Do You Need to Pre-Order a HoneyBaked Ham? A Guide to Securing Your Holiday Feast

The holidays just wouldn’t be the same without a juicy, spiral-cut HoneyBaked Ham as the centerpiece of the feast. With its signature crunchy glaze and tender moist meat this pre-cooked ham has become a tradition at many holiday gatherings. But with its popularity comes the potential for sell-outs if you don’t plan ahead.

So do you need to pre-order a HoneyBaked Ham to make sure you can get one for the holidays? Below we’ll explore the pre-order process, when you should order by, tips for securing your ham, and what to do if it’s too late to pre-order.

Why Pre-Order?

HoneyBaked Ham is a popular choice during the high-demand holiday season. While hams are available for purchase in-store during the holidays, the most popular sizes and flavors tend to sell out completely.

Pre-ordering ensures:

  • You’ll get the exact size, bone-in or boneless, and glaze flavor you want.

  • Your ham will be reserved and ready for pickup on the specified date.

  • Availability of hams even on the busiest days like Christmas Eve.

  • No waiting in long store lines with the crowds.

Without a pre-order, you risk showing up and finding out they are sold-out of hams in your desired size. So pre-ordering provides peace of mind that your holiday meal is secured.

When to Pre-Order

Ideally you should pre-order your HoneyBaked Ham at least 2 weeks in advance of when you need it Here are some recommended dates to order by

  • Thanksgiving: Order by November 10th or earlier

  • Christmas: Order by December 12th or earlier

  • New Year’s: Order by December 20th or earlier

  • Easter: Order by April 1st or earlier

The earlier you can place your order, the better. Hams can be pre-ordered starting in early November for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If you’ve missed the 2 week advance order window, don’t panic. You may still be able to order closer to the holidays, but selection will be more limited.

How to Pre-Order a Ham

Pre-ordering your honey-glazed ham is easy and can be done online or by phone:


  • Visit and select “Buy Ham Online”.

  • Choose your desired size, bone-in or boneless, glaze flavor and quantity.

  • Enter your zip code to find the nearest HoneyBaked store for pickup.

  • Select your pickup date and complete checkout.

By Phone

  • Call 1-877-446-2467 to reach HoneyBaked’s contact center.

  • Provide the representative your name, number, zip code, desired ham specifications, and pickup date.

  • They will provide a confirmation number to bring when picking up your pre-ordered ham.

Once your order is placed, you simply wait for the pickup date, then go to the HoneyBaked store prepared with your confirmation. It’s quick and easy!

Tips to Get Your Ham

If you missed the 2 week pre-order window, don’t despair! Here are some tips to still get your hands on a delicious HoneyBaked Ham:

  • Check availability online – Inventory is updated in real-time so you can see if your store has hams available for walk-in purchase.

  • Call your nearest stores – Speak to store associates directly to check on ham availability and see if they can reserve one.

  • Remain flexible – Consider adjusting your ham size, bone-in vs boneless, or pickup date. Stores often have some sizes still available.

  • Check inventory regularly – Availability can change day-to-day as the holiday nears, so keep checking back.

  • Shop early – If you wait until a few days before, your chances of scoring a ham are lower. Shop 1-2 weeks in advance if you missed pre-ordering.

  • Have a backup plan – Consider a spiral-cut ham from your grocery store as a plan B in case you can’t find a HoneyBaked.

Why HoneyBaked Hams are Ideal for Holidays

From the unique spiral-cut shape to the sweet and savory glazed coating, it’s easy to see why HoneyBaked Ham is a holiday favorite year after year. Here’s what makes them so perfect for special occasions:

Convenience – Hams come fully cooked so preparation is easy. Just heat and serve right from your refrigerator.

Perfect Portions – The signature spiral-cut makes serving simple. Slices come out ready to plate.

Juicy Tenderness – Curing and smoking result in tender meat that holds its moisture.

Flavorful Glazes – The sweet and savory glaze options like brown sugar and honey enhance flavor.

Memorable Tradition – For many, it just doesn’t feel like the holidays without this classic ham.

Time-Saver – No lengthy prep or baking. More time to spend with guests!

Alternatives to HoneyBaked Ham

While HoneyBaked Ham is a popular choice, it certainly isn’t the only option. If you simply can’t get your hands on one, here are some tasty alternatives:

  • Grocery store spiral-cut hams – Lower cost and easier to find last minute. Brands like Smithfield and Cook’s make spiral-cut hams.

  • Bone-in half ham – Smaller and easier to find. Perfect for smaller gatherings.

  • Smoked ham – Sold pre-cooked or raw. Brings delicious smoky flavor.

  • Prosciutto-wrapped boneless ham – Impress guests with this appetizing presentation.

  • Spiral-cut turkey or pork loin – Same eye-catching shape without the ham.

Get Your Holiday HoneyBaked Ham Ordered!

The hectic holidays will be here before you know it. Avoid the stress and scramble of trying to find a ham at the last minute. Follow these tips to make sure your HoneyBaked Ham is ready and waiting for you! Pre-order early, remain flexible on preferences, and keep checking availability right up until the big day.

Honey Baked Ham Serving Instructions


How far in advance should I buy my honey baked ham?

Monday Before: Buy Your Perishables & Your Honey Baked Ham This is when you’ll have the least amount of competition at the grocery store and can ensure you get the cream of the crop when you pick up your Honey Baked Ham.

Are HoneyBaked hams frozen when you buy them?

Honey Baked Ham® is committed to the highest quality standard of freshness for each and every one of our products. In order to deliver a premium experience our products are shipped frozen and require a short delivery window to arrive frozen to partially thawed on your requested delivery date.

How far in advance should I buy a ham?

You can store perishable ham safely according to these time limits: Uncooked ham, fully cooked spiral-sliced or unsliced ham, 3 to 5 days; ham after home cooking, 3 to 4 days. For more storage times, go to and type in “ham storage.”

Is honey baked ham ready to serve?

Honey Baked Ham and Turkey Breasts are fully-cooked and ready to enjoy when picked up at your nearest HoneyBaked store or shipped directly to your home. HoneyBaked Ham® and Turkey Breasts are best served directly from the refrigerator – simply thaw and they’re ready for the table.

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