Is the “Ham” Topping at Domino’s Actually Canadian Bacon?

Order a pizza with “ham” topping from Domino’s, and you’ll get a nice helping of thinly sliced mildly flavored meat. But is it really traditional ham? Or is Domino’s actually using Canadian bacon? This question has sparked plenty of curiosity and debate among pizza aficionados. As a Domino’s regular myself I decided to get to the bottom of this mystery once and for all.

In this article, I’ll share what I learned about whether Domino’s ham is really Canadian bacon after digging into the history and distinctions between these two pork products. I’ll also explain why Domino’s opted to remove true ham from their ingredients lineup. Read on to get the savory scoop!

Canadian Bacon vs. Ham: What’s the Difference?

Before determining what’s on Domino’s pizzas, it helps to understand how Canadian bacon differs from regular ham:

  • Cut of meat – Ham comes from a pig’s hind leg, while Canadian bacon uses the tender loin from the back.

  • Fat content – Canadian bacon is much leaner than ham.

  • Flavor – Ham has a richer, meatier flavor, while Canadian bacon is milder.

  • Preparation – Ham can be sold whole, sliced, or diced. Canadian bacon is exclusively sliced.

  • Nutrition – Canadian bacon is lower in fat and calories but higher in protein.

So while they may appear similar, the two have distinct textures, tastes, and nutritional profiles. Now let’s see how this compares with Domino’s “ham”…

Domino’s Pizza “Ham” Is Actually Canadian Bacon

Despite using the generic name “ham” on their menus and website, the meat topping on Domino’s pizzas is technically Canadian bacon. You can tell by:

  • Uniform Slices – The ham comes neatly sliced, not diced or chopped like traditional ham.

  • Mild Taste – It has the expected milder flavor of Canadian bacon rather than ham’s richer taste.

  • Low Fat – The lean cut and marbling match up with Canadian bacon’s lower fat percentage.

  • Back Meat – The pinkish-red color indicates it’s from the pork loin instead of ham’s darker hind leg meat.

So while the labeling causes confusion, Domino’s ham is actually made from Canadian bacon. But why doesn’t the company just call it what it is?

Why Domino’s Swapped Out True Ham for Canadian Bacon

For many years, Domino’s did offer genuine sliced ham as an option. But a few factors led them to replace it with Canadian bacon:

1. Shortage of ham during COVID-19 – Mass closures of pork processing plants caused a scarcity of deli ham. This forced Domino’s to find an alternative to remain stocked.

2. Leaner nutrition profile – Canadian bacon contains less fat and calories than ham, fitting Domino’s image as a healthier pizza chain.

3. Milder flavor – Canadian bacon may appeal to more customers with its subtle taste compared to ham’s robust flavor.

4. Lower cost – With pork loin prices remaining stable, Canadian bacon was more affordable as ham prices fluctuated.

5. Easier preparation – Pre-sliced Canadian bacon saves kitchen staff time versus hand-slicing deli ham for each pizza.

While some dedicated ham lovers were disappointed, the switch to Canadian bacon made practical and economic sense for Domino’s pizza production.

Customer Reaction to Domino’s Canadian Bacon “Ham”

Devoted Domino’s patrons had mixed reactions when their favorite ham topping suddenly changed:

  • Positive – Some appreciated the healthier nutrition stats and found the milder Canadian bacon appealing.

  • Negative – Others missed the richer ham flavor and felt misled by the misleading “ham” name.

  • Indifferent – Many customers didn’t notice a significant difference in taste or quality.

Domino’s maintains that their Canadian bacon has the same great taste customers expect. And because it’s pre-sliced, kitchen staff can be more consistent in portions compared to variable deli ham slices.

Overall, the Canadian bacon switch hasn’t stopped most people from ordering Domino’s signature ham and pineapple pizza. The topping’s familiar saltiness still perfectly complements sweet pineapple.

Trying Canadian Bacon and Ham Side-By-Side

Curious palates may want to taste-test Canadian bacon against deli ham. I conducted my own side-by-side sampling and discovered:

  • Canadian bacon was noticeably leaner and did have a milder flavor.

  • Ham had more visible marbling and a robust, meaty flavor.

  • Both were tasty in their own right – just different.

  • On pizza, the Canadian bacon’s flavor held up well with other toppings.

While it took a few bites to adjust to the new topping’s subtler taste, Canadian bacon won me over. I could see why it works well as an everyday pizza ingredient.

Is Canadian Bacon Healthier Than Ham?

