How Much Roast Beef is on a Subway Sandwich?

Subway is one of the most popular sandwich chains known for letting customers customize their sandwiches with a variety of meats, cheeses veggies and condiments. One of their classic sandwich fillings is roast beef. But how much roast beef actually comes on a Subway sandwich?

A Look at Subway’s Roast Beef

Subway uses a few different roast beef options on their sandwiches:

  • Roast Beef – Thinly sliced roast beef.
  • Roast Beef Trio – Roast beef plus pepperoni and salami.
  • Spicy Italian (includes roast beef) – Pepperoni, salami, and roast beef.

The traditional Roast Beef sandwich and trio contain only roast beef as the meat The Spicy Italian has a mix of meats including roast beef

All of Subway’s roast beef is sliced fresh in-store daily. It comes in long thin slices rather than thick cut pieces. This allows the meat to be piled high on the sandwich.

How Many Slices of Roast Beef on a Subway Sandwich?

A standard 6-inch Subway roast beef sandwich contains around 7-8 slices of roast beef. This is based on the typical amount used in sandwiches assembled in-store.

For a footlong roast beef sandwich, you’ll get around 14-16 slices of meat. Again, this gives a rough estimate of the number of slices used.

The number of slices can vary somewhat based on who is making the sandwich and how generous they are with the meat. But in general, 7-8 slices on a 6-inch sub, or 14-16 slices on a footlong is average.

If getting a combo meat sandwich like the Roast Beef Trio or Spicy Italian, the total meat will be divided between the different meats. You’ll get fewer slices of roast beef when paired with other meats.

How Much Roast Beef is That in Ounces?

With thin sliced roast beef, it’s hard to convert slices to ounces accurately. But we can estimate:

  • 6-inch sub: Around 2.5 – 3 oz roast beef
  • Footlong sub: Around 5 – 6 oz roast beef

This is based on average slice weights for thin sliced roast beef. Again, it will vary based on who slices the meat and the exact dimensions of each slice.

Bottom line – you get a good amount of meat in a roast beef sandwich at Subway!

Tips for the Best Roast Beef Sandwich

Here are some tips to get the most out of your Subway roast beef sandwich:

  • Ask for extra meat to maximize slices.
  • Top with melty cheese like provolone or pepper jack.
  • Add veggies like lettuce, tomato, onion, spinach.
  • Use condiments like mustard, mayo or chipotle southwest sauce.
  • Try it toasted for warm, melted sandwich goodness.
  • For footlongs, double the meat and cheese for twice the indulgence!

Going beyond the standard cold cut combo, Subway’s hot roast beef sandwiches make for a satisfying lunch or dinner.

Aim for around 7-8 slices of roast beef on a 6-inch sub, or 14-16 slices to fill a footlong roll. And don’t be shy about asking the sandwich artist to pile on extra slices of this delicious roast beef!

Subway POV Roast Beef


How many pieces of roast beef are on a Subway sandwich?

Half-way through the veggies, found some unofficial meat count and they all stated: 4 roastbeef.

How many slices of meat are on a Subway 6 inch?

“The 6″ has 4 folded slices. The 12″ has 8 folded slices.

How much meat goes on a sub sandwich?

For a whole sandwich, I try to shoot for 12-16 ounces of meat and 6-7 ounces of cheese. Could you use more? Sure. But that’s a good guideline.

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