How Many Rashers of Bacon are in 200g?

Bacon is a beloved breakfast food around the world. Whether you like yours crispy or chewy, fatty or lean smoked or unsmoked a tasty rasher of bacon can really make your morning. But if you’ve ever tried to figure out how much bacon to buy for breakfast, you may have found yourself wondering how many rashers of bacon are in 200g?

I used to struggle with this too! When I saw a pack of bacon at the store labeled “200g”, I had no idea if that would be enough for my whole family, or if I should get multiple packs.

The short answer is: the number of slices in 200g of bacon depends on the thickness and type of bacon.

Let’s break it down so you know exactly what to expect when you buy a 200g pack

What is a Rasher of Bacon?

First things first – what is a “rasher” of bacon?

This term is used in the US and the UK to refer to a thin slice of bacon. Originally it could mean a slice of any cured meat, but nowadays it mostly means bacon.

In the US, a rasher of bacon is generally understood to be a single slice of pan-fried streaky bacon from the pork belly.

Meanwhile in the UK, a rasher also contains meat from the pork loin, so it has lean meat as well as some fat. This is called “back bacon” in the US.

So the number of rashers in 200g will depend on whether it’s British-style back bacon, American-style streaky belly bacon, or another variety.

How Many Slices in 200g Bacon?

Let’s start with the most common American-style streaky bacon that is simply sliced pork belly:

  • Thin sliced streaky bacon has around 8-12 rashers in a 200g pack.

  • Thicker sliced belly bacon has around 5-8 slices in 200g.

For British-style back bacon that contains meat from both the loin and belly:

  • A 200g pack contains around 4-6 rashers of back bacon.

As you can see, the thinner the slices, the more rashers you’ll get!

Some other bacon factors that affect rasher quantity:

  • Smoked or unsmoked – This doesn’t change the number of slices.

  • cooked or uncooked – Raw bacon slices are slightly thicker than cooked ones.

  • Brand and quality – Premium artisanal bacon tends to be cut thicker.

  • Chopped or sliced – You get less defined rashers in chopped bacon.

  • Specialty flavors – Flavored bacon may be thicker or thinner.

Visual Guide to 200g of Different Bacon Types

To give you a better visual idea, here’s approximately 200g of a few different types of bacon:

200g thin-sliced American streaky bacon

![10 rashers of thin streaky bacon][]

Around 10 rashers

200g thick-sliced American streaky bacon ![6 rashers of thick streaky bacon][]

Around 6 rashers

200g British back bacon![5 rashers of back bacon][]

Around 5 rashers

As you can see, with thin sliced American-style streaky bacon you can get nearly twice as many rashers compared to thick slices or British back bacon.

So the thickness makes a big difference to how many breakfasts 200g will cover!

How Many People Will 200g of Bacon Serve?

Generally 2-3 rashers makes a good serving size for one person. So a 200g pack of bacon would serve approximately:

  • 3-4 people with thin sliced streaky bacon (8-12 rashers)
  • 2-3 people with thicker sliced streaky bacon (5-8 rashers)
  • 2 people with back bacon rashers (4-6 rashers).

However appetite varies, so adjust accordingly! Kids or big bacon lovers may happily eat more.

If you’re cooking a full English breakfast, you’ll likely want to serve 3 rashers per person to provide that true meaty indulgence.

Tips for Buying and Serving Bacon

Next time you’re shopping for bacon, keep this rasher estimate handy so you can buy the right quantity.

A few more tips:

  • Look at the slice thickness rather than just the weight.
  • Allow 2-3 rashers per person as a general guide.
  • Buy thinner slices if you want more for your money.
  • Choose thicker slices for a heartier texture and flavor.
  • Cook 1-2 extra rashers as some pieces can burn or break.
  • Store opened packs in the fridge tightly wrapped.

Now you know exactly what to expect from a 200g pack of bacon! No more guesswork involved.

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How many slices of bacon are in 200 grams?

Bacon Middle 200g (approx 2 pieces)

How many grams is a rasher of bacon?

bacon rashers weight approximately 80-100g each.

How many rashers of bacon is 150g?

Calories in Tulip Streaky Smoked Bacon 8 Rashers 150g, Nutrition Information | Nutracheck.

How many rashers is 250g bacon?

Dry Cured Streaky Bacon 250g approx 8 rashers.

How much does uncooked bacon weigh per rashers?

To measure your bacon, start by weighing an average slice of uncooked supermarket streaky bacon, which weighs around 15-16 grams (0.53-0.56 ounces). The average weight of an average slice of uncooked back bacon is around 32-34 grams (1.13-1.2 ounces).

How many slices are in a rasher of bacon?

A rasher of streaky bacon usually consists of two to three slices. Collar bacon, also known as jowl bacon or cheek bacon, is cut from the collar or cheek of the pig. It has a rich, smoky flavor and a higher fat content than back bacon. A rasher of collar bacon usually consists of one or two slices.

How much does a cup of diced raw bacon weigh?

One cup of diced raw bacon is approximately 8 ounces or 225 grams. Keep in mind, you can’t have too much bacon! The weight is roughly the same for cup measures as liquids.

How many rashers are in a package of bacon?

To calculate the number of rashers in a package of bacon, you can use serving sizes. Typically, two streaky bacon rashers (20 grams) or one back bacon rashers (19 grams) or one tablespoon of bacon bits make one serving. So, if you know how many servings you need, you can easily calculate how many rashers you’ll need.

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