Do They Still Make Bunker Hill Beef and Gravy? A Nostalgic Look at A Classic Canned Meat

For those who grew up enjoying Bunker Hill’s signature beef and gravy, the uncertainty surrounding the availability of this classic canned meat product brings a sense of nostalgia along with disappointment. Bunker Hill Foods, the original producer, has undergone ownership changes, recalls, and an uncertain fate over the past couple decades

So do they still make Bunker Hill beef and gravy today? Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and explore what happened to this beloved canned meat brand.

A Look Back at Bunker Hill Foods and Their Famous Gravy and Beef

Bunker Hill Foods first opened their doors in 1935 as a small artisanal cheese producer in Ohio. Using high-quality ingredients from local family farms, the company gained a reputation for their cheese-making craftsmanship

Over the years, Bunker Hill expanded into canned meat products, including their popular beef and gravy mixture. Rich, savory gravy enveloped tender bites of beef in a comforting and convenient canned form. For families across America, this became a beloved staple meal solution.

In the early 2000s, Bunker Hill Foods was acquired by Smithfield Companies Inc., a major player in the meat processing industry. Under new ownership, Bunker Hill continued producing their signature beef and gravy cans.

Unfortunately, this came to an end in 2007 when the company issued a voluntary recall of 30,000 cans due to a potential processing defect that could cause illness. This marked the beginning of the downfall.

The Steep Drop for an Iconic Brand

The 2007 beef and gravy recall delivered a huge blow to consumer confidence in Bunker Hill. In 2010, the company was sold to Castleberry/Snow’s Brands Inc., but this new owner also issued a major recall of canned meat products due to possible botulism contamination.

Between the recalls and ownership changes, Bunker Hill beef and gravy seemed to disappear from store shelves. The Smithfield Companies announced plans to sell Bunker Hill Foods in 1998 for $12.9 million, but it’s uncertain whether this sale went through. The current status of the company remains a mystery.

For fans of this longstanding canned meat product, it was the end of an era. The rich, comforting gravy and savory beef that had graced family dinner tables for decades was gone with no certainty if it would ever return.

The Search for Alternatives to Satisfy the Craving

As consumers bid farewell to this staple canned meal, many began seeking out alternatives to satisfy the craving for beef in gravy. Here are some of the top options:

  • Libby’s Roast Beef and Gravy – This popular canned meat brand offers a similar tender roast beef and thick, hearty gravy.

  • Homemade Beef Stew – With fresh beef, vegetables, and bold seasonings, homemade beef stew can provide the same warm, filling sensation.

  • Other Canned Meat Brands – Armour, Hormel, and store brands offer affordable canned beef meals from chili to hash. Peruse the options to find a new favorite.

  • Beef Gravy Mixes – Gravy mixes allow you to whip up rich, flavorful gravy to pour over meats, rice, or biscuits for that soul-satisfying taste.

For those yearning for the unique Bunker Hill taste, recreating a homemade version from recipes online is an option. But most settled on finding a similar substitute to fill the void left behind.

The Hunt to Find Any Remaining Cans of the Classic Combo

For diehard fans holding out hope of tasting Bunker Hill beef and gravy again, the occasional search still happens in hopes of locating any remaining stock sitting on store shelves.

If you do come across a can with the iconic Bunker Hill label, be sure to thoroughly inspect for any signs of swelling, leakage, rust, or expiration date concerns. Checking the embossed code on the bottom to ensure it’s not from the recalled batches is also wise.

Realistically, the chances of finding safely preserved cans of this discontinued product are extremely slim. But nostalgia and cravings have a way of fueling long-shot searches for the foods that comforted us growing up.

Keeping the Memories Alive

Though Bunker Hill beef and gravy may now be a distant memory, the recipes and food memories it created over generations will live on. The company may be gone, but the nostalgia for simple meals from our childhood never fades.

For many American families, cozy nights around the dinner table enjoying steaming spoonfuls of beef and gravy are treasured moments. And the lessons in craftsmanship, quality ingredients, and tradition that Bunker Hill Foods represented remain impactful.

So crack open a can of gravy, savor a bite of tender beef, and reminisce about the iconic canned meat brand that disappeared but hasn’t been forgotten. Some foods have a way of staying in our hearts, even when they no longer fill our plates.

Bunker Hill Brand Brown Gravy with Beef Slices…ugh!!!


What is roast beef in a can?

Raw packed: The meat was put into the jar raw and then pressure canned. It is fully cooked and ready to eat, but it will shred up very easily since it was not browned.

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