Is Anneline Kriel Still Married to Peter Bacon? Inside the Former Miss World’s Long-Lasting Love

Anneline Kriel captured the world’s attention when she was crowned Miss World in 1974. The 18-year-old South African beauty queen dazzled with her blonde hair, megawatt smile, and charming personality. While her reign as Miss World was short-lived, Anneline has remained in the spotlight for over four decades.

Today at age 65, the former pageant winner still stuns with her youthful looks and energetic spirit. Anneline credits her happiness to living a fulfilling life in Mauritius with her husband of 25 years, Peter Bacon Their decades-long marriage proves Anneline found her true partner after failed previous unions.

Curious to learn more about the lasting love between Anneline Kriel and Peter Bacon? Here’s a glimpse inside the former Miss World’s romantic history and her life now in paradise with her husband.

A Look at Anneline Kriel’s Early Life and Pageant Career

Anneline Kriel was born in 1955 in Pretoria, South Africa. Her father worked as a prison officer. As a child, Anneline spent much of her time in Witbank, a small mining town, where she lived with her two siblings.

From a young age, Anneline was drawn to the arts. She studied drama at the University of Pretoria, where she appeared in an Afrikaans short film based on a school set book.

After graduating, Anneline entered the Miss South Africa pageant in 1974 at age 18. With her dazzling beauty and stage presence, she won the title of Miss South Africa 1974.

Anneline’s success continued at the Miss World pageant in London later that year. She captured the judges’ attention and was crowned Miss World 1974, becoming only the second South African to hold the title.

After passing her crown, Anneline embarked on a thriving career in entertainment and modelling. But her romantic relationships faced more ups and downs over the years.

A Look at Anneline Kriel’s Past Marriages

Anneline has been married three times total in her life. Here’s an overview of her former husbands:

Marriage to Sol Kerzner

In 1980, Anneline married her first husband, South African hotel magnate Sol Kerzner. She had first visited Kerzner’s resort in Mauritius in the late 1970s and fell in love with the island paradise.

However, Anneline’s marriage to Kerzner ultimately lasted only five years. They divorced in 1985, though they remained business partners for some time after.

Marriage to Philip Tucker

Shortly after her divorce from Kerzner, Anneline married her second husband, Philip Tucker, in 1989.

Anneline and Philip settled in Johannesburg and had two children together – a daughter named Tayla and a son named Whitney. But this marriage also ended in divorce after five years in 1994.

Though two marriages had fallen apart Anneline would soon find lasting love with husband number three.

Anneline’s Long-Lasting Marriage to Peter Bacon

In 1996, two years after her second divorce, Anneline married her current husband Peter Bacon. The two had likely known each other through the hotel business, as Peter was a former protégé of Anneline’s first husband, Sol Kerzner.

Peter Bacon served as the CEO of Kerzner International for many years. His career involved extensive travel to Kerzner’s resort in Mauritius which had enchanted Anneline long ago.

In 2011, after 15 happy years of marriage, Anneline and Peter decided to make their dream of living in Mauritius a reality. They relocated from South Africa to the island nation.

Today, Anneline and Peter have been married for over 25 years and are still going strong in their seaside paradise retreat.

Anneline’s Blissful Life in Mauritius with Peter

Now in her mid-60s, Anneline Kriel still stuns with her radiant beauty and joyful spirit. She credits her happiness to her fulfilling life in Mauritius with husband Peter Bacon.

The island nation clearly holds a special place in Anneline’s heart, as she fell for its charms when she first visited in the 1970s.

“It’s always been a dream of ours to live here someday,” Anneline told YOU Magazine in a recent interview.

Anneline highlighted the natural beauty of Mauritius – the gorgeous white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and lush greenery. She loves starting her mornings listening to the birds chirp and feeling the cool ocean breeze.

According to Anneline, “I think my greatest privilege is that I’m happy with my life and my environment and I feel completely at peace with myself.”

It’s clear Mauritius offers a tranquil pace of living perfectly suited to this former Miss World. Anneline also emphasizes she tries to live her best life and appreciate what she has instead of comparing herself to others.

Anneline and Peter live a low-profile life in Mauritius focused on their happiness as a couple and enjoyment of island paradise. They occasionally return to South Africa to visit Anneline’s daughter and son from her previous marriage.

After decades in the public eye, Anneline treasures the privacy and contentment she’s found with Peter in Mauritius. Her lasting marriage proves she finally found the partner and lifestyle perfectly aligned with her spirit.

The Keys to Anneline’s Long-Lasting Marriage

Several factors have likely contributed to the decades of marital success between Anneline Kriel and Peter Bacon:

  • Mutual understanding of the industry – Having both worked in the hotel and entertainment business, Anneline and Peter understand the demands of each other’s careers. This shared insight strengthens their bond.

  • Alignment on values and lifestyle – Anneline and Peter apparently always dreamed of living in Mauritius. Making this long-held vision a reality has brought great contentment.

  • Willingness to leave fame behind – Anneline easily could have extended her time in the spotlight, but she prioritized married life out of the public eye.

  • Focus on their own happiness – Rather than worrying about outside opinions, Anneline emphasizes she and Peter focus on appreciating the blessings in their lives.

Anneline Kriel clearly found the perfect partner in Peter Bacon. Their move to Mauritius gave them a clean slate to prioritize their relationship away from the spotlight. This former Miss World found that true paradise comes not from fame or fortune, but from inner peace and lifelong love.

Is Anneline Kriel Still Married to Peter Bacon?

Based on all recent updates on Anneline Kriel’s life in Mauritius, there is every indication she remains happily married to her husband of 25 years, Peter Bacon.

The couple has given no public sign of their relationship status changing. Anneline continues to give interviews about how content she is with her husband and quiet life on the island.

While the stresses of work, family, and fame can burden even the strongest marriages, Anneline and Peter have seemingly built an unshakeable bond based on mutual understanding and a shared relaxed lifestyle.

So yes, former Miss World Anneline Kriel remains married to Peter Bacon today. Their lasting union stands as an inspirational reminder that true paradise comes from within.

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Who is Anneline Kriel married to now?

Kriel is critical of the South African government, citing South African farm attacks, abuse of authority and Black Economic Empowerment policies. She now lives in Mauritius with her third husband, Peter Bacon and their dogs.

How many times has South Africa won Miss World?

Prior to 1998, South Africa’s representatives at Miss Universe qualified via other national pageants. Three Miss South Africas, namely Rolene Strauss, Anneline Kriel and Penelope Coelen, have won the Miss World titles in 2014, 1974 and 1958 respectively.

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