How Long Does Beef Dripping Last in a Fryer? Everything You Need to Know

If you love frying foods in beef dripping, you may wonder just how long it will last before going bad As a tasty and traditional frying fat, beef dripping can last for multiple uses in your fryer if stored properly In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about maximizing the shelf life of beef dripping and using it to fry up deliciously crispy foods.

What is Beef Dripping?

For those unfamiliar, beef dripping is a type of rendered beef fat made from the fatty trimmings of beef. It has a high smoke point, making it an excellent choice for deep frying. Beef dripping has been used for centuries in British cuisine to fry foods like fish, chips, and roast potatoes. It has a rich, meaty flavor that enhances the taste of fried foods.

The Benefits of Frying with Beef Dripping

There are a few key reasons why beef dripping is a smart choice for your deep fryer:

  • Flavor – The beefy taste of the dripping is imparted to foods fried in it This adds incredible depth and savoriness.

  • High smoke point – With a smoke point around 375°F, beef dripping can withstand frying temperatures without burning. This gives it a long fry life.

  • Tradition – Beef dripping has been used for generations to fry up classic British comfort foods. Using it is a tasty nod to food traditions.

  • Versatility – From fish to chips to doughnuts, beef dripping can fry up an array of foods exceptionally well.

Its ability to add flavor, withstand heat, and cook different foods makes beef dripping afryer workhorse in many kitchens.

How Long Does Beef Dripping Last in a Fryer?

When stored properly, beef dripping can last for several uses in your deep fryer. The shelf life depends largely on the quality and freshness of the beef dripping itself.

Here are some general guidelines on beef dripping’s fryer shelf life:

  • Unopened – 12-18 months when stored in a cool, dark pantry

  • Refrigerated – About 1 month in an airtight container in the fridge

  • Used in fryer – Can last for 4-6 uses if the dripping is high quality and you have a reliable fryer thermostat

No matter how you store it, keep an eye on the beef dripping’s color and scent. If it seems off, discard it. When frying with older dripping, look for signs it should be replaced, like dark flecks, foaminess, and an unpleasant smell.

Storing Beef Dripping Properly

To get the longest shelf life out of your beef dripping, proper storage is key. Here are some tips:

  • Store it in a tightly sealed glass jar or food storage container. This prevents air exposure which can cause rancidity.

  • Keep refrigerated for everyday use, frozen for long-term storage.

  • When freezing, use small containers to avoid repeatedly thawing/refreezing large amounts.

  • Label containers with dates so you know when it was stored.

  • Avoid temperature fluctuations. Let refrigerated dripping come to room temp before frying.

  • Prevent cross-contamination by not double dipping utensils back into the dripping after use.

Following safe methods like these can help your beef dripping maintain quality and freshness over many uses.

Signs Your Beef Dripping Has Gone Bad

Beef dripping eventually does go bad, even when carefully stored. Watch for these cues that it’s time to toss the dripping and replace it:

  • Darkening color – The fat should maintain a light cream/yellow hue. Dark yellow, orange, or brown fat has likely spoiled.

  • Strong, unpleasant smell – Rancid beef dripping smells sour or strange. Trust your nose here.

  • Liquid consistency – The fat should be solid at room temp. Liquid fat that’s separated likely means spoilage.

  • Mold growth – This is a sure sign bacteria have taken hold. Discard moldy beef dripping right away.

  • Generates excess smoke – Lots of smoking during frying can mean the fat has started to break down.

Don’t risk eating fried foods made with spoiled dripping. If you notice any of these signs, it’s best to play it safe and start fresh with a new batch.

Extending the Shelf Life of Beef Dripping

Want to keep your beef dripping lasting as long as possible? Here are some helpful tips:

  • Strain – Pouring the rendered fat through a fine mesh strainer removes food particles that can shorten shelf life.

  • Clarify – Simmering the strained fat will purify it and result in an even longer lifespan.

  • Vacuum seal – Sucking air out of storage containers helps block oxygen exposure.

  • Freeze – Freezing small portions lets you only thaw what you need for each use.

  • Brown paper – Wrapping freezer containers in brown kraft paper provides an extra light barrier.

With a little care, you can keep your beef dripping fresh for many months of wonderful frying!

Frying Tips for Getting the Most from Beef Dripping

Once you’ve got beautiful beef dripping on hand, make sure you use it skillfully in your fryer. Here are some pro tips:

  • Strain between uses – Pour through a fine mesh strainer to remove any residual food bits.

  • Don’t overload – Crowding the fryer can drastically lower the temperature and lead to greasy results.

  • Fry in batches – For crispier results, fry foods in smaller batches so the temperature stays consistent.

  • Use a thermometer – Having an accurate fryer thermometer helps keep the temp in the ideal range.

  • Blot fried foods – Letting fried items rest on paper towels absorbs excess exterior grease.

Employing these tricks will help your beef dripping maintain its integrity and yield perfectly fried foods every time.

Timeless Tradition Meets Modern Frying

For generations, British chefs have relied on beef dripping to turn out delicious fried fish, crispy chips, and other classics. With a rich beefy flavor and high heat tolerance, it’s easy to see why this rendered beef fat is such a winner in the fryer.

Today, with better storage options and frying technology, we can keep beef dripping fresh and use it skillfully for extended periods. So embrace this tasty tradition – fry up batch after batch of your favorite foods in beefy deliciousness. Just be sure to store your dripping properly between uses. With proper handling, you can enjoy this frying fat for months on end.

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How long will beef dripping keep?

Officially, considering food safety guidelines, I should really say that you could keep it in a sealed container in the fridge for about a week. But unofficially, providing it has been stored in a cold part of the fridge, in a clean sealed jar, we would keep it for a month for cooking.

How many times can you reuse beef dripping?

This dripping, technically known as suet, keeps in the fridge for months and can be used to deep fry up to five times provided it is strained through a fine sieve after each use.

Can you use beef dripping in a deep fat fryer?

In my view, chips fried in beef dripping are the best chips of all. Duck or goose fat comes a close second, but nothing matches the musky sweetness of beef dripping, with its faint shadow of meat essence. There is no reason you can’t use it in a deep fat fryer, so long as it has a reliable thermostat.

How long will tallow last in a deep fryer?

When deep frying foods with a bread or batter coating, you can reuse tallow oil up to 3-4 times. However, every time you heat the tallow, it will degrade, so monitoring the oil’s condition is essential.

Is beef dripping good for frying?

It has been used for centuries as a cooking and frying fat, especially in British cuisine. Beef dripping is an excellent choice for frying due to its high smoke point of 210°C and its stability when subjected to the conditions used for deep frying. It also has a long frying life, outperforming vegetable oils and fats.

How long does beef dripping last in the fridge?

When storing beef dripping in the fridge, it’s best to keep it in a sealed container for up to one week. However, if stored in a cold part of the fridge and in a clean sealed jar, it can last up to a month for cooking purposes. Make sure to check its appearance and smell before using it.

Can you fry chips with beef dripping?

When you’re ready to serve, heat the fat again, this time to 160°C (320°F), and fry the chips until crisp and golden-brown. By following these tips, you can use beef dripping in your deep fat fryer to achieve deliciously crispy and flavorful results.

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