up this raw delicacy as a new mom:

  • Start with a small portion in case your digestion is still sensitive postpartum.

  • Choose high-end restaurants and reputable meat sources – less risk of contamination.

  • Send it back if it looks too mushy, smells funky, or has odd colors. When in doubt, pass.

  • Avoid if you have any open cuts in your mouth or cracks in your teeth – easy entry points for bacteria.

  • Hold off if you’re immunocompromised or have other health conditions – higher risk of illness.

So while 9 months can feel like an eternity, beef tartare is something to look forward to again in the future! For now, just sit tight mama. Your time to indulge will come once more.

Craving What You Can’t Have is the Pits!

Ugh, nothing worse than food cravings for risky stuff like raw meat during pregnancy! It’s the ultimate tease. Just know the abstinence is for an important reason – your health and your growing baby’s.

And remember, 9 months flies by faster than you realize. Before you know it, you’ll be sinking your teeth into sweet delicious beef tartare once again. So stay strong and keep that bun cooking! You’ve got this mama.

Can children have steak tartare?


Is tartar safe during pregnancy?

This is a relatively simple medical technique to remove dental plaque, helping to prevent dangerous dental diseases. “So pregnant women should go to get tartar or not?”: “According to the sharing of specialist doctors, pregnant women can completely take tartar“.

What to do if I ate raw meat while pregnant?

If you are concerned that you have been infected with bacteria and/or parasites from meat or seafood, ask your healthcare provider if there are tests to diagnosis the infection. In some cases, there may be medications that can treat the infection and reduce the chance of harm for your baby.

Can I have a medium steak when pregnant?

Can you eat rare or medium steak while pregnant? It’s best to avoid raw or undercooked meat while you’re pregnant because it may make you ill, and could harm your baby. You may become infected with the toxoplasma parasite if you eat meat that is raw or pink and bloody in the middle .

Is beef tartare ever cooked?

Of course, raw is the whole point of tartare—without the rawness, you’ve got loose, cooked meat. Trust me, that’s not as good as raw.

Can I eat steak tartare If I’m Pregnant?

Kidney is fine in small amounts, such as in a pie, but shouldn’t be eaten in excess as it’s high in Vitamin A ( click for more on this ). Steak Tartare – this is raw, finely diced meat so should be avoided in pregnancy as it’s not cooked at all.

Is it safe to consume beer and cheese during pregnancy?

The consumption of beer or any alcoholic beverage is strongly discouraged during pregnancy because of its potent teratogenic effect. Its effects are on the development of the neural tube that could generate different degrees of neurological damage. Cheese consumption is safe during pregnancy.

Can pregnant women eat red meat?

All that said, it’s a good idea to eat red meat when pregnant due to the amount of iron it contains. But it must be well-done. You might like your steak rare, even bloody, but you will have to forgo it and try the tougher stuff for nine months.

Can I eat deli meat if I’m Pregnant?

Take care with deli meats such as salami, chorizo and Parma ham. These are often cured and fermented rather than cooked, so they carry a risk of listeriosis and toxoplasmosis. If you want to eat them, make sure they’re pre-cooked or cook them yourself at home. Pre-packed meats, such as ham and corned beef, are safe to eat when you’re pregnant.

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