What is Turkey Bacon in Australia? A Healthy Alternative Worth Trying

Bacon is a staple breakfast food for many Australians. The smoky, salty, crispy pork product can be found in most households and restaurants across the country. However, a new type of bacon is emerging as a popular alternative – turkey bacon.

Keep reading to learn all about turkey bacon in Australia – what it is, where to find it, and why you should give this leaner, healthier option a try.

What is Turkey Bacon?

Turkey bacon is made from turkey rather than pork. It is created by curing slices of turkey meat in a brine solution, then smoking it to add flavor

The curing process preserves the meat while the smoking infuses it with a savory, smoky taste. Turkey bacon is not made from the whole turkey breast or thigh. Instead, it consists of cuts of turkey meat sliced to resemble traditional pork bacon strips.

Compared to pork bacon, turkey bacon is significantly leaner. A 3oz serving contains around 4g of fat vs 9g in pork bacon. It is also lower in sodium and calories while still providing protein.

Some key features that distinguish turkey bacon

  • Made from cured and smoked turkey meat, not pork
  • Lower in fat, sodium, and calories than pork bacon
  • Still contains protein, around 5g per serving
  • Resembles slices of traditional bacon but the meat is darker
  • Has a slightly less crisp texture when cooked
  • Leaner and “meatier” flavor compared to pork

Where to Buy Turkey Bacon in Australia

Turkey bacon is still a relatively new concept in Australia, so it can be tricky to find. Here are some of the best places to buy turkey bacon down under:

  • Specialty food stores – Check health food stores, organic grocers, and gourmet food shops. These specialty retailers often stock alternative products like turkey bacon from small suppliers.

  • Online specialty retailers – Several online companies focus specifically on alternative and organic meat products. Gamze Smokehouse offers ethically raised turkey bacon online.

  • Mainstream supermarkets – As turkey bacon gains popularity, some major Aussie supermarket chains have started stocking it. Keep an eye out in the bacon section.

  • Butcher shops – Ask your local butcher if they can source turkey bacon through their specialty food distributors. Many are happy to special order products.

  • Amazon/online marketplaces – Not ideal for perishables, but turkey bacon can sometimes be found via third party sellers on Amazon or eBay.

Check the ingredients list when buying turkey bacon. Look for products without added nitrates/nitrites, sugars, and artificial ingredients.

Why Choose Turkey Bacon in Australia?

More Aussies are trying turkey bacon as a leaner alternative to pork bacon. Here are some of the main benefits of choosing turkey bacon:

  • Lower in fat and sodium – Turkey bacon contains around half the fat and slightly less sodium than pork. This makes it better for heart health.

  • Fewer calories – With almost 100 fewer calories per serving, turkey is the lighter option.

  • Still offers protein – Turkey packs about the same amount of protein ounce for ounce. So you still get those essential amino acids.

  • Perceived as healthier – Whether true or not, turkey has a “health halo”. Many feel better eating a turkey product than traditional pork.

  • Provides variety – Turkey gives new flavor and texture options compared to regular bacon.

  • More ethically raised – Most turkey bacon comes from free-range, antibiotic-free turkeys.

  • Easier to prepare – Turkey bacon is less prone to shrinking and splattering when cooking.

While the actual health impacts require more research, turkey bacon provides an easy way to cut calories, fat, and sodium intake compared to regular pork bacon.

How Gamze Smokehouse Makes Quality Turkey Bacon

Gamze Smokehouse is a specialty meat producer known for their smoked turkey, ham, and bacon made from free-range turkeys and pigs.

Their turkey bacon is among the few made locally in Australia. Here is how they carefully craft each package:

  • Ethically Raised Birds – Gamze uses free-range turkeys from South Australia that are raised cage-free without antibiotics or hormones.

  • Traditional Preparation – Turkey thigh meat is cured in a brine of water, sea salt, and honey without artificial ingredients.

  • Natural Smoking – After curing, the turkey is slowly smoked over Australian hardwood to naturally enhance flavor.

