How to Cook Perfect Crispy Bacon in a Ninja Air Fryer

If you’re a bacon lover, having a Ninja air fryer opens up a whole new world of easy crispy bacon possibilities. The Ninja air fryer allows you to cook an entire package of bacon at once to crunchy, crispy perfection in just minutes. No more babysitting bacon on the stovetop or dealing with the splatter mess.

Cooking bacon in the Ninja air fryer results in evenly cooked bacon with just the right texture every time. Whether you like your bacon chewy or extra crispy the air fryer has you covered. Let’s look at why the air fryer makes such great bacon, tips for using a Ninja air fryer for bacon how to cook bacon in a Ninja air fryer, and some serving ideas for your freshly cooked air fryer bacon.

Why Use a Ninja Air Fryer for Bacon?

There are several advantages to using your Ninja air fryer for cooking up bacon:

  • Cooks evenly The hot air circulates around the bacon, cooking it evenly on all sides No more undercooked fatty spots

  • Makes it crispy The Ninja air fryer dries out the bacon as it cooks resulting in crispy crunchy bacon however you like it.

  • Cooks large batches: You can cook a whole 12 oz package of bacon at once in the air fryer basket.

  • Minimizes grease splatters: Containing the bacon in the air fryer basket prevents grease from popping and splattering all over.

  • Easy to use: Just put the bacon in the basket, set the temp and time, and let the air fryer work its magic while you do other things.

  • Fewer dishes: With no need for a skillet, there are fewer dishes to clean up afterward.

Tips for Cooking Bacon in a Ninja Air Fryer

To achieve picture-perfect air fryer bacon every time, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use thick-cut bacon: Thicker sliced bacon holds up best in the air fryer. Thin slices can overcook and burn quickly.

  • Don’t overlap: Arrange the bacon in a single layer without overlapping to allow air flow on all sides.

  • Use a liner: Putting a sheet of parchment paper or silicone mat in the basket makes cleanup easier.

  • Preheat slightly: Preheating the air fryer for 2-3 minutes helps render the fat faster.

  • Cook at 375°F: This temperature crisps up the bacon without burning it too quickly.

  • Flip halfway: Flipping the bacon halfway through aids even cooking.

  • Check often: Keep an eye on it, as air fryers can cook faster than expected.

  • Drain excess grease: Remove cooked bacon to a plate lined with paper towels to absorb excess grease.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Cooking Bacon in a Ninja Air Fryer

Follow these simple steps for perfect air fryer bacon every time:

Prep the Air Fryer

  • Place a few sheets of paper towel or a small baking pan in the bottom of the air fryer drawer to catch any grease drippings. The drawer bottom can also be lined with foil for easy cleanup.

  • Preheat air fryer to 375°F for 2-3 minutes.

Add the Bacon

  • Lay bacon slices in a single layer on the air fryer basket without overlapping.

  • For a 12 oz package, you’ll need a 6-quart air fryer basket. Smaller air fryers may need to cook fewer slices per batch.

Cook the Bacon

  • Cook at 375°F for 6 minutes initially. Cooking time may vary based on bacon thickness.

  • After 6 minutes, flip bacon slices and rotate basket position if possible.

  • Continue cooking until desired level of doneness, checking often. Most bacon takes 10-14 minutes total.

  • Thicker bacon or extra crisp bacon may take a few minutes longer.

Remove and Drain

  • When bacon is ready, remove basket and transfer bacon to a plate lined with paper towels.

  • Let sit 1-2 minutes to absorb excess grease.

And that’s it – perfectly crispy, evenly cooked air fryer bacon ready to enjoy!

Serving Ideas for Air Fryer Bacon

Your freshly cooked air fryer bacon can be used in all the usual ways:

  • Crisp up bacon for weekend breakfasts – eggs, pancakes, and more are better with bacon!

  • Make classic BLTs with crunchy lettuce, tomato, and mayo.

  • Mix into savory dips and spreads like bacon onion dip or bacon jam.

  • Crumble on top of salads, baked potatoes, mac and cheese, etc.

  • Layer on burgers or sandwiches for a burst of smoky bacon flavor.

  • Wrap around filets, chicken breasts, or meatloaf before cooking.

  • Toss with roasted Brussels sprouts or green beans.

  • Sprinkle over baked potatoes or sweet potatoes.

  • Add to appetizers like bacon-wrapped dates or jalapeno poppers.

With so many uses for perfectly cooked bacon, your air fryer can make quick work of batch cooking bacon to have on hand anytime. No more waiting for bacon – just toss it in the air fryer, and crispy goodness is minutes away!

