How Many Calories Are In A 3 Oz Chicken Breast?

3 ounces of chicken is equal to the size of a deck of cards or the palm of your hand. This applies to 3 oz chicken breasts, thighs, wings, and other chicken parts. It’s simple to determine how much is a serving size of chicken breast and other types of chicken. Find out how much 3 ounces of chicken breast weighs in grams, get protein and other nutrition info, and more.

Skinless chicken breast and other lean proteins frequently have serving sizes of 3 ounces (AKA 3oz) or less (source). But how big is 3 oz of chicken?.

In the U. S. , the average chicken breast contains 6-12 ounces of meat. You’ll probably need to cut your chicken into smaller pieces to get a 3 ounce portion because this is 2-4 times the advised 3 oz chicken breast size.

However, the suggested 3-ounce serving is just a general suggestion for assembling a healthy plate. If you’re trying to lose weight, have high energy requirements, or are following a low-carb or ketogenic diet, there might not be enough chicken in your diet. Since you must fit more calories into fewer meals if you engage in intermittent fasting, you might also require a larger serving size.

Consider how much chicken is in 3 oz and decide if that is the appropriate serving size for you. I realize that 3 ounces of meat won’t satisfy me with enough protein when I see how large it is. Adults should consume 5-7 ounce equivalents of protein daily, according to the Dietary Guidelines, but I view this as the absolute minimum. [feast_advanced_jump_to].

Nutrition Facts
Amount Per 1 cup, chopped or diced (140 g)

Calories 231

How do I measure 3 ounces of chicken?

Here are 4 ways to measure 3 ounces chicken:

  • Kitchen scale: Using a kitchen scale is the most precise method to measure the weight of chicken. Keep in mind that 4 ounces of raw chicken equals about 3 ounces of cooked chicken.
  • Compare to deck of playing cards: The length, width, and thickness of a deck of cards equals about 3-4 ounces of chicken visually. This is a good item to use for a visual estimate, since it has a consistent size.
  • Compare to palm of your hand: Another way to visually estimate portions of chicken is to compare to the palm of your hand. A piece of chicken that’s palm-size should be 3-4 ounces. If you have an extremely small or large hand size, this will not be a good way to measure, of course.
  • Measuring cup: The least accurate way to estimate the weight of your chicken is to use measuring cups. That’s because the volume of chicken can vary significantly depending on how small it’s chopped.
  • How much visually is 3 oz of chicken?

    Here are images of 3 ounces of raw chicken breast and 3 ounces of raw chicken thigh, respectively:

    One piece of boneless, skinless chicken thigh weighs approximately 3 ounces, as you can see. To make the chicken breast the size of a deck of cards, I had to cut it in half.

    Of course, cooking raw chicken will result in cooking losses, so you won’t actually get 3 ounces of raw chicken on your plate. 3 ounces of raw chicken will yield slightly more than 2 ounces of cooked chicken.

    Here is what 3 ounces of cooked chicken look like when measured:

    How much is an ounce of chicken?

    Visually, the size of one ounce of chicken is comparable to three dice stacked or one thumb. (We’ll call this one the “rule of thumb”- haha. If you want to be more precise, you can also weigh your chicken on a food scale.

    How much is 6 oz of chicken?

    Simply put, six ounces of chicken (170 grams) are double what three ounces of chicken looks like. In other words, it’s the same as two decks of cards, or your hands or both palms.

    How much is 3 oz of chicken in cups?

    How many cups are three ounces of chicken? It’s roughly 12-2 cups. Keep in mind that depending on how finely you chopped the chicken, this general rule may not apply to you.

    How do you convert from ounces to cups when measuring chicken breast?

    Here is the formula for converting ounces to cups of chicken (source):

    5.25 ounces cooked boneless chicken = 1 cup

    How much is 3 oz chicken breast in grams?

    Three ounces chicken breast is 85 grams. Regardless of the part of the chicken we’re talking about (thighs, legs, wings, etc.), this weight conversion is accurate. ).

    3 oz Chicken Breast Protein

    Here is a chart listing grams of protein for 3 ounces chicken breast and other types of chicken (per Cronometer):

    *Weight of the cooked chicken was measured after cooking.

    Type of Chicken Protein (g) in 3oz Calories in 3oz
    Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast (Raw) 19 102
    Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast (Cooked)* 26 128
    Skin On Chicken Breast (Raw) 17.7 146
    Skin On Chicken Breast (Cooked)* 25.3 168
    Boneless Skinless Chicken Thigh (Raw) 16.7 103
    Boneless Skinless Chicken Thigh (Cooked)* 21.1 152
    Skin On Chicken Thigh (Raw) 14.1 188
    Skin On Chicken Thigh (Cooked)* 19.8 197
    Skinless Chicken Drumstick (Raw) 16.5 99
    Skinless Chicken Drumstick (Cooked)* 20.6 132
    Skin On Chicken Drumstick (Raw) 15.4 137
    Skin On Chicken Drumstick (Cooked)* 19.9 162
    Skin On Chicken Wings (Raw) 14.9 162
    Skin On Chicken Wings (Cooked)* 20.2 216

    White meat with no skin has the highest concentration of protein. That’s because it contains less fat than chicken thighs and wings, which are higher in fat. The chicken thighs and wings with the skin have the least protein by weight.

    3 Ounces of Chicken Calories

    3 ounces of chicken ranges in calories from 99-216 calories. This is for plain chicken. The calorie content of chicken that has been breaded, fried, or that has had its skin left on is higher.

    The lowest calorie chicken options are skinless chicken breast and skinless chicken drumsticks. Skin on chicken wings are the highest calorie chicken option. This makes sense given that chicken wings have such a high skin to meat ratio.

