How Many Calories Are in 2 Strips of Bacon? A Detailed Breakdown

Bacon is a beloved breakfast staple for many, adding a savory, smoky flavor to everything from eggs to pancakes and more. But with its high fat content, bacon is also a high-calorie food. So how many calories are actually in 2 strips of bacon?

In this article, we’ll provide a detailed calorie and nutrition breakdown for 2 strips of bacon. We’ll also look at factors that affect the calories and compare different cooking methods. Let’s dive in!

The Basics: Calories and Macros in 2 Strips of Bacon

Most nutrition info databases give the following averages for 2 strips or slices of pan-fried bacon

  • Calories: Around 85-90 calories

  • Fat Approximately 7 grams

  • Protein: Around 6 grams

  • Carbs: Under 1 gram

So on average, 2 strips of cooked bacon contain about 87 calories, with 75% of those calories coming from fat, and 25% from protein. Bacon is very low carb, with almost no carbohydrates.

The high fat and protein content makes 2 strips of bacon a filling food although the portion size is quite small volume-wise.

Factors That Affect Bacon Calories

While the average is around 87 calories for 2 strips of bacon, the actual amount can vary quite a bit depending on these factors:

Thickness of the Bacon

  • Thinner slices = fewer calories
  • Thicker slices = more calories

Thinner bacon contains less fat per slice.

Cooking Method

  • Pan-fried = more fat preserved
  • Oven-baked = more fat rendered out

Frying in a pan tends to preserve more of the fat content compared to baking.

Type of Bacon

  • Regular = about 45 calories per slice
  • Thick-cut = about 60 calories per slice
  • Turkey bacon = about 30 calories per slice

Turkey bacon has fewer calories than traditional pork bacon.

Brand of Bacon

  • Precooked or extra lean = fewer calories
  • Artisanal or premium brands = more calories

Higher fat content in premium bacon means more calories.

So when determining calories per serving, look at the specific thickness, cooking method, brand, and type of bacon you’re eating.

Calories in 2 Strips of Bacon by Cooking Method

Speaking of cooking method, here’s how the calories in 2 strips of bacon compare for different preparation methods:

  • Pan-fried: Approximately 87 calories

  • Oven-baked: Approximately 80 calories

  • Broiled: Approximately 75 calories

  • Microwaved: Approximately 65 calories

Pan-frying, the most common method, retains the most fat and calories. Oven-cooking renders out more fat, reducing the calories slightly. Broiling and microwaving render out the most fat, creating lower-calorie bacon.

However, keep in mind that baking, broiling, and microwaving may result in chewier, less crispy bacon. Pan-frying gives the best texture.

Nutritional Pros and Cons of Bacon

Below are some of the key nutritional pros and cons to consider with bacon:


  • High in protein – the protein keeps you fuller longer
  • Contains amino acids like leucine that support muscle growth
  • Source of B vitamins like B12, niacin, and riboflavin
  • Provides Selenium, Zinc, Iron, Phosphorus


  • High in saturated fat and sodium
  • Contains nitrates and nitrites from curing process
  • Can contain carcinogens when overcooked or burnt
  • May be linked to increased cancer and heart disease risk

As you can see, the high saturated fat content is one of the biggest nutritional downsides to frequently eating bacon. Enjoy it in moderation as part of an overall healthy diet.

Healthy Ways to Enjoy Bacon

Here are some tips for healthfully enjoying bacon:

  • Choose uncured bacon with no nitrites/nitrates when possible
  • Opt for turkey bacon or beef bacon for variety
  • Limit portions to 1-2 slices max per serving
  • Pair with vegetables or protein to balance the meal
  • Bake, broil or microwave instead of frying to reduce fat
  • Blot cooked bacon on paper towels to remove excess grease

Should You Avoid Bacon Altogether If Trying to Lose Weight?

With 87 calories in just 2 strips, bacon is very calorie-dense. So is it off limits when trying to lose weight? Not necessarily.

Here are some tips for enjoying bacon in moderation on a weight loss diet:

  • Count the calories from bacon toward your daily calorie goal
  • Reduce other high-calorie foods to balance bacon calories
  • Stick to just 1-2 strips max at a time
  • Avoid pairing with other fatty foods like cheese or mayo
  • Complement with fiber-rich fruits and veggies for satiety
  • Choose turkey bacon or precooked bacon to reduce fat/calories

As part of a balanced, portion-controlled diet, you can likely still enjoy bacon in moderation and achieve your weight loss goals. Just account for those 87 calories per serving!


So how many calories are in 2 strips of bacon? The average is about 87 calories for pan-fried pork bacon. However, the calorie count can range from 30 to over 100 depending on thickness, cooking method, brand and type. To enjoy bacon as part of a healthy diet, opt for leaner versions like turkey bacon. Portion to just 1-2 strips and balance with vegetables and lean proteins. Use cooking methods like baking or microwaving to reduce fat intake. And finally, always count those bacon calories towards your daily calorie target if trying to lose weight. With a little mindfulness, you can still enjoy the flavor of bacon without going overboard!

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How many calories are in 2 strips of cooked bacon?

Kirkland Signature Fully Cooked Bacon (2 slices) contains 0g total carbs, 0g net carbs, 6g fat, 6g protein, and 90 calories.

How much bacon is 200 calories?

Meat. Listen up, bacon lovers, just 2 strips of bacon equals 200 calories, because of its high protein and fat content. But, for a lower calorie option, you can substitute in 5 strips of turkey bacon, since it is leaner than classic bacon.

How many calories are in 2 bacon?

1 Serving of bacon 2 slices (Great Wraps) contains 80 Calories. The macronutrient breakdown is 0% carbs, 80% fat, and 20% protein. This has a relatively low calorie density, with 80 Calories per 100g.

How many calories in a full strip of bacon?

In general, an average 8 gram slice of bacon will run you somewhere between 38 and 45 calories. Unsurprisingly, plain bacon will cost you a little less than seasoned and calorie count goes up when the Average Weight does (thicker bacon will have more calories).

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