How Much Are Pork Ribs at Costco? A Price Comparison Guide

As any barbecue enthusiast knows pork ribs can be one of the most delicious – and expensive – meat purchases. Spare ribs baby back ribs, St. Louis style ribs – they all have their merits, but also come with a hefty price tag.

That’s why many rib lovers get excited when they see pork ribs for sale at their local Costco. The wholesale retailer is known for affordable prices on quality items. But are their pork ribs really a good deal compared to elsewhere?

In this article, I’ll break down the typical cost of various pork ribs styles at Costco You’ll learn how their prices compare to other major grocery chains Read on to find out if you should plan your next backyard rib fest around a run to Costco!

Pork Rib Styles at Costco

Costco carries a range of raw and pre-cooked pork rib options throughout the year. Here are the main cuts you’ll find:

  • Baby back ribs – From the loin near the spine. More tender, shorter bones.

  • Spare ribs – From the belly/side. Meatier, longer bones.

  • St. Louis style ribs – Trimmed spare ribs. Rectangular shape.

  • Country style ribs – From shoulder. Boneless.

Pork ribs come in huge, family-sized packages at Costco. You’ll commonly find:

  • 5+ pounds of raw baby back or spare ribs
  • 4 pound average for raw St. Louis style ribs
  • 5 pound average for cooked ribs

Keep reading for typical per pound and package prices.

Costco Raw Pork Rib Prices

The price of raw ribs at Costco can vary based on cut, specials, and location. But here are some average per pound costs:

  • Baby back ribs – $6.99/lb
  • Spare ribs – $5.49/lb
  • St. Louis style ribs – $5.99/lb
  • Country style ribs – $4.99/lb

Raw ribs are sold in big packs:

  • Baby back rib package (6 lbs) – $39.99
  • Spare rib package (7 lbs) – $34.99
  • St. Louis rib package (4 lbs) – $27.99
  • Country rib package (5 lbs) – $22.99

Costco Cooked Rib Prices

Costco also sells fully cooked, ready to heat ribs at select locations. These are usually St. Louis cut ribs with a savory dry rub.

The cooked ribs cost about $7.99/lb individually, with an average package price of $21.99 for 2.5-3 pounds. So you pay a little more for the convenience.

How Costco Pork Rib Prices Compare

Here’s how Costco’s pork rib costs measure up against some other major grocery store chains:

Raw baby back ribs

  • Costco – $6.99/lb
  • Safeway – $8.99/lb
  • Kroger – $7.99/lb

Raw spare ribs

  • Costco – $5.49/lb
  • Albertsons – $6.99/lb
  • Food Lion – $7.49/lb

Cooked ribs

  • Costco – $7.99/lb, $21.99 avg package
  • BJ’s Wholesale Club – $10.99/lb, $29.99 avg package
  • Sam’s Club – $12.98/lb, $31.98 avg package

Based on this comparison, Costco comes out on top for affordability for all raw rib styles. Their cooked ribs are cheaper than competitor’s as well.

Are Costco Pork Ribs a Good Deal?

Ribs aren’t the cheapest cut of pork, but Costco does offer some of the best regular prices around. The quality and meatiness of their ribs also appears to be superior based on customer reviews.

Here are some benefits of buying pork ribs at Costco:

  • Raw rib prices average $1-2/lb cheaper than major supermarkets
  • Packages contain family-sized quantities for big gatherings
  • High quality, meaty ribs praised by customers
  • No need to season or cook the pre-made ribs
  • Can stock up and freeze extra raw ribs for later

The only downside is you have to buy so many pounds at once. But for big bbq events or meal prepping, Costco’s pork rib prices can’t be beat!

Sample Cost Savings

To see the potential savings, let’s compare buying a couple racks of ribs at Costco versus a regular supermarket.

At Costco:

  • 7 lb spare rib package = $34.99
  • 4 lb St. Louis rib package = $27.99
  • Total = 11 lbs ribs for $62.98

At Kroger:

  • 6 lb baby back rib package = $47.94
  • 5 lb spare rib package = $37.45
  • Total = 11 lbs ribs for $85.39

You’d save $22.41 at Costco – that’s like getting 2.5 lbs of free ribs!

Are Costco Ribs High Quality?

From all accounts, yes – customers consistently rate Costco’s pork ribs as delicious, meaty, and flavorful. Their ribs meet the same quality standards as their other Kirkland Signature house brand products.

Some highlights from real customers:

  • “Best ribs I’ve ever had for the price”
  • “Fall right off the bone tender”
  • “Big, meaty racks”
  • “My go-to for parties now”

For premium pork ribs at prices below supermarkets, warehouse clubs like Costco can’t be beat. Their raw baby back, spare, St. Louis, and country style ribs are all priced at least $1/lb cheaper on average. And their cooked ribs offer comparable savings too.

The key is only buying what you need since the packs are so big. Whether cooking up ribs for the whole extended family or meal prepping a month’s worth of dinners, let Costco be your rib source. With their quality and cost savings, you get seriously tasty ribs without breaking the bank!

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