How to Cook Bacon Without Smelling Up Your House

Let’s be honest – as amazing as bacon smells when it’s cooking, not everyone wants their home smelling like a diner for the rest of the day. The lingering odor can be overpowering. Luckily, there are some simple tricks to contain the aroma when cooking bacon.

Follow these tips to enjoy your bacon without stinking up your entire house.

Why Does Cooking Bacon Smell So Strongly?

When bacon is cooked, the fat renders and creates a reaction between amino acids and sugars known as the Maillard reaction. This reaction produces around 150 aroma compounds that give bacon its signature smell.

The main contributors are pyridine, aldehydes, hydrocarbons and other volatile organic compounds. When these are heated they release an enticing aroma that permeates the home.

Contain the Smell During Cooking

  • Close doors to contain smell in kitchen
  • Use range hood vent over stove
  • Open windows to ventilate the kitchen
  • Cook bacon outside on grill or camp stove

Sealing off the kitchen while cooking is the first line of defense. Ventilate the room well and avoid spreading the smell to other parts of the home. Consider cooking bacon outside if possible.

Choose Odor-Reducing Cooking Methods

  • Bake in oven
  • Use a microwave bacon cooker
  • Use a splatter-proof bacon cooker
  • Cook in a pan with a well-fitting lid

Baking in the oven, microwaving, or using a splatter-proof cooker like the Bacon Wave or Microwave Bacon Tray help reduce mess and contain smells. Covering the pan also traps some aroma.

Eliminate Leftover Odors

  • Simmer vinegar and water
  • Bake soda in oven
  • Set out bowls of coffee grounds
  • Use odor eliminating sprays or candles
  • Run ventilation fans or air purifiers

After cooking, boil vinegar and water, sprinkle baking soda in oven, or set out bowls of coffee grounds or charcoal briquettes to help absorb lingering smells. Air purifiers and deodorizers also help.

DIY Air Fresheners

  • Cut citrus fruits into slices or stud with cloves
  • Simmer cinnamon sticks, cloves, and vanilla on stove
  • Place essential oils on cotton balls
  • Create homemade odor eliminating spray

Freshen the air with natural deodorizers like citrus fruits, aromatic spices, essential oils, and DIY odor eliminating sprays.

Prevent Smells Next Time

  • Buy less smelly bacon like center-cut
  • Freeze bacon beforehand
  • Place charcoal in oven while cooking
  • Opt for turkey bacon

Choose less odorous bacon like center-cut or turkey bacon. Freezing bacon beforehand also seems to reduce the aroma. Some cooks place charcoal briquettes in the oven during cooking to absorb smells.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some bacon smell questions? Here are some common FAQs:

Does baking bacon make less smell?

Yes, baking bacon in the oven contains smells better than stovetop cooking.

Does cooking bacon at a lower temp reduce smell?

Somewhat – cooking at lower temps may produce slightly less aroma compounds. But smell will still spread.

How long does the bacon smell last?

Bacon smells can linger for 24 hours or longer if the kitchen isn’t properly ventilated.

Does freezing bacon reduce the smell?

Freezing helps a bit, as some aroma compounds break down over time when frozen.

Is turkey or beef bacon less smelly?

Yes, turkey and beef bacon produce less strong aroma than traditional pork bacon.

Enjoy Your Bacon Guilt-Free

With these handy tips, you can keep enjoying your bacon without stinking up the whole house. A little preparation goes a long way toward containing the overly porky aroma.

Cook up your bacon, then eliminate any lingering smells with natural deodorizers. Just be sure to ventilate well while cooking and close off the kitchen to keep smells from spreading. Follow these measures, and your house will stay fresh and clean!

How to cook bacon and not stink up your house

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