Where to Find Beef Consommé in the Grocery Store

Beef consommé is a flavored broth that can be used as a base for soups, stews, gravies, and other dishes. With its rich, meaty taste, this versatile pantry staple is a great ingredient to have on hand. But where exactly can you find beef consommé at the grocery store?

In this guide we’ll cover

  • What is Beef Consommé?
  • Beef Consommé vs. Beef Broth
  • Where to Find Beef Consommé at the Grocery Store
    • Canned Soup Aisle
    • Broth and Stock Aisle
    • International Foods Section
  • Tips for Selecting the Best Beef Consommé
  • How to Make Your Own at Home

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What is Beef Consommé?

Beef consommé is a type of concentrated flavored beef broth. It is made by simmering beef (or just bones) in water for a long time to extract the rich, meaty flavor then clarifying the broth. Clarifying removes sediment and impurities leaving a crystal clear liquid.

The result is an intensely beefy broth that can enhance the flavor of many dishes, from French onion soup to beef stew. It has more body and concentrated flavor compared to regular beef broth or stock.

Beef Consommé vs. Beef Broth

While beef consommé and beef broth can be used interchangeably in some recipes, there are some key differences:

  • Flavor – Consommé has a deeper, richer beef flavor since it’s cooked longer and clarified. Broth has a lighter, simpler taste.

  • Clarity – Consommé is crystal clear while broth is often cloudy with sediment. Consommé has been strained and clarified.

  • Use – Consommé enhances flavor in small amounts. Broth is more of a base ingredient for braises, stew, etc.

  • Price – Consommé is more expensive to produce and usually costs more than broth.

Where to Find Beef Consommé at the Grocery Store

Ready to stock up on beef consommé for your cooking needs? Here are the top places to find it at your grocery store:

Canned Soup Aisle

One of the most common ways to buy beef consommé is in canned form, often sold as “condensed” consommé soup. Popular brands like Campbell’s sell it along with their regular line of canned soups.

A 10.5 oz can is the typical size. Look for it shelved with other canned broths and stocks. The main downside is that canned consommé contains added salt and preservatives.

Broth and Stock Aisle

Many stores now dedicate an entire aisle to packaged broths, stocks, and bases. Along with chicken and vegetable broth, you can often find beef consommé sold in aseptic cartons or Tetra Pak boxes.

The Pacific Foods, Kitchen Basics, and Imagine brands all sell shelf-stable liquid beef consommé in 32 oz cartons. This consommé contains no preservatives, just beef and spices.

International Foods Section

For an authentic imported French-style consommé, check your store’s international foods aisle. European brands like Knorr and Oxo sell concentrated beef consommé in jars or Tetra Pak cartons.

Some ethnic markets and specialty stores may even carry canned or fresh pre-made beef consommé. This section is worth browsing for unique finds.

Tips for Selecting the Best Beef Consommé

When choosing beef consommé, keep these tips in mind:

  • Check the ingredients list. look for beef consommé made only with beef and spices, not tons of additives.

  • Choose low-sodium options if watching your salt intake. Canned tends to be higher in sodium.

  • Consider shelf-stable Tetra Pak consommé for convenience without preservatives.

  • Look for consommé made with bone-in beef for deeper flavor.

  • Inspect color and clarity. It should be pale brown and crystal clear.

  • Sniff test – the aroma should smell distinctly beefy and savory.

Getting a high-quality consommé with minimal processing and additives ensures the best flavor.

How to Make Your Own Beef Consommé at Home

For the freshest taste, you can also make your own homemade beef consommé. It just takes time, patience, and a few simple steps:

1. Simmer beef bones/brisket – Long cook beef bones or brisket in water for 6-12 hours until extremely flavorful.

2. Strain and defat – Pour through a fine mesh strainer and skim off excess fat.

3. Clarify the broth – Add egg whites/shells and whisk. Boil then strain through cheesecloth to clarify.

4. Adjust seasonings – Season with salt, pepper, herbs if desired.

5. Use immediately or cool and store – Make sure to refrigerate within 2 hours.

With the satisfaction of homemade and control over the ingredients, preparing your own consommé can be rewarding!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does beef consommé taste like?

Beef consommé has an intensely beefy, savory, and slightly salty taste. It is much more concentrated and beef forward than regular broth. The long simmering results in a very deep, layered, almost meaty flavor.

Is beef consommé just bouillon?

No, beef consommé and bouillon are different. Bouillon is made from beef extract and often contains MSG. Consommé is made by simmering real beef in liquid to extract flavor, then clarifying the broth for purity.

Can you substitute broth for consommé?

In a pinch, beef broth can be substituted for beef consommé in recipes. The flavor will be lighter and less refined. For the best results, use double the amount of regular broth to compensate for consommé’s concentrated richness.

How long does beef consommé last in the fridge?

An opened carton or can of beef consommé will last 4-5 days refrigerated. Homemade consommé lasts just 2-3 days. For longer storage, freeze consommé for 4-6 months.

What’s the difference between broth, stock, and consommé?

Broth is made from meat, bones, and vegetables simmered in water. Stock uses just bones. Consommé is a clarified, concentrated broth with intense flavor. All are useful, but consommé has the deepest flavor.

Is beef consommé healthy?

Beef consommé is relatively healthy, with some protein and minerals like selenium. Watch sodium levels in canned versions or consommé made from bouillon. Overall, it can be part of a balanced diet when enjoyed in moderation.

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