How Many Points is Beef Jerky on Weight Watchers? The Complete Guide

Beef jerky can be a tasty and protein-packed snack for those following the Weight Watchers program. But with different sizes brands and flavors available, how many SmartPoints does beef jerky actually have?

In this complete guide, we’ll break down the SmartPoints value of popular beef jerky products. We’ll also give tips on choosing the healthiest options and creative ways to enjoy beef jerky while staying within your daily budget.

Overview of Weight Watchers and SmartPoints

For those unfamiliar, Weight Watchers is a diet program that uses a points-based system to encourage healthier eating habits. Foods are assigned a SmartPoints value based on their calories, saturated fat, sugar, and protein content.

Members are allotted a personalized daily and weekly SmartPoints budget to spend however they wish The goal is to make informed choices and opt for nutritious foods with lower points. Activity can also earn you additional points.

This system provides flexibility, accountability, and guidance for weight loss. And beef jerky, when chosen wisely, can be a good addition to your plan.

How Many Points Does Beef Jerky Have on Weight Watchers?

The SmartPoints value of beef jerky depends largely on the size of the package. Here are some common point values:

  • A 0.625 oz pack of Jack Link’s Original Beef Jerky: 1 SmartPoint
  • A 1.25 oz pack of Jack Link’s Original Beef Jerky: 2 SmartPoints
  • A 1 oz pack of Slim Jim Original Sticks: 3 SmartPoints
  • A 2.12 oz pack of Matador Original Beef Jerky: 3 SmartPoints

As you can see, a smaller 0.625 oz portion of jerky can be just 1 SmartPoint, while larger packs with 2 oz or more may be 3 SmartPoints or more.

Flavor and brand can also impact the points. Teriyaki jerky tends to be slightly higher than original. And be sure to check labels, as values can vary.

Choosing the Healthiest Beef Jerky for Weight Watchers

When picking a beef jerky for your Weight Watchers plan, consider these factors:

  • Look for grass-fed beef – Grass-fed options are leaner and higher in beneficial omega-3s.

  • Check the sugar content – Many brands add lots of sugar. Look for 3g or less per serving.

  • Avoid MSG, nitrites, and preservatives – Choose options with simple, natural ingredients.

  • Look for high protein – Beef jerky should have at least 10g protein per ounce.

  • Consider the calories – Around 50 calories per ounce is reasonable. Avoid products with 80+ calories per ounce.

Stick to reputable brands like Jack Link’s, Epic, Krave, or homemade jerky to get the healthiest option.

Creative Ways to Enjoy Beef Jerky on Weight Watchers

Here are some tips for savoring beef jerky as part of your Weight Watchers meal plan:

  • Break it up over a salad for added crunch and protein.

  • Mix chopped jerky into rice or quinoa dishes for a flavor boost.

  • Make a “trail mix” with jerky pieces, fresh fruit, nuts, and dark chocolate.

  • Top your oatmeal or yogurt with crumbled jerky for extra protein.

  • Stir jerky chunks into an egg scramble or frittata.

  • Use very thinly sliced jerky in place of deli meat in wraps or sandwiches.

  • Add some jerky pieces to canned soup or chili.

Get creative and you can easily enjoy beef jerky to help you feel satisfied while still sticking to your daily SmartPoints goal!

Beef Jerky Point Values for Popular Brands and Flavors

To make life easy, here is a handy beef jerky SmartPoints value chart for some top-selling products:

Brand & Flavor Serving Size SmartPoints
Jack Link’s Original 0.625 oz 1
Jack Link’s Original 1.25 oz 2
Jack Link’s Teriyaki 0.625 oz 1
Jack Link’s Teriyaki 1.25 oz 3
Slim Jim Original 1 oz 3
Krave Sweet Chipotle 1 oz 4
Matador Original 1 oz 3
Matador Jalapeno 1 oz 3
Oberto Original 1 oz 3
Oberto Peppers & Onions 1 oz 3

Remember to always verify the label, as recipes can change. But this chart can give you an idea of typical point values for popular jerky brands.

Fit Beef Jerky Into Your Weight Watchers Plan

Beef jerky can absolutely have a place in a healthy Weight Watchers diet. Just be mindful of serving sizes and flavors. A 0.625-1.25 oz portion can make a sensible, protein-rich snack for just 1-3 SmartPoints.

When choosing a brand, prioritize options with grass-fed beef, minimal ingredients, lower sugar and sodium, and at least 10g of protein per ounce. And get creative with recipes to give meals and snacks a nutritional boost with jerky.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy beef jerky while sticking to your Weight Watchers plan? Let us know in the comments below!

How to Calculate Weight Watchers Points


Is beef jerky good on Weight Watchers?

Protein- and flavor-packed, these beef jerky sticks are the perfect snack to add to your low-point Weight Watchers snack rotation! They are shelf-stable and are a great option for times you need a quick bite while on-the-go.

What is the best meat to eat on Weight Watchers?

Chicken is one of our members’ top tracked foods and it’s easy to see why—white meat poultry is delicious, satisfying, and has less cholesterol and saturated fat than meats like beef, pork, and lamb.

Is jerky a zero point food?

Jerky is a dried form of meat. When the moisture is removed, the poultry has more calories per ounce, so it’s no longer considered a ZeroPoint food and you’ll need to track it. How do I cook lean chicken or turkey so it doesn’t come out dry?

Can you consider beef jerky a healthy snack?

No, as this is high in salt and other preservatives to main both its structure, taste and longevity. As a processed meat, beef jerky is also higher in saturated fat. All the salt, preservatives and saturated fat can be harmful to primarily your heart health. It is best to swap this out for some chicken breasts that have been cubed or homemade turkey balls.

What is the weight watchers original points food list?

In conclusion, the Weight Watchers Original Points Food List is a comprehensive resource that provides valuable information for individuals following the Weight Watchers program. It categorizes various food items and assigns them point values based on their nutritional content.

How do Weight Watchers points work?

Weight Watchers (WW) Original Points system assigned points based on calorie, fat, and fiber. Values vary by serving size and ingredients. Below, common foods with approximate points:

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