How Long To Cook Frozen Udon Noodles?

To prepare a tasty dish using this type of noodles, you should understand how to cook frozen udon noodles. One of the kitchen essentials is frozen udon because it’s simple to keep on hand. However, the thawing method is what makes a perfect bowl of udon noodles. In fact, the deliciousness of frozen udon may be significantly diminished if you make a cooking error. Be at ease; Bourbon O will demonstrate how to properly prepare your udon noodles!

Cook Frozen Udon

First, place the frozen udon noodles in your pot of boiling water. *Pro Tip: Frozen udon cooks extremely quickly. It’ll take roughly 40 seconds to 1 minute to cook.

Origin of Udon noodles

Udon noodles have been a favorite fast food of the Japanese since ancient times. The nation has maintained its love of udon noodles for many years. In the eighth century, Udon noodles were introduced to Japan; the method for making them is derived from China’s neighbor. Messengers from the Nara court brought this technique back to Japan while on field trips to mainland China.

As a result of a series of historical occurrences, Japanese udon noodles have a variety of regional flavors. The Kansai region’s light and inexpensive udon noodle soup is made from seaweed and prepared quickly before being seasoned with light soy sauce. Since there is a lot of fish used in the cooking process and a lot of soy sauce is used for seasoning, the soup broth for Kanto Udon noodles is quite thick. The noodle soup’s color can be distinguished clearly between Kansai and Kanto: the former is lighter and clearer, while the latter is darker.

Depending on the weather, udon noodles have different processing methods. Cold Udon noodles are prepared with delectable meat broth and frequently served to cool off on hot summer afternoons with vegetables like cabbage and cucumber. The broth is typically hotter and contains more protein and nutrients during the winter, giving the body many nutrients and keeping people warm.

How to cook frozen Udon noodles

Step 1: Remove the frozen udon from the freezer and immediately place it in a bowl that can be heated in a microwave. Do not defrost the noodles.

Step 2: If you are making noodle soup, add spices to taste. Pour in the bowl enough water to cover the noodle.

Step 3: Heat on high for 4 to 5 minutes, or until the food is al dente. Keep in mind that the microwave’s wattage varies, so it’s best to monitor the noodles while they’re heating. If you’re making fried noodles, drain the extra water and season to your taste.

How Long To Cook Frozen Udon Noodles?

Step 1: Heat 1 tbsp of oil in a sizable skillet or wok. Add desired veggies or meat and stir fry.

Step 2: Add frozen udon noodles and 3/4 cup water halfway through the cooking process. Stir fry for about 3 minutes on medium-high heat. Add desired spices to taste.

The first step in making noodle soup is to fill a pan with water and bring it to a boil.

Step 2: Remove the frozen udon from the freezer and add it to the pan immediately. Do not defrost the noodles.

Step 3: Cook for 40 to 60 seconds or until the food is al dente over medium heat.

How Long To Cook Frozen Udon Noodles?

How do you thaw frozen Udon noodles and make them “sticky”

Your udon noodles will have a chewy and fluffy texture if you thaw them in this manner. Because of this, using this method to satisfy your cravings for cold udon is especially advised.

Step 1: Remove the udon noodles from its packaging and wet it with running water.

Step 2: Lay your frozen, wet udon noodles out on a heat-resistant plate. Wrap the dish tightly in plastic wrap before placing it in the microwave. Heat at the recommended time for your udon noodle brand.

Step 3: Place the thawed noodles in a colander and thoroughly wash them under running water. Add ice to tighten the noodles.

Step 4: Empty the water from the udon noodles and serve them in a bowl. Add seasoning and any toppings you desire, including kamatama udon, bukkake, and a colander…

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Udon noodles can be cooked for the same amount of time in salted boiling water, whether they are fresh or dried. It should take about 8 minutes to prepare dried udon, and 3 minutes to prepare fresh udon.

How Long To Cook Frozen Udon Noodles?

You can add a wide range of ingredients as toppings to your udon noodles. However, you can just add some boiled eggs, cooked chicken/pork/beef, and some veggies and your bowl of udon noodles is ready to be served! If you’re a big fan of fried food, we recommend adding some tempura like nasu, ebi, kabocha, okra, or green beans.

The cooked udon noodles can be kept in the refrigerator for a few days. But if you freeze the fresh udon noodles right away, it will taste better. Frozen noodles come in segmented blocks. Because of this, you can prepare as many servings as you like and freeze the leftovers. Udon noodles can stay fresh for up to 7 days after being opened, assuming a constant temperature of 5 degrees C or 40 degrees F. Freshly made noodles can be kept for up to a month in the freezer.

The primary quality that distinguishes udon noodles from other types of noodles is their chewy, fluffy texture, which can be achieved by using the right cooking technique. Hopefully, after reading the cooking instructions Bourbon O just provided, you will understand exactly how to prepare frozen Udon noodles. Enjoy a steaming bowl of your favorite toppings with your Udon noodles!


How long should you cook frozen udon?

Frozen udon only needs a minute or two to cook. Noodles should be added to a big pot of boiling water as directed on the package. Once it’s done, drain well. Dried noodles take much longer, up to 10 minutes.

Are frozen udon noodles already cooked?

In addition to their unrivaled texture, of course, the sanuki udon blocks’ beauty is that they are prepared quickly. Since they have already been prepared, all that is required to defrost them from their caked state is a gentle zhushing in hot water straight from the freezer.

Do you thaw frozen udon noodles?

Don’t let the frozen udon noodles defrost before removing them from the freezer and adding them to the boiling water. Cook for 40–60 seconds or until al dente on medium heat. Stir-fry: In a sizable wok or skillet, heat 1 tablespoon of oil. Add the desired amount of meat or vegetables and stir-fry. Product from Japan.

How long does it take for udon noodles to cook?

Before testing, boil the udon for 8 to 9 minutes if it’s semi-dried; for 10 to 12 minutes if it’s dried. Test it by taking a noodle out of the pot, submerging it in cold water, and biting it. The exterior of the noodle should be slick but not overly soft, and the interior should be soft with no hard center.