Can You Use Turkey Gravy on Pork? Tips for Complementing Flavors

For those with leftover turkey gravy after the holidays, a common question arises – can you use turkey gravy on pork? While turkey gravy is traditionally paired with its namesake bird, it can work well with pork too with the right techniques.

Read on for tips on repurposing turkey gravy to complement the flavors of juicy pork entrees

The Appeal of Turkey Gravy on Pork

Creative cooks often look for ways to give new life to leftover gravy. Adding turkey gravy to pork dishes offers several benefits:

  • Uses up extra gravy so it doesn’t go to waste

  • Adds moisture and flavor to pork

  • Provides a unique flavor combination

  • Saves the effort of making a new gravy

  • Allows customizing gravy to each diner’s taste

With the right balancing of flavors, turkey gravy can be a delicious gravy option for pork. This versatility makes good use of holiday leftovers.

Factors to Consider

While turkey gravy can work with pork, there are some factors to consider:

Taste – Turkey gravy has a distinctive flavor from sage, thyme, and other seasoning. It should complement, not overwhelm, the pork.

Saltiness – Turkey gravy may be saltier than what you’d typically use on pork. Adjust seasoning carefully.

Fat content – Turkey gravy often has less fat than pork gravies. Adding a bit of butter or cream can lend richness.

Acidity – The acidic components in wine or lemon juice for turkey gravy can clash with pork. Taste for balance.

Sweetness – Any pronounced sweetness from turkey gravy should be muted so as not to conflict with savory pork.

With these aspects in mind, turkey gravy can be tailored to taste delicious on pork dishes.

Tips for Complementing Turkey Gravy and Pork

When repurposing turkey gravy for pork, here are some useful tips:

  • Start with well-seasoned pork – The pork should have enough salt, pepper, garlic, and herbs so the gravy doesn’t overwhelm. Brining pork can help it hold its own flavor.

  • Add pork drippings – Whisking in drippings from cooked pork loin or chops will give the gravy more pork essence.

  • Simmer with aromatics – Sautéing onion, celery, carrots, or mushrooms in the gravy adds deeper flavor dimension.

  • Splash of acid – A touch of lemon juice or vinegar brightens gravy and balances the richness of pork.

  • Thicken if needed – If gravy seems too thin, whisk in a bit of cornstarch slurry to better coat the pork.

  • Check for taste – Sample gravy with pork before serving to adjust salt, pepper, herbs and thickness as needed.

With small tweaks like these, leftover turkey gravy can transform into the ideal rich, savory sauce for tender pork entrees.

Best Cuts of Pork for Turkey Gravy

While turkey gravy works with most cuts, certain pork styles especially complement the flavors:

  • Pork chops – The leaner meat benefits from moisture that gravy provides.

  • Pork loin – Slices of juicy pork loin pair well with subtly seasoned gravy.

  • Pork tenderloin – The delicate texture matches smooth, thin turkey gravy.

  • Ham – For glazing baked ham, turkey gravy makes a nice change from clover honey or brown sugar.

  • Meatballs – Mixing turkey gravy into pork meatballs provides extra moisture and savoriness.

Gravy lovers can explore pairing these cuts of pork with leftover turkey gravy for maximum enjoyment.

Sample Recipe: Pork Tenderloin with Turkey Gravy

Here is a simple recipe highlighting turkey gravy with pork:


  • 1 lb pork tenderloin

  • 1⁄4 cup flour

  • 3 Tbsp butter

  • 3 Tbsp olive oil

  • 1 onion, diced

  • 1 cup turkey gravy

  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Season tenderloin with salt and pepper. Dredge in flour.

  2. Heat oil and 1 Tbsp butter in pan. Brown tenderloin on all sides.

  3. Remove pork; add onions and 2 Tbsp butter to pan. Sauté 3 minutes.

  4. Return pork to pan. Pour in gravy. Simmer for 5 minutes until pork is cooked through.

  5. Slice pork and serve drizzled with gravy.

The brown fond from browning the pork boosts gravy flavor while the low simmer lets the flavors mingle perfectly.

Cooking With Creative Liberty

When utilizing turkey gravy on pork, don’t be afraid to add your own twist. Maybe stir in cream and maple syrup for sweet pork chops. Or blend in spicy adobo sauce for a Mexican flare.

Repurposing leftovers invites imagination. Turkey gravy can taste delicious on pork with an open mind and a willingness to experiment. Taste as you go, and you may create a new favorite recipe.

So next time you have extra holiday turkey gravy, don’t let it languish in the fridge. Put it to flavorful use on some succulent pork for a dish enjoyed by all. With the right balance of creativity and seasoning, turkey gravy can be transformed to the perfect pork accompaniment.

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Can I use turkey gravy instead of brown gravy?

Instead of a packet of brown gravy mix, I used reduced sodium turkey gravy, and I added chunks of fresh garlic while cooking the ground turkey (I love garlic).

What’s the difference between turkey gravy and regular gravy?

Thus, turkey gravy is a brown gravy. You can also make brown gravy with the drippings from other kinds of meat, such as a roast or chicken. White gravy is made with milk, fat, and a thickening agent; white gravy is made without drippings, and with sausage added is popular for biscuits and gravy.

What gravy granules with pork?

Bisto Best Pork Gravy Granules 230g.

Can you buy pork gravy?

This Home Farm Pork Gravy is quick and easy and gives you perfect results for every roast meal. Home Farm Pork Gravy enhances your family’s favorite meals with classic pork flavour. This ready-made Pork Gravy is richly flavoured with Pork stock and is well seasoned.

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