Mastering the Perfect Bacon-Wrapped Turkey Tenderloin

As a holiday hostess who loves impressing guests, I’m always seeking tasty turkey recipes beyond the traditional roasted bird. Enter – bacon-wrapped turkey tenderloin! This elegant yet easy turkey dish never fails to wow. The combo of savory bacon and juicy tenderloin makes for a real crowd-pleaser.

Hy-Vee’s recipe for bacon-wrapped turkey tenderloin produces a moist, flavorful entree perfect for special occasions. I’ve made it countless times over the years for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more. Once you try it, you’ll see why it becomes a holiday tradition.

Below I’ll share my tips for nailing this recipe, from prep to cook time. With my guidance, you’ll earn rave reviews for your bacon-wrapped turkey tenderloin!

Picking the Prime Ingredients

The two main components – turkey tenderloin and bacon – deserve special attention.

For the tenderloin, choose the freshest option available. I always grab mine from the butcher counter at Hy-Vee. The skilled meat cutters there select premium turkeys and carve perfect tenderloin fillets.

Opt for the thickest cut possible for the most juicy results. Thinner cuts can dry out. 1 to 1 1⁄2 pounds feeds about 4 people.

Then for the bacon, Hy-Vee’s thick-sliced applewood smoked bacon is my go-to The smoky sweetness pairs so nicely with the turkey Regular sliced bacon works too, but may need extra cooking time.

Prepping the Turkey Tenderloin

Proper prep ensures every bite boasts maximum flavor Here’s how I get the tenderloin ready

  • Trim any excess fat or silver skin for a cleaner presentation.

  • Butterfly the tenderloin by slicing it horizontally to open it up into one flat piece. This allows more space for stuffing.

  • Place between plastic wrap and pound to 1⁄2 inch thickness. Flattening gives an even thickness.

  • Spread on your favorite stuffing. I love spinach, apple, and goat cheese but get creative!

  • Roll up the tenderloin and tie with butcher twine to secure the stuffing.

  • Wrap bacon slices around log, tucking ends underneath.

Oven Cook Time for Perfect Results

Baking yields the most tender, juicy turkey tenderloin. Use these oven guidelines:

  • Preheat oven to 375°F. Higher temp helps the bacon crisp.

  • Line a baking sheet with foil and add a rack. Nonstick spray the rack to prevent sticking.

  • Bake for 15 minutes then brush with your choice of glaze. I love apple or apricot jellies.

  • Bake 40-50 minutes more until the internal temperature reaches 165°F.

  • Let rest 10 minutes before slicing to allow juices to redistribute.

Cook times vary based on size, so use a meat thermometer for doneness. And watch closely towards the end to prevent burning.

Achieving Caramelized, Crispy Bacon

No one wants limp, soggy bacon! To make the bacon wrapper ultra crispy:

  • Choose thick, hearty bacon slices that won’t overcook easily.

  • Wrap the bacon tightly around the tenderloin to prevent loose spots.

  • Bake at a high temp (375°F) to render the fat and caramelize the bacon.

  • Brush with glaze during baking to help crisp the bacon.

  • If needed, broil 2-3 minutes at the very end to finish crisping.

Let the cooked tenderloin rest before unwrapping for crispiest bacon. Enjoy the texture contrast of crispy exterior and juicy interior!

Serving Suggestions for Special Occasions

The elegant presentation of bacon-wrapped turkey tenderloin makes it ideal for holidays and special gatherings. Consider these serving ideas:

  • For Thanksgiving, slice and fan out on a platter alongside classic sides.

  • At Christmas, arrange medallions on a bed of winter greens for a pop of color.

  • For game day, slice into strips for easy grab-and-go appetizers.

  • For date nights or dinner parties, serve topped with an apple cider glaze.

However you choose to present it, your guests will be impressed with your culinary skills. The wow factor of this turkey tenderloin makes any occasion feel extra special.

Time to Dive In!

As you can see, Hy-Vee’s bacon-wrapped turkey tenderloin recipe delivers a triple threat of ease, elegance, and delectable flavor. With my guidance, you can nail this memorable main dish every time.

Now get out there and grab the ingredients to impress your guests this season. Just follow my advice for a juicy, bacon-wrapped turkey your loved ones will request time and time again.

Bacon Wrapped Turkey Tenderloin Recipe

How do you cook a Turkey Tenderloin in a crock pot?

Press the spices into the turkey tenderloin, being sure to coat all the sides. Place the turkey loin at the bottom of the crock pot. Spread the pieces of bacon across the turkey, making sure the middle of the bacon pieces are at the middle of the turkey. Wrap the bacon under the turkey, tightly, crossing the bacon pieces over under the turkey.

Can you cook a Turkey Tenderloin in the oven?

While this recipe for a bacon wrapped turkey tenderloin is amazing on a smoker it will also turn out just fine if you cook it in the oven. If you wanted to replicate this recipe as much as possible by using as oven then brush each tenderloin with a teaspoon of liquid smoke before wrapping in bacon.

How do you cook a Turkey with bacon?

Spread the pieces of bacon across the turkey, making sure the middle of the bacon pieces are at the middle of the turkey. Wrap the bacon under the turkey, tightly, crossing the bacon pieces over under the turkey. Pack the rest of the brown sugar on to the bacon. In a bowl, stir together the BBQ sauce and honey mustard.

How much bacon do I need for a Turkey Tenderloin?

Bacon wrapped turkey tenderloin is going to need some bacon. I use 6 pieces of just your average, generic bacon. That will be two pieces of bacon per serving. However, you can cut that in half or skip the bacon all together. With the BBQ sauce, I choose to use a sugar free one. G Hughes is usually my go-to.

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