    3 oz Chicken Breast Nutrition Facts

    The following is the nutrition data for 3 ounces of raw chicken breast:

    Skinless Chicken Breast Skin On Chicken Breast
    Calories 102 146
    Total Fat 2g 8g
    Saturated Fat 0g 2g
    Cholesterol 62g 54g
    Sodium 38mg 54mg
    Total Carbohydrate 0g 0g
    Fiber 0g 0g
    Total Sugar 0g 0g
    Protein 19g 18g
    Thiamin 5.3% DV 3.6% DV
    Riboflavin 8.9% DV 4.3% DV
    Niacin 40.8% DV 42.1% DV
    Vitamin B5 12.7% DV 6.8% DV
    Vitamin B6 34.5% DV 22.5% DV
    Vitamin B12 3% DV 4.8% DV
    Choline 12.7% DV 10.4% DV
    Folate 1.9% DV 0.9% DV
    Vitamin A 0.5% DV 1.4% DV
    Vitamin C 0% DV 0% DV
    Potassium 284mg 187mg
    Iron 2% DV 3.5% DV
    Calcium 0% DV 1% DV
    Phosphorus 18% DV 14.8% DV
    Zinc 4% DV 4.5% DV

    How many chicken strips is 3 oz?

    Depending on the brand and the size of the pieces, 3 oz of chicken strips may contain different numbers of strips. If you want an accurate answer, I urge you to weigh your portion. In general, you will get 1. 5-5 chicken strips per meal.

    The price per 3 ounces of banquet buffalo chicken breast tenders is $5. Due to Tyson’s larger chicken strips, a 3-ounce serving might only contain two.

    How many chicken wings is 3oz?

    2-3 chicken wings are about 3 ounces. If the chicken wings are oversized, this number may vary. Together, a small drummette and a chicken wing weigh about 3 ounces:

    This is a cooked weight, but includes the bones. You actually only get 2. 2 ounces of deboned, bone-free chicken meat and skin

    How much rotisserie chicken is 3oz?

    Rotisserie chicken can be measured like other types of chicken. A piece of chicken breast or thigh the size of your palm weighs 3 ounces. 3 ounces is equal to 2-3 wings or 2 small rotisserie chicken drumsticks.

    How many chicken legs is 3 ounces?

    Large chicken leg quarters that can weigh up to 8 ounces must be divided into 3-ounce portions. About 3 ounces of cooked chicken thigh, free of the skin and bones, come from one chicken thigh. After the skin, bones, and meat from a large drumstick are removed, there will be about 3 oz of meat remaining.

    Should you eat chicken every day?

    It is best to consume a variety of protein-rich foods, such as meat, poultry, eggs, fish, tofu, and other beans. However, if you like the taste of poultry, you can safely eat some chicken, turkey, or other types of poultry every day. I would limit my consumption of chicken to portions that do not displace vegetables or other nutritious foods from other food groups.

    I would also keep making sure to eat additional sources of protein each day. It’s important to eat other nutrient-rich foods because chicken does not provide complete nutrition on its own.


    About 4-5 Tyson chicken bites equals three ounces. Depending on the dimensions of the individual pieces, this number may change. Use a food scale for the most accurate weight information.

    Four ounces of chicken weigh 113 grams, and a deck of cards is frequently used as a visual representation of this quantity.

    There are about 4-5 pieces of popcorn chicken in 3 ounces, so that’s how much there is. Be aware that depending on the size of the pieces, there may be a significant variation in this estimate. This is for Tyson Anytizers popcorn chicken.

    Typically, three ounces of shredded chicken equals slightly more than one-half cup. If a recipe calls for an exact weight of chicken, weigh it on a food scale.

    There are typically 3-5 chicken nuggets per 3-ounce serving, so how many are there in 3 ounces? The most accurate information will be found on the packaging for the particular product you purchased.

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    How Much Chicken is 3oz (How Big is 3 Ounces of Chicken Breast)

    How Many Calories Are In A 3 Oz Chicken Breast?

  • chicken breast OR
  • chicken thigh OR
  • chicken wings OR
  • chicken drumsticks
  • Cook Mode

  • The best way to measure 3 ounces of chicken (85 grams) is to use a kitchen scale. Weigh out 4 ounces of (113 grams) of raw chicken if you want 3 ounces of chicken after cooking.
  • Another way to measure 3 oz of chicken is the visual method. 3 ounces of chicken is about the same size as a deck of playing cards or the palm of your hand.
  • A final way to estimate a 3 ounce portion of chicken is to convert weight to volume measures. 3 ounces of chicken measures between ½-⅔ cup.
  • After measuring out 3 ounces using your favorite method, your chicken is ready to use in recipes. Enjoy!
  • How Many Calories Are In A 3 Oz Chicken Breast?


    How many calories are in 3 ounces of skinless chicken breast?

    For instance, a 3-ounce skinless chicken breast has just 1 gram of saturated fat, 3 grams of total fat, and 140 calories. Without the skin, the same amount of dark chicken meat would have three times as much fat, totaling 9 grams of fat, 3 grams of saturated fat, and 170 calories.

    How many calories are in 3 oz of cooked chicken breast?

    Nutritional Information for Chicken Breast A 3-ounce (85g) serving of grilled boneless, skinless chicken breast has 128 calories, 26 grams of protein, and 2 7 grams of fat with zero grams of carbohydrates.

    How many calories are in 3 oz of grilled chicken breast?

    3 ounces of boneless, skinless Grilled Chicken (Skin Not Eaten) have 158 calories.

    How many calories are in 3 oz of white chicken breast?

    3 ounces of cooked, skinless, boneless chicken breast contain 92 calories.