How to Respond to “What’s Shakin’, Bacon?”: 15 Clever Comebacks

If you’ve ever been greeted with the quirky phrase “What’s shakin’, bacon?” you know it can be tricky to come up with a clever response. This fun, rhyming greeting is a lighthearted way to ask “What’s up?” or “How are you?”

While “What’s shakin’ bacon?” may seem silly, it’s an opportunity to show off your wit and keep the conversation entertaining. This article will provide 15 clever comeback examples to have in your arsenal next time someone tries you with this retro slang.

The Meaning Behind the Phrase

First, let’s break down the phrase. “What’s shakin’?” is a casual way of asking what’s new or what’s going on in someone’s life. Adding “bacon” to the end makes it rhyme in a playful, nonsensical way.

So when someone asks “What’s shakin’, bacon?” they don’t literally mean what’s happening with your breakfast meat It’s just a humorous, informal greeting that sets a lighthearted tone for your interaction.

15 Clever Responses to “What’s Shakin’, Bacon?”

When you’re faced with this quirky question, use it as a chance to show off your wit and humor. Here are 15 clever comebacks

1. Keeping it greasy!

Implying you’re staying busy or active.

2. Just porkin’ around!

Indicates you’re just relaxing or taking it easy.

3. Bringing home the bacon!

Suggests you’re working hard and being successful.

4. Avoiding the sizzle!

Humorously says you’re staying out of trouble.

5. Just bacon my time.

Punny reply meaning you’re just hanging out.

6. Makin’ bacon pancakes!

Silly reference to the Adventure Time cartoon.

7. Can’t complain about this pork belly!

Upbeat response about how you’re doing well.

8. Going hog wild!

Playful way to say you’re having fun or partying.

9. Nothing much, just bacon bits.

Short and sweet reply implying not much is new.

10. Living the dream in pork paradise!

Cheerful response that life is good.

11. Fried, but not burnt out.

Humorous way to say you’re busy but handling it.

12. Just sprinklin’ on life’s seasonings.

Thoughtful answer about appreciating life’s flavors.

13. Smokin’ through life’s challenges.

Indicates you’re powering through difficulties.

14. Sizzlin’ like a skillet on Sundays!

Upbeat reply that you’re feeling energized.

15. Bacon up plans for the weekend!

Playful response that you’re making plans.

Tailor Your Response

When crafting your comeback, consider the relationship you have with the person greeting you. An inside joke or pop culture reference may land well with friends, while a straightforward answer may be better for professional contacts.

The most important thing is that your reply reflects your personality. Don’t be afraid to get creative and come up with your own unique response. With these examples to inspire you, you’ll be ready to cook up some clever “shakin’ bacon” comebacks!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good funny responses to “What’s shakin’, bacon?”

Some funny responses include “Just porkin’ around”, “Makin’ bacon pancakes”, or “Nothing much, just bacon bits”. Playing with bacon or pig themes adds humor.

What if I want to give a serious response to “What’s shakin’, bacon?”

For a straightforward response, you can say something like “Living the dream, what about you?” or “Can’t complain! How have you been?”. This politely answers then flips the question back to them.

How can I respond to “What’s shakin’, bacon?” professionally?

In professional settings, it’s best to keep your reply simple. You can say “Staying busy, how about you?” or “All’s well, thanks! What’s new with you?”. Short, polite, and professional.

What is a good text message or chat response?

For digital messages, a short funny line like “Just sprinklin’ on life’s seasonings” or a reaction gif of dancing bacon work well. Emojis like can add visual humor too.

How can I respond if I don’t know the person well?

If responding to a stranger or new acquaintance, keep it friendly but reserved. Reply with something like “I’m hanging in there, thanks! How about you?” so you don’t have to share too much.

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