  • Artisanal Approach – Each step from curing to slicing is done by hand in true artisanal fashion. No mass production.

  • Minimal Ingredients – The only ingredients are turkey, water, sea salt, honey, and natural wood smoke.

The result is high-quality turkey bacon with authentic flavor made through traditional techniques.

How to Cook Turkey Bacon Perfectly

Cooking turkey bacon requires slightly different techniques than pork bacon. Here are some tips for getting perfect results every time:

  • Use a skillet not microwave – Pan-frying allows you to monitor doneness better. Microwaves tend to overcook turkey bacon.

  • Start with a cold pan – Adding turkey bacon to a cold skillet prevents initial sticking.

  • Cook over medium-low heat – Avoid high heat, as turkey bacon scorches more easily.

  • Flip frequently – Turn the slices every minute or so for even browning.

  • Stop before fully crisp – Turkey bacon continues crisping once removed from the pan.

  • Blot grease – Drain turkey bacon after cooking since it releases more fat than pork.

  • Add spices/sauces – Brush or sprinkle smoked paprika, bbq sauce, teriyaki or other flavors after cooking.

Properly cooked turkey bacon should be browned on both sides with a slight chewiness. It will continue crisping as it cools.

Delicious Ways to Enjoy Turkey Bacon

From breakfast staples to gourmet dishes, here are creative ways to enjoy turkey bacon’s smoky flavor:

  • Breakfast sandwiches – The classic BLT gets a twist with turkey bacon strips.

  • Wraps and subs – Add crunch to turkey, chicken or veggie wraps with some crumbled turkey bacon.

  • Salads – Toss crispy cooked turkey bacon into any salad for a satisfying crunch.

  • Soups and chilis – Use turkey bacon bits

Is turkey bacon healthier than the regular stuff?


Do they sell turkey bacon in Australia?

Our Turkey Bacon is made from the thigh of free-range, rear breed turkeys from Freshwater Turkey Farm in South Australia. It is very important to us that the birds are farmed ethically and sustainably, and Freshwater Turkeys are very good at what they do.

What is another name for turkey bacon?

Alternative to pork bacon It is also known as “facon” , which is a portmanteau of the words “fake” and “bacon”. As a lower fat alternative, it became popular in America in the early 90s.

What is turkey bacon made out of?

It’s made by chopping or grinding turkey meat, adding seasonings and preservatives and then pressing the mix into bacon-like strips (1). Some manufacturers even use stripes of light and dark meat to mimic the look of traditional bacon pieces.

What is turkey bacon UK?

Product Description. Made the same way we produce our premium dry cured bacon, but using nothing but 100% turkey breast instead of pork loin. Super lean and low in fat this is great for those who love the taste of bacon but are looking to avoid excess red meat, or pork altogether.

Where to find turkey bacon in Australia?

If you’re interested in trying turkey bacon, you may be wondering where to find it in Australia. Luckily, there are a few options available. One option is Gamze Smokehouse, which offers a range of nitrate-free and sugar-free turkey bacon products.

What is turkey bacon?

Turkey bacon is a type of bacon made from turkey meat instead of pork. It is a popular alternative for those who want to enjoy the taste of bacon without the high levels of saturated fat and calories that come with traditional pork bacon. Unlike pork bacon, which is made from the belly of the pig, turkey bacon is made from the thigh fillet.

Is turkey bacon healthy?

It has a small layer of fat for flavour but otherwise is a very lean product with very low levels of saturated fat and calories. Turkey Bacon is a relatively new product for us at Gamze Smokehouse and also one that is new to most people in Australia.

Can you eat turkey bacon Australia?

Turkey bacon Australia is still somewhat of a secret: Yes, you can be fit and active and even lose weight and eat Bacon, despite some recent fear-mongering. Even though the World Health Organisation just proclaimed Bacon to be carcinogenic, it’s still acceptable to consume in proportion.

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