Is Wahlburgers Beef Grass-Fed? An In-Depth Look at Their Beef’s Origins and Quality

Wahlburgers is a popular burger restaurant chain started by brothers Paul, Donnie and Mark Wahlberg. Known for their juicy burgers and addicting tater tots, Wahlburgers has expanded to over 50 locations across North America.

But an important question remains – where does Wahlburgers source their beef from and is it grass-fed? Let’s take a closer look at what types of beef Wahlburgers uses and its implications on nutrition taste and sustainability.

Wahlburgers Beef Is Grain-Fed, Not Grass-Fed

According to their website and employee interviews Wahlburgers usesfresh, never frozen hormone-free ground beef sourced from Creekstone Farms in Kansas.

Creekstone Farms is one of the largest suppliers of premium beef in the United States. They raise Black Angus cattle that are grain-finished, meaning they are fed a grain-based diet in a feedlot for the last 90-120 days before processing.

This confirms that Wahlburgers beef is not 100% grass-fed. Their cattle start on a diet of grass, but are transitioned to grain feedlots to fatten them up before slaughter.

Why Wahlburgers Doesn’t Use Grass-Fed Beef

There are a few reasons why Wahlburgers opts for grain-fed over grass-fed beef:

Taste – Grain feeding results in beef with more marbling and fat content. This produces a richer, beefier flavor that some customers prefer over grass-fed.

Cost – Grass-fed beef is typically more expensive than conventional grain-fed. Wahlburgers wants to keep their burgers affordable for customers.

Consistency – Grain-feeding allows farmers to easily replicate fat marbling and taste. Grass-fed beef can vary more based on the pasture.

Supply – Grass-fed beef production is still quite small compared to conventional beef. Securing enough grass-fed beef for a huge chain like Wahlburgers may be difficult.

Regional Sourcing – Wahlburgers secures their beef from one trusted provider, Creekstone Farms, to ensure consistency across all locations. Creekstone offers grain-fed beef.

How Grass-Fed Differs From Grain-Fed Beef

While Wahlburgers uses grain-fed beef, grass-fed beef offers some distinct differences:

  • Nutrition – Grass-fed beef is higher in antioxidants like vitamin E, beta-carotene and omega-3s. It also has more conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a fatty acid linked to health benefits.

  • Fat Content – Grass-fed beef is lower in total fat and has a healthier fat profile higher in good fats like omega-3s. Grain-feeding boosts saturated fat and bad fats.

  • Taste – Grass-fed beef has a distinct grassy, gamey flavor. The lack of fat marbling can also make it a bit chewier and drier.

  • Animal Welfare – Grass-feeding is thought to be more humane. Cows eat their natural diet and aren’t fattened up quickly in confined feedlots.

  • Sustainability – Pasture-raised cattle helps regenerate grasslands. But it requires more land than feedlots to produce the same amount of beef.

  • Hormones/Antibiotics – Grass-fed programs prohibit hormones and routine antibiotics use. Both are common in conventional grain-finish feedlots.

Overall, grass-fed offers some potential health and sustainability benefits compared to conventional grain-fed beef that Wahlburgers uses. But grain-feeding does result in a richer tasting product.

Wahlburgers vs Other Grass-Fed Burger Chains

While Wahlburgers sticks to grain-fed beef for their restaurants, some competing “better burger” chains actually use grass-fed beef instead:

  • Elevation Burger – 100% grass-fed beef burgers

  • BurgerFi – Burgers are a blend of grain and grass-fed beef

  • Fuddrucker’s – Offers a 100% grass-fed burger option

So if you specifically want a fast food grass-fed burger, these chains offer that as an option. But Wahlburgers has decided to stick with the grain-fed beef that made them famous.

Wahlburgers Store-Bought Burgers Are Grass-Fed!

Here’s an interesting finding – while the restaurants stick to grain-fed beef, Wahlburgers store-bought burger patties sold in grocery stores are actually made from grass-fed beef!

The packaging clearly states “grass-fed” and they are USDA Certified. So if you want to enjoy the Wahlburgers flavor with grass-fed meat, seek out their frozen burger patties at your local market.

The Verdict on Wahlburgers Beef

Wahlburgers prides itself on using fresh, never-frozen Angus ground chuck from a trusted supplier like Creekstone Farms. While this beef is grain-finished for enhanced flavor and marbling, Wahlburgers ensures it is hormone and antibiotic-free with no fillers or additives.

The grain-fed Wahlburgers beef makes for a tender, juicy and indulgent burger eating experience that diners crave. Those specifically seeking a grass-fed option can buy Wahlburgers’ frozen grass-fed burger patties in stores for home cooking instead. Or try one of the emerging grass-fed burger restaurant chains.

But for delicious grain-fed beef with the Wahlberg name behind it, you can feel good eating their signature burgers in moderation. Wahlburgers uses high-quality Angus beef produced in a humane manner without hormones or antibiotics. So enjoy your burger and tater tots next time you stop in!

New Fascinating Research on Grass-Fed Beef

Where can I buy Wahlburgers products?

High quality Wahlburgers products are available at Grocery Stores nationwide! You know us for our Premium burgers, but now you can top them with Chef Paul’s Signature Sauces, Wahlburgers Dill Pickles, Wahlburgers Uncured Bacon and share the grill with Wahlburgers Beef Hot Dogs! Look no further, Wahlburgers has got your family meal covered!

Are Wahlburger Angus beef patties seasoned?

It contains 4 patties that are slightly less than a 1/3 of a pound (cost of 3.33 per burger). This certainly makes them larger than your typical premade hamburger. The patties appear to be a medium grind as a result should provide a more meaty texture. Wahlburger Angus Beef Patties are not seasoned, nothing but meat in this package.

Are Wahlburger Angus burgers good?

The shrink was very noticeable affecting the size a lot more than the thickness. I was pleasantly surprised with the Wahlburger angus ground beef patties. They had a great flavor and enough of a chew to know it was beef you were eating. This is the burger flavor you would expect from a higher end burger joint.

How much does Wahlburg beef cost?

Regular ground beef is currently almost half of that. A blend of chuck and brisket accounts for some of this price difference. The rest is probably the Wahlburg premium. Note: the fat to meat ratio is not listed on the package (leaner meat is more expensive). The package is 1.33 pounds and cost us $13.29.

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