Unlocking the Secret to Perfectly Cooked Wagyu Beef Topside

Wagyu beef is renowned worldwide for its incredible marbling, succulent flavor, and melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. However, cooking this premium beef properly is key to experiencing its unmatched taste and texture. When it comes to wagyu topside roast, low and slow cooking brings out its best qualities.

Follow this complete guide to learn the insider tips and techniques for cooking wagyu beef topside to mouthwatering perfection every time. With the right preparation and cooking methods, you’ll be enjoying restaurant-quality wagyu beef from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Understanding the Wagyu Topside Cut

Let’s start by getting familiar with where topside comes from on the cow The topside is located on the back end of the animal, just above the hind leg It’s a large, lean roast that is chock-full of flavor.

When sliced, topside roast reveals beautiful marbling dispersed throughout. This fat marbling is what gives wagyu its renowned richness and tenderness. Topside is an excellent choice for a special occasion roast.

When selecting a wagyu topside roast look for the following characteristics

  • Consistent marbling throughout
  • Bright red color
  • Firm, dense texture

A nicely marbled 3-4 lb roast is ideal for serving a small dinner party. Now that you know what to look for, let’s get cooking!

Step 1: Bring Meat to Room Temperature

The first step is taking the wagyu roast out of the fridge and letting it come up to room temperature. This takes about an hour. Going straight from fridge to oven will result in uneven cooking.

As the meat warms up, the marbled fat will become softer and more evenly dispersed. This allows it to cook gently and melt slowly for best flavor and tenderness.

Step 2: Generously Season the Roast

Once the meat is at room temp, it’s time to work some seasoning magic. Wagyu beef has such wonderful inherent flavor, simple seasoning really lets it shine.

Start by generously coating all sides of the roast with coarse kosher salt. The salt will draw out some moisture while also penetrating deep into the meat.

After 30-60 minutes, pat the roast dry with paper towels. Then add your choice of aromatics:

  • Fresh cracked black pepper
  • Minced garlic
  • Fresh rosemary or thyme
  • Crushed juniper berries

Gently pressing the seasonings into the wagyu beef helps release its rich, beefy flavor.

Step 3: Sear the Roast for Caramelization

To take the wagyu roast over the top, start by searing it to develop an incredible caramelized crust. Here’s how:

  • Heat a cast iron skillet over high heat until very hot.

  • Add just a touch of oil or beef fat trimmings to the pan.

  • Place roast in the pan and sear aggressively on all sides.

  • Work in batches if needed to avoid crowding the pan.

That quick sear will deliver gorgeous browning and incredible depth of flavor. Now it’s time to gently roast.

Step 4: Slow Roast at Low Heat

Preheat your oven to 275°F. Place the seared wagyu roast on a rack in a roasting pan. Insert a probe thermometer into the thickest part of the meat, then roast until:

  • 125°F for rare (about 1 hour)

  • 135°F for medium rare (about 1 hour, 15 minutes)

  • 145°F for medium (about 1 hour, 30 minutes)

The low heat allows the marbling to break down slowly so the wagyu becomes remarkably tender. Resist temptation to turn up the heat, as high heat can make the texture tough.

Step 5: Rest and Slice the Roast

Once the target temp is reached, remove roast from oven and tent loosely with foil. Let rest for 15-20 minutes to allow juices to redistribute. The temperature will rise 5-10° more during this time.

To serve, carefully slice against the grain into 1⁄4 to 1⁄2 inch thick slices. Be sure to pour over any accumulated juices.

Serving Suggestions for Perfectly Cooked Topside

A beautifully prepared wagyu topside roast needs little adornment. Here are some simple serving ideas:

  • Drizzle with chimichurri or garlic herb sauce.

  • Top slices with sauteed mushrooms.

  • Pair with roasted potatoes or creamy polenta.

  • Add a fresh arugula salad with shaved parmesan.

The incredible richness of wagyu beef makes it a star player. Let it take the lead and keep sides minimal and light.

Handy Wagyu Topside Cooking Tips

Follow these additional tips for flawless wagyu roast results:

  • Bring roast to room temp 1 hour before cooking.

  • Generously season with salt/pepper at least 40 minutes before cooking.

  • Use a probe thermometer for accurate doneness.