With its reduced fat and calories, Canadian bacon could be considered a healthier choice than ham. But nutritionists note that both remain high-sodium processed meats that should be consumed in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

Some key nutrition differences between Canadian bacon and ham:

Nutrient 4 slices Canadian bacon 4 slices ham
Calories 60 180
Fat 1.5g 13g
Sodium 360mg 1,500mg
Protein 16g 18g

Canadian bacon fits more easily into a low-fat diet. But ham offers more protein and a bigger flavor punch. It comes down to personal nutritional needs and preferences.

Is Canadian Bacon More Expensive Than Ham?

Since it comes from a leaner and smaller cut of meat, Canadian bacon used to cost more per pound than everyday ham. But thanks to its surge in popularity over the past decade, Canadian bacon prices have fallen more in line with deli ham costs.

When buying for home use, expect to pay:

  • Canadian bacon: $3.50 – $7 per 8oz
  • Ham (deli sliced): $3 – $8 per 8oz

As a ubiquitous pizza chain ingredient, Domino’s likely sources affordable Canadian bacon in large quantities to keep pizza prices down.

Which Has the Better Flavor on Pizza?

Ask a group of pizza lovers this question, and you’ll probably get different answers.

Those who prefer Canadian bacon argue:

  • It has a cleaner, lighter taste that doesn’t compete as much with other toppings.

  • The mild saltiness perfectly accents sweet pineapple or other fruits.

  • It has a more consistent flavor since it’s pre-sliced.

Ham devotees counter:

  • Canadian bacon is bland and lacks the bold ham flavor they crave.

  • The fattier ham has more satisfying richness and texture.

  • Hand-sliced ham has more variable flavor from different parts of the leg.

It’s a matter of personal taste – both have unique flavor qualities. Try each and decide which you prefer on your next pizza night.

Final Verdict on Domino’s Canadian Bacon

While Domino’s insists on calling it “ham,” the pizza chain definitively uses Canadian bacon instead of traditional ham. This leaner, pre-sliced pork provides practical benefits for fast pizza prep. And its mild taste likely suits the preferences of the majority of consumers.

For those who still long for hearty ham, it never hurts to ask your local Domino’s if they have some in stock that they could slice fresh. Or you can always order a premium specialty pizza with ham at an upcharge. But Canadian bacon appears here to stay as the chain’s standard ham replacement.

With its subtly salty flavor and pick-it-up convenience, Domino’s Canadian bacon gets the job done. While ham die-hards may need some convincing, I think most pizza aficionados will be happy with this light and tasty new twist on a classic.

Difference Between Ham and Canadian Bacon


Is ham Canadian bacon at Domino’s?

Domino’s removed a common meat topping from their menu that every other pizza place offers, HAM! How can you remove ham, also known as Canadian bacon from a pizza place meat topping choice?

Is ham the same as Canadian bacon?

Although Canadian bacon and ham are both pork products, they differ in cut, flavor and texture. Cut: Canadian bacon comes from the back of the pig, specifically the loin, whereas ham comes from the hind legs of the pig, specifically the rear and thighs.

Is Hawaiian pizza ham or Canadian bacon?

For the ham, you can use either ham or Canadian bacon. The two are similar in taste and texture, but Canadian bacon is a little leaner. I usually use Canadian bacon. Cooked bacon crumbles are optional, but they add awesome flavor and crunch.

Is Canadian bacon similar to Taylor ham?

For decades there has been an internal conflict about the name of the meat this character represents. For the most part, the southern part of NJ calls it pork roll. Northerners tend to call this taylor ham and many people outside of the state refer to it as Canadian bacon.

What is the difference between Canadian bacon and Ham?

Canadian bacon and ham are similar cuts of meat; however, each comes from a different part of the pig. Thanks for signing up! Enter your email and we’ll send you some samples of our favorite classes. By sharing your email, you agree to our and . See why leading organizations rely on MasterClass for learning & development.

Does Domino’s have Ham?

For a long time, Domino’s added ham as an option for some of their pizzas. Their Honolulu Hawaiian pizza was very popular at one time. Domino’s even had the option of plant-based “ham” which was made from soy protein, pea protein, dried veggies, rice, herbs, and red rice. This was a great option for vegetarians and vegans.

What is Canadian bacon?

In the United States, “Canadian bacon” or “Canadian-style bacon” refers to a type of back bacon that has been cured, smoked, and thoroughly cooked before being trimmed into cylindrical medallions and thickly sliced. When this product was first imported from Toronto to New York City, it was given this name.

What kind of bacon do you use for Ham?

Pineapple chunks can be fresh or tinned. You can use either ham orCanadian bacon for the ham. Taste and texture are comparable, but Canadian bacon is a touch thinner. They also come from various areas of the pig. (Just in case you wanted to learn how to make ham today.) I normally use bacon from Canada.

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