How Much Does Beef Cost Per Pound in 2024? A Detailed Breakdown

Beef prices fluctuate frequently, so it’s hard to keep track of the exact cost per pound. As carnivores, we need to stay on top of the latest beef prices to get the best deals. That’s why I’ve done the research to breakdown the current cost of various beef cuts at one of my favorite places to buy meat – Costco!

I’ll provide a detailed price list of over 30 common beef products. You’ll see everything from ground beef, to steaks, roasts and more. I’ve been tracking these prices for years across Costco stores nationwide.

The prices below are current as of January 2024 for the Costco location in Spanish Fork, Utah. Of course, your local store may vary slightly. I’ll also share my tips on picking quality beef and cooking each cut perfectly!

How Much Does Ground Beef Cost?

Ground beef is one of the most budget-friendly beef options At Costco, you can expect to pay

  • Ground Beef (80/20): $2.99/lb
  • Ground Beef (85/15): $3.49/lb
  • Ground Beef (90/10): $3.99/lb

The first number refers to the percentage of lean meat, while the second number is the fat percentage. Most people prefer 80/20 or 85/15 ground beef for the extra moisture and flavor from higher fat content. Leaner 90/10 ground beef is better for dishes like burgers or meatballs.

Steak Prices at Costco

When it comes to steaks, Costco has some of the best everyday prices around. They also carry high quality USDA Prime steaks in addition to the typical USDA Choice offerings.

Here are the current per pound prices on steaks at Costco:

  • Choice New York Strip Steak: $9.99/lb
  • Prime New York Strip Steak: $15.99/lb
  • Choice Tenderloin Steak (Filet Mignon): $19.99/lb
  • Choice Top Sirloin Steak: $8.99/lb
  • Prime Top Sirloin Steak: $10.49/lb
  • Choice Ribeye Steak: $13.29/lb
  • Prime Ribeye Steak: $18.29/lb
  • Choice Flank Steak: $8.99/lb
  • Choice Plate Short Ribs: $8.99/lb

As expected, the Prime steaks command a higher price than the Choice cuts. But surprisingly, the Choice Ribeye is only $4/lb more than the New York Strip at Costco. At most stores, Ribeyes run $6-8/lb higher!

Roasts and Whole Cuts

For feeding a crowd or meal prepping, roasts and whole cuts are the way to go Their price per pound is much less compared to steaks Here are the going rates

  • Choice Chuck Roast: $5.99/lb
  • Choice Eye of Round Roast: $4.19/lb
  • Choice Whole Brisket (Prime): $2.99/lb
  • Choice Short Ribs: $15.99/lb
  • Choice Whole NY Strip: $9.79/lb
  • Choice Whole Ribeye: $12.99/lb
  • Choice Whole Top Sirloin: $6.99/lb
  • Choice Tri Tip Roast: $8.99/lb

As you can see, buying a whole brisket or tri tip roast can save you around $5/lb compared to cutting them into steaks yourself.

Price Differences in Grades of Beef

At Costco, you’ll mainly find USDA Choice beef, with some USDA Prime offerings like Ribeye and New York Strip. The Prime cuts cost $2-5 more per pound compared to Choice.

Here’s a quick guide to the quality grades:

  • Prime – The highest grade, only about 3% of beef qualifies. Excellent marbling for tenderness and flavor.

  • Choice – High quality with good marbling, ideal balance of tenderness and flavor. About 50% of beef is graded Choice.

  • Select – Very uniform, fairly tender but not as juicy or flavorful due to less marbling. Makes up about 35% of beef.

My recommendation is to splurge on Prime for special occasion steaks. For roasts and ground beef, Choice quality is perfectly delicious!

How Can You Save Money on Beef?

Follow these tips to get high quality beef for less:

  • Buy whole roasts or briskets – Costs $3-5 less per pound than cut steaks
  • Look for manager specials – Stores discount meat nearing its sell-by date
  • Purchase Choice roasts – Quality is nearly equal to Prime for $2-3/lb less
  • Grind your own beef – 70/30 ground beef costs about $1 less per pound
  • Watch for sales cycles – Beef prices drop before holidays like Memorial Day

Cooking Tips for Popular Beef Cuts

The key to budget-friendly beef is picking the right cooking method for each cut. Here are my tips:

  • Ribeye – Best grilled or pan seared to medium rare
  • Chuck Roast – Great for slow cooking pot roasts or stewing
  • Flank Steak – Ideal for marinating and cooking over high heat
  • Short Ribs – Braise or simmer in barbecue sauce until fall off the bone tender
  • Brisket – Needs a low and slow cooking method like baking or smoking
  • Ground Beef – Use 80/20 or 85/15 meat for juicy burgers and meatloaf

Following recipes specifically designed for these cuts will ensure you get restaurant quality results!

The Bottom Line

From ground beef to Prime Ribeye, the cost of beef spans a wide range depending on the cut. With whole roasts around $3/lb and ground beef at $2-4/lb, it’s easy to stay within a budget. Splurge on premium steaks for special meals.

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How much is a pound of beef?

The cost of a pound of beef can vary depending on the cut of meat and where you live in the United States. On average, you can expect to pay between $5 and $10 per pound for ground beef, and between $7 and $20 per pound for steaks.

How much is 1 pound of steak?

On average, you can expect to pay between $5 and $10 per pound for ground beef, and between $7 and $20 per pound for steaks. However, prices can be higher or lower depending on factors such as location, time of year, and demand.

How much beef from 1,000 lb cow?

As a general rule, most cattle will have an average dressing percentage of 63 percent. This means that a beef animal weighing 1,000 lbs will result in a carcass that weighs only 630 lbs after slaughter. Although the average dressing percentage for beef is 63 percent, several factors may affect the carcass weight.

How much is 800 lbs of beef?

It is usually around $5/lb plus processing.

How much does a pound of beef cost?

These prices will be set by your neighborhood farm; since they depend on a wide range of variables, they are only estimates: $5 price per pound + $0. 50 per pound processing fee = $5. 50 per pound. $5. 460 pounds x $0.50 per pound = $2,530 for hanging weight. Expect to pay an average price of $8.01 for finished cuts of beef.

How much do finished cuts of beef cost?

Expect to pay an average price of $8.01 for finished cuts of beef. The beef you eat is actually processed and packaged as “finished cuts.” You can use this number to compare prices to items you might purchase at a grocery store.

How much does a cow cost per pound?

By multiplying the $2,530 hanging weight total fee by 322 pounds, you get $8. 01 per pound finished cut weight. A full cow costs $8 per pound for finished cuts. 01 is the number you’ll use to compare to the prices at the grocery store. Speaking of which …. Only compare your cow price with organic, grass-fed grocery store beef (or dry-aged!).

How much does beef cost in 2024?

All current beef pricing trends are based on USDA data as of April 10, 2024. Last week’s trends refer to the USDA market for the week ending April 5, 2024. Live cattle sold mostly between $1.85 and $1.86/lb. last week. Live cattle are expected to remain steadily priced this week, according to analysts.

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