Troubleshooting Air Fryer Bacon

Having trouble getting your bacon just right in the air fryer? Here are some tips if you run into any of these common issues:

Bacon isn’t getting crispy enough: Increase cooking time by 2-3 minutes until it reaches the desired crispness. Thicker cuts take longer.

Bacon is curling: Make sure slices aren’t overlapping. Cut bacon strips in half if needed to fit better in the basket.

Bacon is burning: Reduce air fryer temperature to 350°F and cook a minute or two less. Watch it closely.

Bacon isn’t cooking evenly: Make sure you flip the slices halfway during cooking. Rotate the basket position too, if possible.

Too much grease: Put more paper towels or a baking pan under the basket to absorb extra grease.

Air fryer smoking: Turn on your kitchen vent fan, reduce bacon amount, and make sure bacon is room temperature before cooking.

With the right timing and temperature, you’ll get the hang of cooking your perfect bacon in the air fryer. The results are so worth it!

Tips for Buying Bacon for the Air Fryer

To get the best results cooking bacon in your Ninja air fryer, start by choosing the right bacon at the store:

  • Opt for thick-cut bacon whenever possible, at least 1/8 inch thick.

  • Choose packages with slices that are roughly the same thickness for even cooking.

  • Center-cut bacon works well as there’s more meat than fat.

  • Go for good quality bacon from the deli counter or meat case, not thin pre-packaged stuff.

  • Regular smoked bacon is the most common, but applewood smoked or maple flavors add sweetness.

  • Buy 12-16 ounce packages to have enough to fill the air fryer basket.

Getting high-quality, thick-cut smoked bacon sets you up for air fryer bacon success!

fun uses for air fryer bacon grease

Don’t pour that flavorful bacon grease down the drain! Use it to cook other foods or try these ideas:

  • Mix a spoonful into baked beans, soups, or chili for smoky flavor.

  • Brush on meats before grilling or roasting.

  • Sauté veggies like Brussels sprouts, green beans, or potatoes in it.

  • Add to cornbread batter for moistness and flavor.

  • Use for popping popcorn on the stove.

  • Rub on skins of roasted potatoes.

  • Make candles by filling jars with grease and inserting wicks.

With so many uses, bacon grease is liquid gold! Just be sure to store it properly in the fridge.

The Ninja air fryer revolutionizes bacon cooking with its ability to turn out an entire package of perfectly crispy, evenly cooked bacon in just minutes. Following the tips in this article, you’ll be able to achieve crunchy bacon nirvana in your air fryer every time.

So next time a bacon craving strikes, just toss some thick-cut slices in your Ninja, set the timer, and enjoy your crisp, hot bacon in no time. Air fryer bacon is about to become your new go-to cooking method!

How To Make Perfect Bacon In An Air Fryer- Ninja Foodi Dual Zone


Do you need to flip bacon in an air fryer?

Like Baked Bacon in the Oven (and unlike cooking bacon in a skillet on the stovetop), air fryer bacon cooks completely hands-free. You don’t even need to flip it! Quick and Easy.

Do you put foil in the air fryer when cooking bacon?

Place bacon in air fryer If you’re using an oven-style air fryer, you’ll want to put the bacon on an air-fry basket (basically a mesh rack) with either a solid pan or a piece of aluminum foil folded up on the edges underneath to catch any bacon grease drippings.

How to cook bacon in a ninja foodi air fryer?

After you have prepped the air fryer, peel each pieces of bacon from the package and using tongs, place in piles into the air fryer basket. You can add approximately 12 – 14 slices of bacon, which is a standard package. Close lid and set your Ninja Foodi to AIR FRYER, 390 Degrees and on 11 minutes. Start.

Can one cook broccoli in an air fryer?

Yes, you can cook broccoli in the air fryer like any other vegetable. You can add a little salt, garlic powder and pepper to enhance the flavor.

How do you cook bacon in a ninja foodi?

Close air fryer lid and set your Ninja Foodi to AIR FRYER, 390 Degrees and on 11 minutes. Hit Start. The air fryer should instantly begin. At the 5 minute mark, OPEN THE FOODI and using tongs, rearrange the bacon. It will NOT be done yet. Close the lid and let continue cooking.

How do you crisp bacon on a ninja?

Put ½ cup of water in the inner pot. Place the rack in the low position inside the inner pot. Put ½ cup water in the inner pot. Place the crisping tray in the low position. The settings are the same for both the Ninja with SmartLid and the Ninja Speedi. Lay the bacon strips in a single layer on the rack or crisping plate.

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