  • Roast fat side up for self-basting.

  • Let roast rest at least 10-15 minutes before slicing to serve.

  • Slice very thinly against the grain.

Now you can confidently prepare incredible wagyu topside roasts that surpass restaurant quality.

Common Topside Cooking Questions

Cooking specialty cuts like wagyu topside roast leaves many home chefs with questions. Here are helpful answers to some frequently asked questions:

What’s the ideal doneness for wagyu topside?
For the best texture and flavor, medium rare to medium is recommended. Wagyu becomes tough and drier cooked beyond medium.

Can I grill a wagyu topside roast instead?
You can certainly grill a wagyu topside over indirect low heat. But roasting gives you more control over the slowly cooking process.

What if my roast comes out undercooked?
Return the undercooked wagyu roast to the oven and continue roasting at 275°F, checking temperature every 10-15 minutes until desired doneness is reached.

Is there a big difference between regular beef topside and wagyu?
Yes! The extensive marbling of wagyu beef makes it far more succulent, tender, and rich in flavor compared to conventional beef.

Elevate Your Dining with Wagyu Topside

Cooking wagyu beef topside roast to mouthwatering perfection takes some care. But the unparalleled eating experience makes it well worthwhile.

Use this complete guide to confidently prepare wagyu topside roasts that achieve that perfect balance of melt-in-your-mouth tenderness and rich, beefy flavor in every bite.

Your family and dinner guests will be thoroughly impressed by your impressive wagyu roast. Just wait for the delight when you reveal your secret weapons – patience, aromatics, and a trusty meat thermometer. Your exquisite wagyu feast awaits!

How to roast a 1.2kg beef topside


How long to cook wagyu topside?

We also like to bring a heavy based pan to a decent temperature, say about 20 minutes at 210 degrees C to sear the meat on all sides before turning it down and cooking at about 180 degrees C for 15 minutes / lb (or 30 minutes / kg) for a rare result, increasing that time for medium or well done results.

Is Wagyu Topside good?

Wagyu topside is a truly exceptional joint of meat that is great for a dinner party or a family roast. Found on the Hindquarter of the animal this large muscle is perfect if you prefer a leaner joint but still shows the wagyu marbling throughout.

How do you cook topside so it is tender?

Braised – There’s nothing better than a good hearty stew with juicy chunks of topside beef. The secret to braising the beef in a stew is making sure it is good for long enough, as this will allow the meat time to soften and become melt-in-the-mouth.

How is Wagyu beef best cooked?

Salt, heat and wagyu fat equals crispy and delicious Sear your Wagyu in a pre-heated pan for 1.5-2 minutes on each surface, before moving to a moderate heat to finish cooking. If you’re cooking steak, this means turning down the heat. If you’re roasting, this means put the Wagyu in the oven.

How do you cook a Wagyu topside?

A luxurious wagyu topside that is a knockout roasting joint. Take the wagyu topside out the fridge at least 30 minutes before cooking to ensure it gets to room temperate. Preheat the fan assisted oven to 200°C/gas mark 6. Lightly oil and season the joint all over Roast for 20 minutes at 200°C/gas mark 6.

Wagyu beef vs Kobe beef: Which is healthier?

Wagyu beef is native to Japan, known for its unique flavor and tenderness. Besides, wagyu beef has highest amount of conjugated linoleic acid, almost 30% grater than other Moreover, kobe beef is also a type of wagyu beef from the Tajima strain of Japanese black cattle. Both the meats have same nutritional values when compared. However, as red meat has high amounts of saturated fats, their consumption needs to be restricted to only once per week.

How to eat Wagyu beef?

Wagyu beef is among the world’s most luxurious food items. The pride of Japanese cattle sits well next to oysters and white truffles. Therefore, whenever you get your hands on some Wagyu beef, you must make sure the experience counts. Unlike other beef, Wagyu steaks should be gently cooked. Put on your apron and let’s head right in!

How to cook wagyu steak?

To maintain the tenderness of wagyu beef, it’s cooked on relatively low heat for a long time. This cooking technique ensures that the fat inside the meat is properly cooked. You’ll also need some great quality meat for best results. If you want to buy ethically farmed and authentic Wagyu steaks then head over to CrowdCow.

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