How Many Levels Are in the Game Bacon? A Complete Breakdown

Bacon is a wacky 2018 mobile game about flipping strips of the delicious breakfast meat onto various objects. With its zany concept and challenging physics-based gameplay, it’s earned a cult following. But just how many levels are packed into this tasty game?

In this article we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of all the levels in Bacon to help you master this meaty title.

Level Types

There are two main level types in Bacon:

  • Normal levels – These make up the majority of the game. The main goal is flipping the bacon onto the target object. There are 220 normal levels.

  • Bonus levels – Bonus stages mixed in that offer different challenges like limited moves or hitting multiple items. There are 48 bonus levels.

So combined, Bacon contains a total of 268 main levels to complete.

Level Breakdown

Here is a full breakdown of all normal and bonus levels in the game:

Levels 1-50

  • Levels 1-10: Cheeseburger, Pancakes, Pina Colada, America, Napoleon Baconaparte, Inspirational Quotes, Fries, James Abbot McNeill Whistler’s Mother, Red Wine, MSCI World Index

  • Levels 11-20: The Permission to Use the Camera, Mona Lisa, Asparagus Salad, An Honest Review, The Chinese Character for Pleasure, Francis Bacon (The Artist), #17, Candlelit Dinner, Toilet, A Handsome Cowboy

  • Levels 21-30 Pig Apple, A Grocery List, Cappuccino Moai Statue, Crossword, Kevin Bacon, Activated Carbon Smoothie, Broccoli, The Moon

  • Levels 31-40: Fruit Plate, Cactus, Milk, Caviar, A Full English Breakfast, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Ice Cream, Francis Bacon (The Philosopher), Cookbook, Chicken on Duck on Turkey

  • Levels 41-50: Statistics, Spoon, Chocolate, Code Segment, Popcorn, Ketchup, The Sphinx, Pineapple, Hairdryer, Egg

Levels 51-75

  • Levels 51-60: Paid Advertising, Ridiculously Long Eyelashes, Salt and Pepper, Beethoven’s Fifth, The Statue of Liberty, Butter, Espresso, Overambitious French Nails, A Delicate Plant, Mars

  • Levels 61-70: Knife and Fork, The Menu of a High Class Restaurant, 8-Ball, Mustard, Peanut, Theorem of Pythagoras, Toothbrush, The Cursor, Baguette, A Fantastic Indie Game Studio

  • Levels 71-75: Spaghetti, Vincent van Gogh’s Ear, Saturn, The Hair From the Film “Grease”, The Hook

Levels 76-90

  • Levels 76-80: The Invisible Man, Hungry Mouth, Big Money, The Food Pyramid, The Remote That is Always Too Far Away

  • Levels 81-85: Almighty Hand, Nachos, Flag, Avocado, The Eiffel Tower

  • Levels 86-90: Beer, Jupiter, Bowling Pin, Not So Hungry Mouth, Pizza

Levels 91-100

  • Levels 91-95: Violin, Sawn Woman, Iceberg, The Empire State Building, A Black Hole

  • Levels 96-100: Nose, Chopsticks, Tuna, Brick Wall, The Bill

Secret Level

There is also rumored to be a secret “impossible” level accessible only through an extremely difficult glitch. So the total tally comes to 269 levels counting this hidden stage.

With 220 standard levels, 48 bonus stages, and 1 secret impossible level, Bacon contains a grand total of 269 levels spanning a wide variety of zany challenges. It provides hours of flippin’ good bacon-filled fun for physics game fans. Just be sure to keep this guide handy when tackling those high numbered fiendish levels!

Bacon – The Game | ALL LEVELS | Walkthrough


How long is bacon the game?

Main Story
5h 7m
All PlayStyles
5h 7m

What happens when you beat bacon the game?

(The end screen shows players a secret email address through which players claim their prize.) Some of the gifts and hand-written notes sent out to players who have finished Bacon: The Game. An update to the game made the final level a little bit easier, but still really tough.

What is the bacon game called?

Steal the Bacon – Traditional.

Where can I play bacon the game?

BACON – THE GAME free online game on

What are the final levels in Bacon – the game?

These levels require players to be patient and observant in order to successfully complete them. The final levels of Bacon – The Game are the bonus levels that players can unlock after completing the initial 160 levels. These bonus levels are known as the “endless chat” and go up to level 209.

What are the middle levels in Bacon – the game?

The middle levels of Bacon – The Game are where players start to face more challenging obstacles and puzzles. After completing the initial levels, players will encounter the bonus levels, which are text bubbles that require them to land the bacon on them.

What is Bacon – the game?

Philipp Stollenmayer is back with another zany physics game about stacking food. This time, you need to flip a strip of bacon onto a hundred different items in Bacon – The Game. Some levels are easy and some are just downright evil. So if you get stuck, you can watch my videos for help.

Is Bacon a free game?

It’s worth noting that new levels have been added since December 22, 2018, so there may be even more levels to explore now. Bacon – The Game is a free-to-play mobile game developed by Philipp Stollenmayer and released on September 26, 2018. It falls under the casual game genre and has a content rating of 12+.

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