What Kind of Beef Does Five Guys Use for Their Epic Burgers?

As a burger lover and frequent Five Guys customer, I’ve always wondered what makes their burgers so mouthwateringly delicious. After some digging, I discovered the key is the high-quality fresh beef they use to make their iconic patties.

From the type of cuts to the sourcing and preparation, Five Guys has perfected the formula for burger greatness through their beef. Let’s take a closer look at what kind of beef Five Guys uses and why it makes such epic burgers.

Five Guys Uses 80/20 Ground Chuck

The beef patties at Five Guys are made from a premium 80/20 ground chuck. This means the blend contains 80% lean beef and 20% fat. The higher fat ratio results in juicy, flavorful burgers that are hard to resist.

Specifically, Five Guys uses a combination of chuck steak and sirloin in their beef blend. Ground chuck comes from the shoulder area of the cow. It has great beefy flavor and enough fat marbling to keep burgers moist. Ground sirloin comes from the rear back. It’s leaner than chuck but still retains moisture and flavor.

According to Chef Alton Brown, a 50/50 blend of ground chuck and sirloin makes the perfect burger beef. Five Guys has clearly discovered the right formula.

Why Five Guys Beef is the Gold Standard

So what makes the ground chuck blend used by Five Guys so special? Here are a few reasons it’s considered the gold standard:

  • No filler or additives: Just pure, fresh beef – no fillers, extenders or chemicals.

  • No cow or bull meat Only steer and heifer meat is used for optimal quality.

  • No ammonia processing: No “pink slime.” Beef is not ammonia processed.

  • Twice ground Beef is ground at both the supplier and in-store for freshness

  • Hand-formed daily: Patties are hand-made and cooked fresh, not pre-formed.

  • Never frozen: Beef is stored only in coolers, never freezers for maximum flavor.

Sourced from Top-Rated Suppliers

Five Guys sources their beef from reputable major suppliers like Schweid and Sons. This company works closely with family farms in the Midwest to obtain high-quality cattle.

The cattle are grain-finished for tenderness and marbling. Scotland Farms is one of the top providers of grain-fed Angus beef for Five Guys. This ensures their beef meets the highest standards.

Customized Burgers Cooked to Order

Part of what makes Five Guys burgers so tasty is that they are cooked completely to order. There are no pre-made patties sitting under warming lamps.

The burgers are hand-formed and smashed onto the grill from fresh beef every time. Then they are seasoned simply with just salt and pepper to accent the flavorful beef.

The patties are cooked on a flat-top grill, getting that nice sear and crunch. You can customize your toppings to create the ultimate burger.

Why Sourcing and Preparation Matters

By being selective about beef sourcing and meticulous about preparation, Five Guys delivers an exceptional burger experience.

Through their supply chain relationships and in-store practices, they can guarantee:

  • Beef is 100% fresh, no frozen product
  • No fillers, chemicals or additives
  • Highest quality cuts are used
  • Beef is ground and cooked daily
  • Every patty is made to order

This commitment to quality allows you to taste the difference in every juicy Five Guys burger.

Five Guys Leads in Beef Sustainability

In addition to premium flavor, Five Guys takes steps to promote beef sustainability:

  • Work with suppliers using ethical, eco-friendly practices

  • Source from farms reducing water and energy usage

  • Prioritize cattle wellbeing and humane treatment

  • Use every part of the animal possible, reducing waste

  • Recycle used oil for biofuel to lower carbon footprint

Why We Should Appreciate the Beef

Next time you sink your teeth into a Five Guys burger, appreciate the care that went into that tasty beef patty. From farm to table, Five Guys made the right choices so you can simply enjoy the exceptional flavor.

The deliciousness starts with the ideal lean-to-fat ratio, using only the highest quality chuck and sirloin. No shortcuts are taken, with beef ground and grilled fresh every day. That’s why we bite into a Five Guys burger with confidence, excitement, and gratitude.

Frequently Asked Questions About Five Guys Beef

What exact cuts of beef does Five Guys use?

Five Guys uses a blend of 80% ground chuck steak and 20% ground sirloin. This creates the ideal balance for juicy, beefy flavor.

Is the beef at Five Guys organic or grass-fed?

Five Guys does not claim their beef is organic or grass-fed. However, it is sourced from reputable American farms.

Does Five Guys use fresh or frozen beef?

All Five Guys beef arrives fresh and is never frozen. It is stored only in coolers and ground and cooked daily.

What is special about the way Five Guys cooks their burgers?

Burgers are always hand-formed and cooked to order on a flat-top grill. There are no pre-made patties sitting under heat lamps.

Does Five Guys season their beef patties?

No, Five Guys only seasons their patties with salt and pepper. This allows the flavor of the fresh beef to shine.

Let’s Get Some Five Guys Burgers!

Now that you know the backstory on the incredible beef that makes Five Guys so special, you’re probably craving one of their mouthwatering burgers. Made with care and quality in every step, Five Guys burgers truly stand out from the crowd. The next time a burger fix hits, you know where to go!

How It’s Made: Five Guys Burgers

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