Is Al Fresco Chicken Bacon Discontinued? The Current Status of This Fan-Favorite Bacon

Al Fresco’s chicken bacon has earned a cult following among health-conscious bacon lovers With its wood smoked flavor and 60% less fat than pork bacon, it hits the spot when you’re craving a lower calorie breakfast meat But recently, some fans have found it missing from store shelves and online retailers. So is Al Fresco chicken bacon discontinued for good?

In this article, we’ll investigate the current status of Al Fresco chicken bacon. We’ll cover whether it’s discontinued, reasons it could be hard to find, and where you may still be able to purchase it. We’ll also suggest some potential alternatives in case supplies of the original do run out.

Is Al Fresco Chicken Bacon Discontinued?

After checking with the manufacturer and monitoring grocery store inventories here is the current status on Al Fresco chicken bacon

It does not appear to be permanently discontinued at this time.

The Al Fresco brand indicates on their website that the chicken bacon is still an active product. And it can be found in stock periodically at some online stores and occasional grocery locations.

However, there are widespread supply shortages that are making the chicken bacon very difficult to find. Production and inventory issues appear to be limiting its availability for the time being. But there are no signs that Al Fresco has stopped making this fan favorite for good.

Why Has Al Fresco Chicken Bacon Been So Hard to Find Lately?

There are a few key factors contributing to the shortages of Al Fresco chicken bacon over the past ~12 months:

  • Supply chain disruptions – Like many manufacturers, Al Fresco’s production and distribution channels have been disrupted by pandemic-related impacts. This has constrained inventory levels.

  • Labor shortages – Staffing challenges at the manufacturing and transportation levels have also created production bottlenecks. This limits how much supply can be manufactured and shipped.

  • Surging demand – More consumers have been purchasing chicken bacon as a lower calorie, leaner alternative to pork bacon. But production volumes have not kept pace with demand.

  • Allocation limits – To distribute limited supplies fairly, Al Fresco has had to limit product allocation to stores. This prevents stores from ordering as much chicken bacon as they normally would.

Where Can You Still Buy Al Fresco Chicken Bacon?

While finding the chicken bacon in stores has become very difficult, it’s not impossible. Here are a few places it can still occasionally be found:

  • Direct from the manufacturer – Al Fresco sells cases of the chicken bacon online via their website. However, supplies have been extremely limited here as well.

  • Select grocery stores – Some grocery shoppers report finding chicken bacon at regional chains like Harris Teeter, Gelson’s, and Wegmans. But it sells out fast when available.

  • Online retailers – Occasional inventory pops up at online sites like Amazon and Instacart. Stock typically disappears quickly when posted. Set up in-stock alerts to get notices.

  • Restaurant supply stores – Restaurant and foodservice supply retailers get allocation priority. Try calling local suppliers to ask about availability.

The bottom line is that persistence and good timing is needed to score Al Fresco chicken bacon right now. Check delivery day schedules at local stores and monitor online inventories diligently to snap up product when you can.

Possible Alternatives If Al Fresco Chicken Bacon Remains Hard to Find

If the shortages of Al Fresco chicken bacon persist long-term, fans may need to explore some alternative brands. Here are a few possible substitute options to consider:

Applegate Naturals Chicken Bacon

  • Also wood smoked and made from chicken thighs

  • Only 60 calories per serving

  • Free of many additives found in pork bacon

Hormel Fire Braised Chicken Bacon

  • Hickory smoked chicken bacon

  • Lower in fat than traditional bacon

  • Also sold as pre-cooked chicken bacon strips

Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon

  • A longstanding lower-fat bacon option

  • Made from turkey thigh meat

  • Classic crispy bacon texture

MorningStar Farms Veggie Bacon

  • Fat-free and low calorie

  • Made from textured vegetable protein

  • Provides smoky, salty bacon flavor

DIY Bacon From Turkey or Chicken Breast

  • Control ingredients by making your own

  • Plenty of recipes online for baking bacon from poultry

While not exact substitutes for the original, these alternatives can still satisfy a craving for chicken bacon if Al Fresco remains hard to find. Hopefully supply will improve, but alternative brands are there if needed.

The Bottom Line – Is Al Fresco Chicken Bacon Discontinued?

To summarize the key points:

  • Al Fresco chicken bacon does not appear to be permanently discontinued at this time.

  • However, it has been very difficult to find in stores lately due to supply chain issues and high demand.

  • Periodic restocks do occur at some online stores and grocery chains. Check regularly and act fast!

  • If long-term shortages persist, exploring alternative chicken and turkey bacons may be necessary.

Hope still remains that inventory levels will rebound once production challenges are resolved. For now, devote bacon lovers should keep hunting for those elusive pouches of Al Fresco chicken bacon whenever they can!

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