How Much Does Ham Cost Per Pound? A Breakdown of Ham Prices

A baked ham is a festive centerpiece for holidays and special occasions. But buying a whole ham can get pricey especially if you’re feeding a crowd. So how much does ham cost per pound? Let’s take a look at the average prices for different types, sizes and brands of ham.

Factors That Affect Ham Prices

Several factors impact the price per pound for ham including

  • Type of ham (fresh, cured, smoked, etc.)
  • Bone-in vs bone-less
  • Brand or quality grade
  • Size of the ham
  • Whether it’s pre-cooked or uncooked
  • Time of year – prices fluctuate around holidays
  • Where it’s purchased – online, grocery store, butcher shop, etc.

As you might expect, premium spiral-cut hams from high-end brands tend to be more expensive than basic cook-at-home hams. Buying bone-in and buying larger sizes can save you a bit per pound as well.

Average Prices for Different Ham Types

Here are typical price ranges for common types of ham sold per pound

Bone-In Cured Ham

  • Grocery store: $2.99 – $5.99 per lb
  • Premium brand: $6.99 – $9.99 per lb

Cured bone-in ham is salt-treated and smoked for preservation. Leaving the bone in makes it cheaper than boneless options.

Boneless Cured Ham

  • Grocery store: $3.99 – $7.99 per lb
  • Premium brand: $8.99 – $12.99 per lb

Deboning ham drives up the price but makes it easier to carve and serve.

Fresh Ham

  • Grocery store: $3.99 – $6.99 per lb
  • Butcher shop or farm: $6.99 – $9.99 per lb

Fresh (unprocessed) bone-in ham tends to cost slightly less than cured. But prices run higher from local butchers and farms.

Spiral-Sliced Ham

  • Grocery store: $5.99 – $9.99 per lb
  • Honey Baked Ham Co: $15.99 – $18.99 per lb

These hams come pre-sliced for easy serving but demand a premium price. Honey Baked Ham Company is known for premium quality (and cost!).

Organic/Heritage Ham

  • $9.99 – $18.99 per lb

Niche certified organic and heritage breed hams command the highest prices but offer premium quality.

As you can see, cured bone-in ham tends to be the most budget-friendly, while pre-sliced, spiral cut, boneless and organic hams cost more.

Estimated Costs By Ham Size

Ham prices also depend heavily on the total size you buy. Larger hams spread the per-pound cost over more meat.

Small (4-6 lbs): $25 – $35 total
Medium (10-12 lbs): $60 – $100 total
Large (16-18 lbs): $100 – $150 total

Using rough averages, a small 4 lb ham may run around $7-$9 per lb. But buying a large 16 lb ham drops to $6-$9 per lb due to lower cost for the increased quantity.

Buying a whole ham to serve a crowd can ultimately save compared to buying individual slices or packages of deli ham.

Where to Buy Ham for the Best Prices

Looking to get the best deal on your holiday ham? Here are some of the best places to shop:

  • Grocery store sales: Look for holiday sales, coupon deals and loyalty card savings. Buying ahead of time and freezing also spreads out costs.

  • Warehouse clubs: Costco, Sam’s Club and BJ’s sell large hams at bulk savings. Just be ready for a big investment upfront.

  • Discount grocery stores: Stores like Aldi and Save A Lot carry affordable no-frills hams perfect for a budget.

  • Direct from farms or butchers: Buying direct cuts out retail markups for major savings on local ham.

  • Online specialty retailers: Nueske’s, Burgers’ Smokehouse and other specialty brands ship nationwide with holiday deals.

Wherever you purchase your ham, look for ways to save through sales, bulk-buying, and buying direct when possible. This ensures you get the most ham for your money!

Is an Expensive Ham Worth the Price?

Higher end and premium hams cost more for a reason – they tend to deliver superior flavor, quality and carving ease. Factors that impact price include:

Breed – Heritage Berkshire or Duroc hams command top dollar but offer richer taste. Mass-market hams use commercial breeds.

Age – Hams aged over 6 months develop deeper, more complex flavor. Young mass-market hams age around 2 months.

Feed – Pasture-raised and acorn-finished mean healthier hogs and better taste. Commercial hams use mass feedlots.

Curing – Artisan dry-curing and smoking results in nuanced flavor. Fast mass curing lacks depth.

Carving – Hand carving maintains integrity. Machine slicing causes meat breakdown.

So while expensive hams are a splurge, your tastebuds may appreciate those premium touches.

Tips for Saving on Ham

Here are some tips for getting a great ham without overspending:

  • Buy bone-in for better value
  • Purchase whole ham rather than individual slices or packages
  • Shop sales and deals from grocery stores
  • Buy direct from farms and butchers when possible
  • Split costs with family by going in on a large ham together
  • Use lesser known brands that offer quality without the premium branding

With some smart shopping, you can find an excellent ham that satisfies your taste, budget and gathering. Use these tips to enjoy your holiday feasting without breaking the bank!

What’s your best advice for buying ham affordably? Share your tips and favorite places to purchase ham in the comments!

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What’s the average price of ham per pound?

As mentioned earlier, the average price of ham is currently $5.65 per pound. In 2021, the average price per pound for ham was $4.83.

What is the price of ham today?

What is the price of ham per kilogram/pound in Philippines today? The retail price range in Philippine peso for ham is between PHP 446.63 and PHP 753.63 per kilogram or between PHP 202.55 and PHP 341.78 per pound(lb) in Manila and Quezon.

How much does a Christmas ham cost?

“You’d expect to pay probably about $10 to $12 for that style of ham, per kilo. “But for the more premium ham, the ones that are naturally smoked, free range pigs, you’ll be paying up to about $20 per kilo.”

How much does a 7 pound ham serve?

A whole boneless ham (6.7lbs average weight) serves roughly 25 people. Same basic idea, plus a boneless ham is a little easier to carve. A portion bone-in ham (7.5lbs average weight) serves 10 people. Great for dinner parties, or a family dinner with plenty left over for sandwiches and such.

How much does a ham cost?

We typically see the best ham prices during Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving. Typically the best prices hover around $1 – $1.25 per pound. It’s absolutely worth mentioning that many grocery stores will have a surplus of hams that they will mark down immediately following the holidays.

How much Ham should I buy per person?

Whole ham, quarter or half, we’ve been doing this one ham at a time ever since. How Much Ham Per Person Should I Buy? You can buy a HoneyBaked whole ham in sizes ranging from 13 to 16 pounds. How big of a crowd a whole ham will serve depends on if you’re planning to serve our scrumptious ham for dinner or a buffet.

Where can I find the best Ham prices?

If you’re in the same boat, you might be interested in the best ham prices at a grocery store near you. Remember when comparing ham prices, that there are different cuts of ham. We typically see the best ham prices during Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving. Typically the best prices hover around $1 – $1.25 per pound.

How much does a ham cost at Costco?

Costco offers 3 types of ham – a spiral ham, the boneless Master Carve ham, and Smithfield ham steaks. Prices range from $2.29/lb up to $4.79/lb. More details below. Twice a year I see a lot of activity on our ham posts on this blog – Christmas and Easter (and Thanksgiving to a lesser extent). A big hunk of ham is often our choice for big meals.

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