Are Sonic’s Beef Burgers Really Made of 100% Real Beef?

As one of America’s largest fast food chains, Sonic Drive-In has faced scrutiny over the years regarding the quality and ingredients of their food. One common question consumers have is – are Sonic’s burgers actually made with real, 100% beef?

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Sonic’s beef sourcing, food quality standards, and how their new blended mushroom burgers fit into the picture. Read on to get the facts and learn if Sonic’s beef burgers stack up as the real deal.

Sonic’s Commitment to Serving Real Beef

The good news is that Sonic has clearly stated that their hamburgers and other beef menu items are made with 100% pure ground beef. On their website’s Food Quality page, Sonic emphasizes that they use only beef produced and processed in USDA-inspected facilities that meet all USDA requirements for Ground Beef Patties.

This commitment to using real beef aligns with Sonic’s animal welfare policy enacted in 2010. The policy outlines their efforts to source meat and eggs responsibly, including working with pork suppliers that phase out gestation crates and transitioning to cage-free eggs. Sonic takes pride in serving quality ingredients, including always using real beef in their burgers

What Sonic’s New Blended Burgers Mean

Recently, Sonic introduced a new Signature Slinger burger that blends beef with savory mushrooms to create a patty with “all the flavor and none of the guilt.” This led some customers to question whether Sonic’s traditional beef burgers also contained mushrooms or other fillers.

However, Sonic has made it clear that the mushrooms are only added to the Slinger burger patties. Their traditional burger lineup including the Jr. Burger, Sonic Cheeseburger, and others continue to be made from 100% pure beef just like always. The mushroom blend is a new option aimed at providing a lower calorie, more sustainable alternative.

The Benefits of Blended Burgers

Adding mushrooms, which have a much lower environmental impact compared to beef, reduces the overall carbon footprint of the blended burger patties. Sonic touts the Signature Slingers as a way to indulge without the guilt. The blend results in burgers with under 350 calories and reduced fat and sodium compared to their other options.

For customers looking for more plant-based options, the introduction of blended burgers shows Sonic’s willingness to innovate. Sonic has joined a growing list of chains now offering blended patties as a healthier, more sustainable option. Their beef burgers remain 100% beef, but customers can now choose the added benefits of the mushroom-enhanced Signature Slingers.

Sonic’s Beef Supply Chain and Sourcing

Sonic states that all their beef patties are made from 100% pure ground beef, produced and processed exclusively in USDA-inspected facilities that meet the government’s standards. While they do not provide more details on their specific beef suppliers, Sonic’s commitment to responsible sourcing is outlined in their animal welfare policy.

This policy emphasizes seeking out suppliers with higher welfare standards, including pork from suppliers phasing out gestation crates and cage-free eggs. They also encourage suppliers to implement more humane slaughter methods for poultry. While they may not promote specific suppliers, Sonic’s policy focuses on picking partners that share their commitment to quality ingredients and responsible sourcing.

The Verdict on Sonic’s Beef Burgers

Based on Sonic’s public messaging around their ingredients and sourcing, there is every indication that their traditional hamburgers and other beef menu items are truly made from 100% pure beef. The introduction of their blended mushroom Signature Slingers does not appear to have changed this commitment.

Sonic proactively addresses concerns around their beef sourcing and quality. Their continued pledge to use real beef for their core burger lineup provides confidence that customers are getting an authentic, beefy experience when they bite into a Sonic burger. While new blended options create alternatives, Sonic stays consistent in keeping it real when it comes to their classic beef burgers.

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What kind of meat is in a Sonic burger?

Want Exclusive Perks? The Plain SONIC Cheeseburger is a juicy 100% pure beef patty and melty American cheese.

What are Sonic hamburgers made of?

A 100% pure seasoned beef patty layered with melty American cheese, crinkle cut pickles, ketchup, onions, creamy mayo, lettuce, and tomatoes on a golden, toasted bun.

What grade of beef does Sonic use?

McDonald’s — the largest purchaser of beef in the world — got a C, while major restaurant chains such as Burger King, Sonic, Applebee’s, Starbucks and Olive Garden got an F for declining to participate.

Is Wendy’s Hamburgers 100% beef?

Square beef patties make it easy to know you’re enjoying the very best hamburger for your buck: fresh, never frozen and made from 100% real beef. Our signature square hamburger patties have no fillers or additives because we know the beef is what matters when it comes to making the best hamburger in the game.

Does Sonic have a cheeseburger?

In a news release, Sonic says it “revamped the traditional American cheeseburger” to offer “all the flavor with none of the guilt.” The new burger debuted on the menu Monday and starts at under 350 calories. The recipe includes three ingredients, the company says: 100 percent pure beef, mushrooms and seasonings.

What is a burger made of at Sonic?

The burger is made with beef, 25-30% mushrooms, and seasonings, and served on a brioche bun with mayo, onions, lettuce, tomato, pickles. [Photo: courtesy Sonic]

Will Sonic make a beef-Mushroom Burger?

In an earlier study of another blended recipe, consumers preferred a beef-mushroom mix in tacos to 100% beef. After a 60-day trial in some yet-to-be-announced markets, Sonic will decide whether to make the blended burger a permanent offering at its more than 3,500 locations.

What is inside a sonic Mushroom Burger?

The Newest Burger At Sonic Blends The Beef With Mushrooms So You Eat Less Meat Want people to eat a little less meat? Fill the burger with something else (that tastes as good). The burger is made with beef, 25-30% mushrooms, and seasonings, and served on a brioche bun with mayo, onions, lettuce, tomato, pickles.

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