Cooking Perfect 1kg Roast Beef: Your Complete Guide to Oven Times and Temps

Roast beef is a classic main dish that can star at any dinner from quick weeknight meals to elaborate holiday feasts. And cooking up a flavorful 1kg roast beef in the oven is easier than you think!

In this article, I’ll give you a complete rundown of exactly how long to cook a 1kg (22 pound) beef roast You’ll learn about oven temperatures, timing, doneness tests, resting, carving – all the steps for roast beef success!

Let’s dive in and master this easy yet impressive roast

How Long Should You Cook 1kg Roast Beef in the Oven?

The total oven cooking time for a 1kg roast beef depends on two key factors:

  • Oven temperature – Lower temps take longer but yield more tender, juicy meat. Higher temps speed up cooking.

  • Doneness level – Rare beef roasts cook quicker than well done.

Here’s a general timeline based on those variables:

  • At 150°C/300°F oven temp:

    • Rare: 35-40 minutes
    • Medium rare: 45-55 minutes
    • Medium: 60-70 minutes
    • Well done: 80-90 minutes
  • At 180°C/350°F oven temp:

    • Rare: 25-35 minutes
    • Medium rare: 35-45 minutes
    • Medium: 50-60 minutes
    • Well done: 70-80 minutes

The above times are just estimates. Oven temperatures can vary, as do the size and shape of roasts.

To be sure your 1kg roast beef turns out perfectly cooked, always use a meat thermometer to check internal temperature instead of relying solely on time.

Oven Temperatures for Roast Beef: Hotter vs. Cooler Ovens

Choosing the right oven temperature is key for well-cooked roast beef. Here are some guidelines:

  • 150-175°C (300-350°F) – The ideal temp range for most roasts. Allows the inside to cook through without over-browning the outside. Keeps meat tender and juicy.

  • 120-140°C (250-275°F) – For large, thick roasts over 2kg. The gentle, slow heat thoroughly cooks roasts without drying them out.

  • 175-205°C (350-400°F) – Cooks roasts much quicker, but meat can dry out if not monitored. Best for small or thin roasts.

  • Over 205°C (Over 400°F) – Only recommended for searing before roasting or finishing smaller roasts. Risks burning the exterior before the inside is done.

For a 1kg roast, I recommend starting at 180°C/350°F for the first 20 minutes, then reducing to 150°C/300°F for the remainder of cooking. This jump-starts the browning then slows it down.

How to Tell When Your Roast Beef is Done

An instant-read thermometer is by far the most reliable way to test roast beef doneness. Here are the ideal internal temperatures:

  • Rare: 48–52°C (120–125°F)
  • Medium-rare: 55–60°C (130–140°F)
  • Medium: 65–70°C (150–160°F)
  • Well-done: 75°C (170°F) and above

If you don’t have a thermometer, use the poke test:

  • Rare: Very soft and squishy
  • Medium-rare: Lightly firm but tender
  • Medium: Firm with a little give
  • Well-done: Hard, no give

Or eyeball the color:

  • Rare: Bright red inside
  • Medium-rare: Warm deep pink
  • Medium: Hot pink center
  • Well-done: No pink

Remember, the roast will continue cooking after removed from the oven. For pink beef, take it out 5°C before final desired temp.

Why You Should Always Rest Roast Beef After Cooking

This crucial step locks in juiciness and flavor! Rest your 1kg roast beef for at least 15 minutes before carving.

Resting gives the juices time to redistribute instead of spilling out when sliced. Cover loosely with foil to retain heat.

The internal temperature will raise about 5°C during resting as it finishes cooking.

If you skip this step and carve too soon, the meat will dry out. Be patient – good things come to those who wait!

Carving Made Easy: How to Slice Roast Beef Like a Pro

Carving roast beef into perfect, juicy slices takes just a few tricks.

First, always let your roast rest before carving. Use a sharp knife to slice, and carve against the grain of the meat for tenderness.

For flat, even slices:

  • Secure roast beef on cutting board so it doesn’t slip
  • Cut perpendicular to the grain
  • Rock knife gently back and forth in smooth motions
  • Slice to your desired thickness

For French-trimmed roasts with the ends intact, carve the ends vertically first. Then slice the main portion horizontally.

Aim for slices around 1⁄4 inch thick. Cut any thicker connective tissue away after. Serve warm topped with pan juices for added flavor!

Oven Roasting Tips for the Juiciest, Most Flavorful Roast Beef

Follow these top tips for moist, tender roast beef every time:

  • Pat the roast very dry before seasoning – this helps browning

  • Bring meat to room temp before roasting so it cooks evenly

  • Season generously with salt, pepper, garlic, herbs – get a flavorful crust

  • Use a heavy roasting pan – conductive metals like cast iron work best

  • Start at a high temp (400°F) to jumpstart browning, then reduce heat

  • Flip roast halfway through cooking to brown both sides

  • Baste with pan juices if browning too fast or dry

  • Test temp early and cook to 5°F below target

  • Tent with foil during resting to retain heat

Follow these simple tips for perfect oven-roasted beef every time. Now you’re ready to impress at your next dinner!

Classic Roast Beef


How long does it take to cook 1 kg of roast beef?

Brown in a 220°C/Gas 7 oven for 20 mins, then turn down to 160°C/Gas 3 and add a little water to the pan. Cook for 20 mins per 500g (add/subtract 15 mins for well done/rare). Wrap in foil and leave somewhere warm to rest for at least 15 mins before carving.

Do you cook roast beef at 325 or 350?

When roasting meat and poultry, set the oven temperature to 325°F (163°C) or higher. Explore the charts below to learn how to get great results every time you cook.

What is the cooking time and temperature for roast beef?

Preheat Oven to…
Roast For…
Premium oven roast (prime rib, sirloin, tenderloin)
425°F (220°C)
30 min.; reduce heat to 300°F (150°C) and cook 2-2 ½ hours.
Oven roast (inside round, outside round, sirloin tip, cross rib)
425°F (220°C)
40-50 min. (20 min per lb)

How long to cook a roast by weight?

Approx weight
Rare (125 °F)
Medium (145 °F)
3 lb
25 min
37 min
4 lb
34 min
48 min
5 lb
45 min
1 hr
6 lb
57 min
1 hr 11 min

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