Can You Have Beef Consommé Before a Colonoscopy? A Complete Guide

Undergoing a colonoscopy can be an intimidating experience. Following the strict preparation protocol is crucial for an effective procedure. A key component is adhering to a clear liquid diet in the days leading up to the colonoscopy. With such rigid guidelines, it’s understandable to have questions about what is and isn’t allowed. One common point of confusion is whether beef consommé can be consumed pre-colonoscopy.

As someone who has undergone multiple colonoscopies, I know firsthand how confusing and stressful prep can be. The good news is that yes, beef consommé is perfectly acceptable to enjoy in the days before your procedure!

In this comprehensive guide we will cover everything you need to know about consuming beef consommé before a colonoscopy. We’ll explain what beef consommé is why a clear liquid diet is necessary, an overview of approved foods, and tips to make the process smoother. Let’s dive in to demystify whether beef consommé makes the cut for pre-colonoscopy meals.

What Is Beef Consommé?

Beef consommé is a type of clear soup or broth made from beef. It is created by simmering beef bones and meat scraps to extract their rich, concentrated flavor The resulting liquid is a transparent, amber-colored broth with an intensely beefy taste

Unlike regular beef broth or stock consommé is clarified and strain to remove any particles or impurities. This extra step makes it crystal clear. The clarification process concentrates the flavor too making consommé more savory and tasty than standard beef broth.

When shopping, look for a beef consommé that only contains broth and natural beef flavor. Some versions have thickeners like cornstarch added, which would make them unsuitable for a clear liquid diet.

Why Follow a Clear Liquid Diet Before a Colonoscopy?

In the days leading up to a colonoscopy, patients are instructed to follow a clear liquid diet. This requires eliminating all solid foods and opaque liquids from your meals. Only transparent, see-through beverages and broths are allowed.

The purpose of sticking to clear liquids is to thoroughly cleanse the colon prior to your procedure. Consuming a clear liquid diet ensures no solid foods or particles are present to obscure the doctor’s view of your colon. This allows them to fully examine the lining of the colon and rectum during the colonoscopy.

If the bowel is not properly cleansed beforehand, the procedure may be less effective, and doctors may be unable to visualize the entire area properly. In some cases, improperly prepped patients may have to reschedule and repeat bowel cleansing before undergoing colonoscopy.

Overview of Approved Clear Liquids

The clear liquid diet is strict, but you still have options to get calories and nutrition. Here are some go-to clear liquids that can be consumed before a colonoscopy:

  • Water – plain or flavored

  • Clear broths – beef, chicken or vegetable

  • Clear fruit juices – apple, white grape, lemonade

  • Soft drinks – ginger ale, Sprite, seltzer water

  • Coffee and tea – without milk, cream or foam

  • Clear sports drinks – Gatorade, Powerade

  • Popsicles and gelatin – without fruit chunks or added colors

  • Honey, sugar or clear hard candy

Beef consommé makes the list of approved clear liquids. As long as it contains only broth and natural flavors, it can be enjoyed up until the day before your procedure.

Tips to Make Prepping Easier

Preparing for a colonoscopy with a clear liquid diet can be difficult. Here are some useful tips to ease the process:

  • Stay hydrated – drink plenty of clear fluids throughout the day

  • Consume clear broths – for sodium, calories and protein

  • Add flavorings – lemon, honey, ginger or mint to enhance taste

  • Avoid thick liquids – soups or juices with pulp are not allowed

  • Read labels carefully – verify no added colors or thickeners

  • Ask your doctor questions – clarify any gray areas before starting

  • Consider sipping prep solution – through a straw placed far back on tongue

  • Stay near restroom – once prep starts working, bowel movements follow quickly

  • Eat small amounts – take mini-meals instead of large portions for easier digestion

  • Stock up on distractions – movies, books, music can help pass the time

With the right preparation, beef consommé can be a nourishing and tasty option for getting through the clear liquid diet before your colonoscopy. Listen to your medical team, stick to the guidelines, and the procedure will go smoothly. Here’s to a successful colonoscopy!

What can I eat or drink before colonoscopy?


Is beef consommé considered a clear broth?

In cooking, a consommé is a type of clear soup made from richly flavoured stock or broth that has been clarified, a process that uses egg whites to remove fat and sediment.

What kind of broth is ok before a colonoscopy?

Consider electrolyte-enhanced water (Smart Water) or sports drinks that are light in color (lemon-lime flavored). Clear broth or bone broth is also helpful in keeping nutrients in the body without solid food intake. These can be prepared with chicken broth powder, bouillon, or bought premade.

What kind of broth can you have on a clear liquid diet?

The best thing to do is to choose the most nutritious options you can eat while on the clear liquid diet. For example, if you want to drink broth, choose bone broth, which is rich in vitamins and nutrients, particularly protein. Another option is to select a premade nutritional drink such as Ensure Clear.

What can you eat before a colonoscopy?

The following foods and drinks are typically allowed before a colonoscopy: • Water (mineral, sparkling, or plain) • Clear broth (beef or chicken) • Fat-free consomme´ • Fruit juices (apple or white grape) without pulp • Noncarbonated, powder-based beverages, such as lemonade

Can you drink coffee before a colonoscopy?

And Liquids to Try and Avoid Black coffee is one of the clear liquids allowed before your colonoscopy. It’s important to prepare for your colonoscopy the right way so your doctor has a clear view of your colon when they perform the exam.

Should I eat clear liquid before a colonoscopy?

One day before — and the day of — your colonoscopy, you may be on a clear-liquid diet. Learn which drinks you can include, and which to avoid.

Can you go without food before a colonoscopy?

Some people, unfortunately, may avoid having a colonoscopy thinking that they can’t go without food for an entire day before the exam. But a clear liquid diet, such as the sample one described below, allows more food choices than you might think and can provide about 1,000 calories a day.

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