Does Honey Baked Ham Sell Turkey Gravy? Your Guide to Their Gravy Options

Honey Baked Ham is a popular chain known for selling high-quality precooked and ready-to-eat hams, turkeys, and sides for the holidays and special occasions But with their focus on hams, you may be wondering – does Honey Baked Ham sell turkey gravy as well?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the gravy options at Honey Baked Ham for both ham and turkey meals.

First a quick intro to Honey Baked Ham if you aren’t familiar with them. This company operates over 390 retail stores and franchises across the U.S. They are best known for their signature spiral-sliced hams glazed with honey brown sugar, and other natural flavors.

Honey Baked Ham sells full hams, half hams, quarter hams, boneless hams, and ham steaks year-round. Around the holidays, they also offer heat-and-serve roasted turkeys, turkey breasts, and other side dishes.

Their hams and turkeys are fully cooked when purchased. You just need to heat through before serving. This makes them an easy option for holiday meals or anytime you want quality pre-made entrees and sides.

Gravy Options for Ham

Not surprisingly, Honey Baked Ham places a heavy emphasis on ham gravies rather than turkey gravy. After all, gravy is the perfect accompaniment to their delicious spiral-cut hams.

They sell a few varieties of ham gravy:

  • Signature Ham Gravy: Honey Baked’s classic gravy is made with ham stock and has a smooth, savory flavor.

  • Apple Cider Ham Glaze: For a seasonal twist, try their limited-edition apple cider glaze with cinnamon, cloves, and apple juice.

  • Champagne Ham Glaze: This glaze is made with champagne and orange juice for a sweet, sophisticated flavor.

  • Bourbon Ham Glaze: For a sweet and smoky flavor, the bourbon glaze is made with Kentucky bourbon, peach preserves, cloves, and other spices.

All of these glazes can be used as gravy too. Just stir in some water after heating to reach the desired consistency.

Do They Sell Turkey Gravy?

Now to answer the key question – yes, Honey Baked Ham does sell turkey gravy for their roasted turkeys!

They offer traditional Homestyle Turkey Gravy made from turkey pan drippings, vegetables, and seasonings. This ready-to-eat gravy can be heated and served drizzled over sliced turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and more.

The Homestyle Turkey Gravy is available seasonally for Thanksgiving and Christmas when Honey Baked Ham sells full turkeys and turkey breasts.

Other Turkey Entrées and Sides

In addition to whole roasted turkeys and gravy, here are some of the other turkey offerings at Honey Baked Ham for the holidays:

  • Sliced Roast Turkey Breast: Boneless, expertly sliced turkey breast meat that’s quick and easy.

  • Rotisserie Turkey Breast: Slow-roasted tender turkey breast seasoned with herbs.

  • Smoked Turkey Breast: Hand-rubbed with spices and hardwood smoked for rich flavor.

For Thanksgiving sides to accompany your turkey and gravy, they offer classics like cornbread dressing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, cranberry relish, and more.

Gravy Tips and Hacks

If you’re heating up Honey Baked Ham’s turkey or ham gravy, keep these tips in mind:

  • For a thinner consistency, stir in chicken or turkey broth until it reaches the desired texture.

  • For more flavor, mix in any pan juices from cooking your ham or turkey.

  • If the gravy is too salty, add a spoonful of brown sugar or maple syrup.

  • Add extra black pepper, crushed sage, thyme, or parsley to boost the flavor.

  • Whisk in a pat of butter at the end for a richer, glossier gravy.

  • If you’re making your own gravy, start with the drippings from Honey Baked’s ham or turkey for incredible flavor!

The Perfect Meal

Honey Baked Ham takes the stress out of holiday hosting. With their fully cooked hams and turkeys, plus ready-made gravy and sides, you can easily prepare a show-stopping feast.

Pick up their signature spiral-cut ham along with Homestyle Turkey Gravy for a meal that pleases all guests. Drizzle the savory gravy over both meats and sides like mashed potatoes, dressing, and green beans.

Can’t decide between ham and turkey? Order both, along with plenty of gravy to satisfy your entire family or holiday gathering!

Grab Your Gravy This Holiday Season

When the holidays roll around, save yourself time and effort by stopping by your nearest Honey Baked Ham store. Their high-quality smoked hams, roasted turkeys, home-style gravy, and classic sides provide hassle-free meals with no sacrifice on flavor.

So does Honey Baked Ham sell turkey gravy? The answer is a definitive yes. Be sure to grab their signature turkey gravy this holiday season to complement your Honey Baked meal perfectly!

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Does HoneyBaked sell turkey?

HoneyBaked® Whole Turkey A great family meal calls for the perfect dish, which is just what a Honey Baked Whole Turkey offers guests. Enjoy one of our delicious pre-cooked turkeys in one of three tasty flavors – each tender, hand-seasoned and ready-to-serve for the ultimate in convenience.

What does HoneyBaked ham sell besides ham?

Honey Baked Ham® Products We offer a variety of premium Honey Baked Ham products which includes the unmistakable Honey Baked Ham alongside our side dishes, turkey breasts, and desserts that are ready to enjoy. The signature bone-in half ham is why we’re famous.

Is turkey from HoneyBaked ham good?

HoneyBaked is also renowned for our moist, flavorful turkey. Learn more about what makes us purveyors of not only the world’s best ham, but the best turkey breasts! Available oven roasted or smoked, our fully cooked, boneless turkey breasts are great as the main dish for any holiday meal or as a co-star in a buffet.

Does HoneyBaked Ham sell Turkey?

According to past estimates, some HoneyBaked Ham stores will serve up thousands of hams a day as we get closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Along with that, the company will also sell turkeys, an array of side dishes, and even desserts. If you’re thinking of having a HoneyBaked ham star on your own holiday table this year, we’ve got you covered.

Does HoneyBaked Ham have a turkey breast?

Besides offering their original ham in smaller portions and boneless style, the company also sells HoneyBaked Turkey Breast. It’s made just like the classic HoneyBaked Ham, with the signature crunchy glaze, and it’s already cooked, sliced and ready to serve when you buy it. You can actually complete your entire holiday meal with HoneyBaked Ham.

Does Honeybaked sell Turkey?

HoneyBaked is proud to be a family tradition for more than 40 years. More than just holiday time, HoneyBaked knows that memories are made every day. While HoneyBaked has been selling turkey for more than 20 years, this year, they reformulated this product and the new recipe is more tender and flavorful than ever.

Does Honeybaked have a new turkey recipe?

More than just holiday time, HoneyBaked knows that memories are made every day. While HoneyBaked has been selling turkey for more than 20 years, this year, they reformulated this product and the new recipe is more tender and flavorful than ever. There’s never been a better time for an easy weeknight meal with HoneyBaked New Recipe Turkey.

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