The Controversial Fate of David and Susan Bacon: Where are the Infamous Parents of the Bacon Brothers Gang Now?

The Bacon brothers – Jonathan, Jarrod and Jamie – were notorious gangsters who wreaked havoc in the Vancouver area in the late 2000s. While the brothers gained infamy for their brazen crimes, their parents David and Susan Bacon, also faced intense public scrutiny. The couple’s controversial involvement in their sons’ criminal activities left many questioning – where are the Bacon parents now?

In this article, we’ll examine David and Susan Bacon’s tumultuous journey alongside their gangster sons. From allegations of profiting off the boys’ drug deals to fleeing the country, the Bacon parents’ story took some dramatic turns. Their current whereabouts remain somewhat of a mystery.

The Bacon Family Background

The Bacon family originated from middle-class roots in Abbotsford, British Columbia. David Bacon worked as a special education teacher while Susan was a property manager On the surface, they appeared to be upstanding citizens raising three athletic, popular sons – Jonathan, Jarrod, and Jamie

However, during the late 1990s, disturbing rumors started swirling about the boys’ ties to drugs and crime. The parents’ luxurious $600,000 home also raised eyebrows, given David and Susan’s modest salaries.

By the mid-2000s, as the Bacon brothers gained notoriety in the criminal underworld, suspicion mounted over the parents’ possible involvement in their illicit activities.

Allegations of Criminal Conduct

In 2009, shocking evidence from police wiretaps suggested David and Susan Bacon were complicit in their sons’ drug deals.

Recordings captured Susan, David, Jarrod, and an associate named Wayne Scott meeting at the Bacon home to discuss details of a cocaine transaction. Scott claimed the parents were present at the table as trafficking plans were outlined on a blackboard.

He also asserted the parents directly profited from the Bacon brothers’ crimes, stating:

“Who do you think owns the f****ing houses buddy? Who do you think bought all that like . . . you think bought all that? I’m serious. I’m god awful serious.”

These damaging allegations indicated David and Susan Bacon were potentially key players in their sons’ criminal network, not just unwitting bystanders.

The Parents flee Canada

In the months following the wiretap leaks, the Bacon parents abruptly left the country. On August 27, 2009, the same day the recordings were captured, Scott referenced their imminent Italian vacation.

Whether the trip was a convenient escape or just coincidence, David and Susan Bacon did not return to Canada afterwards. Jarrod Bacon told the court his parents were “shocked and in tears” over the arrest of his brother Jamie and had no criminal connections.

Nonetheless, the couple sold their Abbotsford home in December 2010 and seemed to disappear. Their current location remains unknown to the public.

Some speculate they fled to the Caribbean, Asia, or somewhere tropical. Wherever the Bacons ended up, they clearly wanted to disappear entirely from their controversial public profile in Canada.

Ongoing Questions and Speculation

In the aftermath of the wiretap leaks, many questions linger about David and Susan Bacon’s true role. How complicit were they in their sons’ criminal empire? Were they active conspirators or just turned a blind eye?

Without facing criminal charges themselves, the full truth remains elusive. The couple maintains their innocence, claiming ignorance of the extent of their sons’ misdeeds.

However, critics argue they must have noticed the extravagant homes, cars, clothes and vacations funded by the Bacon brothers’ inexplicable wealth. The allegations at minimum cast the parents in an unfavorable light as enablers, if not outright co-conspirators.

David and Susan Bacon remain shrouded in mystery, avoiding the limelight since their hasty exit. Their disappearance left a pile of unresolved questions in their wake.

Where exactly are they now? What is their lifestyle like out of the public eye? Do they secretly communicate with their surviving sons, Jarrod and Jamie?

The public may never know the extent of the parents’ culpability or their version of events. Their self-imposed exile prevents any clarity or accountability on lingering suspicions.

For now, the controversial Bacon parents will be remembered for their sons’ misdeeds, whether justified or not. Their names will forever be tied to one of the darkest organized crime sagas in Vancouver history.

The Downfall of the Bacon Brothers’ Criminal Empire

While David and Susan Bacon’s fate remains uncertain, their gangster sons definitively met their downfall. The violent turf war between the Bacon’s Red Scorpions and rival gangs ultimately led to prison or death for the brothers.

Jonathan Bacon was murdered in a 2011 targeted shooting. The following year, Jamie Bacon was convicted on weapons charges and Jarrod on drug trafficking. In 2017, Jamie was charged with murder for the infamous 2007 Surrey Six killings.

After years of evading consequences, Jamie Bacon finally pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder in 2020. He is currently serving an 18-year sentence.

Older brother Jarrod Bacon initially reoffended after parole but managed to stay out of prison after his sentence expired in 2020. He continues to maintain a low profile.

With Jonathan dead, Jamie in prison long-term, and Jarrod laying low, the Bacon brothers’ crime reign has ended. But for many, questions linger about the parents who raised these infamous gangsters and potentially enabled their crimes. Until David and Susan Bacon resurface, mystery surrounds their role in one of Vancouver’s darkest chapters.

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Who are the parents of the Bacon Brothers BC?

The Bacon family originated from Edmonton. David Bacon was a special needs teacher who moved to Abbotsford after being hired by the Abbotsford School District while his wife Susan worked as a property manager for the Prospera Credit Union. The Bacon family was comfortably middle-class.

Where are the Bacon Brothers today?

The Bacon Brothers Jarrod Bacon was released from prison in early 2021 after being sentenced in May 2012 to 14 years in prison for conspiracy to traffic cocaine when living in Abbotsford. James Bacon was sentenced in 2020 to 18 years in prison for his conspiracy role in the so-called Surrey Six killings in 2007.

What nationality are the Bacon Brothers?

The Bacon Brothers is an American music duo consisting of brothers Michael Bacon and Kevin Bacon.

Who is Kevin Bacon’s brother?

Michael Bacon
Michael Bacon (born December 22, 1949) is an American singer-songwriter, musician and film score composer. He is the older brother of actor Kevin Bacon.

Who are the Bacon Brothers?

The Bacon Brothers, Jonathan, Jarrod, and Jamie, are a trio of gangsters from Abbotsford, British Columbia who are suspected of multiple firearms and drug trafficking charges and implicated in a rash of homicides that took place in the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver area.

Are the Bacon Brothers still together?

Although they have played music together since they were boys, the brothers have only been a working band since 1994. Having heard the brothers’ music, a childhood friend approached them about doing a one night only gig in their hometown of Philadelphia at the Theatre of Living Arts under the moniker The Bacon Brothers.

Who is Kevin Bacon brother Michael Bacon?

Kevin Bacon and his brother Michael are in a band together called The Bacon Brothers Kevin Bacon and his brother Michael Bacon in 2018. Photo: The bond between brothers can often be quite special, as is the case for Kevin Bacon and his older brother Michael. The two are the only boys out of six kids born to Ruth and Edmon Bacon in Philadelphia.

Why do the Bacon Brothers live on this street?

Because this is the street that the “notorious Bacon Brothers” live on with their family. Every time there is an incident involving these criminals (and as of late, that has been a lot) our street in inundated with people who drive up and down it, trying to get a look at their house. Get a life.

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