Finding Canadian Bacon in Grocery Stores: A Guide

Canadian bacon sometimes called back bacon or peameal bacon is a popular breakfast meat that can be tricky to locate in grocery stores. Unlike regular bacon, which is found in the refrigerated meat section, Canadian bacon may be stocked in a few different areas of the store. Knowing where to look will save you time on your next grocery run.

What is Canadian Bacon?

Before diving into where Canadian bacon is located in stores, let’s briefly go over what makes it different from regular smoked bacon.

Canadian bacon comes from the lean eye of the pork loin. It is cut into round slices, cured, smoked, and sliced This results in lean, tender cuts of meat with a distinctive smoked ham flavor.

Regular bacon contains streaks of fat and is made from pork belly It has a crisper texture and stronger smoked pork taste

So while both types of bacon are smoked and cured, Canadian bacon is leaner and inherits more of a ham-like flavor because it comes from the pork loin.

Checking the Refrigerated Meat Section

The first place to check when hunting down Canadian bacon is the refrigerated fresh meat section. Here you may find packages from major bacon brands like:

  • Oscar Mayer
  • Hormel
  • Smithfield
  • Wright
  • Jones Dairy Farm
  • Farmland
  • Kretschmar

Look for round slices sealed in plastic packaging labeled as “Canadian style bacon”, “Canadian bacon”, “back bacon”, or “peameal bacon.” Popular brands like Oscar Mayer and Hormel often stock their Canadian bacon selections alongside the regular bacon.

Perusing the Deli Counter

Another spot to find Canadian bacon is behind the deli counter. Many grocery stores will slice and package Canadian bacon freshly in-house. These deli-prepared packages tend to be thicker slices with more irregular shapes.

Ask the staff behind the counter if they offer Canadian bacon or back bacon. You may need to have them slice some for you specially. The deli counter is a good spot to check if you can’t locate packaged Canadian bacon in the main refrigerated section.

Exploring the Frozen Food Aisles

Canadian bacon can often be found in the frozen food aisles as well. Check freezer cases containing frozen breakfast foods and meats. Look for well-known breakfast brands like Jimmy Dean, Ore Ida, and Pillsbury. You may find Canadian bacon options such as:

  • Individually frozen Canadian bacon slices
  • Frozen breakfast sandwiches with Canadian bacon
  • Frozen potato and bacon medley packages

Freezer aisles are worth scanning if the fresh meat counter and deli section don’t yield any Canadian bacon finds.

Seeking Out Pre-Cooked Varieties

Grocery stores may also stock pre-cooked Canadian bacon near the pre-packaged ham and lunch meats. These options are fully cooked and just need a quick reheat before eating.

Pre-cooked Canadian bacon can be found in the following forms:

  • Vacuum sealed packages
  • Canned and shelf-stable pouches
  • Lunch meat-style chilled packages

Popular brands to look for include Hormel, Maple Leaf, and Swift Premium. Checking near the packaged ham, turkey, roast beef and other ready-to-eat meats may reveal some pre-cooked Canadian bacon choices.

Checking Smaller Specialty Shops

If the big chain grocery stores in your area don’t stock Canadian bacon regularly, try checking with local specialty food shops. Independent butcher shops and delis are worth a visit. Farmers markets sometimes have meat vendors that prepare Canadian bacon as well.

These smaller scale operations are more likely to carry niche offerings like peameal bacon. Quite often they can provide custom slicing and packaging if they don’t already stock Canadian bacon regularly.

The bonus is the Canadian bacon from local providers is oftensourced from regional farms. You get the satisfaction of supporting local business while enjoying tasty back bacon.

Ordering Online

When all else fails, look online! Many grocery chains give you the ability to shop online and pick up in store. Search their selection for Canadian bacon and you can reserve a package for pickup.

Online ordering is also handy for stocking up and buying in bulk. Check online warehouse outlets like Sam’s Club, Costco and which carry large packs of Canadian bacon at discount prices.

Of course, you can order directly from online specialty meat purveyors as well. This route offers the biggest selection of high-quality Canadian bacon shipped right to your door.

Top Tips for Finding Canadian Bacon

  • Check refrigerated meat cases near the regular bacon
  • Scan the area around packaged ham and luncheon meats for pre-cooked Canadian bacon
  • Ask the deli counter staff if they stock or can slice Canadian bacon
  • Search frozen breakfast food aisles for individually frozen slices or breakfast sandwiches
  • Try butcher shops, specialty delis and farmers markets for artisanal varieties
  • Use grocery store online ordering for reserving hard-to-find packages
  • Buy in bulk from warehouse stores’ websites to stock up

Knowing all the potential spots to find Canadian bacon in grocery stores gives you an edge. Follow this guide on your next shopping trip and you’re sure locate some tasty Canadian bacon for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between.

Canadian Bacon


Where is Canadian bacon located?

Canadian bacon comes from the back of the pig, the loin, which is very tender and lean. Ham comes from leg of the pig, which is less lean than the loin. Canadian bacon is often used for breakfasts, brunch, and lunch while ham is typically use for dinner meals.

What is another name for Canadian bacon?

Canadian bacon (also known as back bacon, Irish bacon, English bacon, or rashers), looks suspiciously like ham—but not that much like American bacon (also called streaky bacon).

What do Americans call Canadian bacon?

In the United States, “Canadian” bacon is plain lean “back bacon” made from the loin, and it is trichina treated but must be cooked before using.

Where is Canadian bacon cut from?

Canadian bacon comes from boneless pork loin and is typically cured, smoked and sliced into rounds. Canadian bacon is so named because it originated in Canada, but it is also known as back bacon or rashers. It’s often served in classic eggs benedict and used to top Hawaiian-style pizza.

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