Where to Buy Bacon in Tel Aviv – A Meat Lover’s Guide

Tel Aviv is known for its vibrant food scene, but finding bacon in this largely Jewish city can be a challenge due to kosher dietary restrictions. If you’re visiting Tel Aviv and craving some tasty bacon, here are the insider tips on where to get your pork fix.

Understanding Bacon’s Status in Israel

First, some background on why bacon is hard to come by in Israel:

  • Jewish and Islamic dietary laws prohibit pork consumption, so it is not common.

  • Importing pork is illegal under Israel’s Meat Law since it lacks kosher certification.

  • Most grocery stores and restaurants do not sell pork to accommodate kosher and halal diners

  • Secular and Christian areas have more access to pork than religious neighborhoods.

So buying bacon requires a bit more effort, but several shops in Tel Aviv do specialize in high-quality pork products.

Where to Buy Bacon in Tel Aviv

Here are the top spots to buy delicious bacon in Tel Aviv:

1. Shuk HaCarmel

This bustling marketplace features stalls from over a dozen pork butchers interspersed around the main building. Shop around for deals on artisanal bacon, pork belly, sausages, and more. The shuk offers an authentic local shopping experience.

2. Marinado

With locations in Sarona Market and Kikar HaMedina, this boutique butcher shop sources fine pork specialties like bacon from the Golan Heights. The knowledgeable staff provides great service.

3. B’Shara

Operating since the early 1900s, this family chain has perfected the art of pork butchery. The Jaffa location features excellent bacon varieties.

4. Abu Hilweh

This Jaffa shop churns out mouthwatering bacon and pastrami alongside kebabs and other specialties. It’s small but has great quality meats.

5. Le Boucher

At Sarona Market, this kosher butcher also has a hidden pork section. Peruse the freezers for pre-packaged bacon options from Israel and abroad.

6. Mercato

Get imported bacon from Italy and Spain alongside artisanal sausage and cheese in this pork-lover’s paradise shop at Basel Square.

7. La Boucherie Francaise

With a focus on fine French meats, this butcher in central Tel Aviv produces delicious dry-cured and smoked bacon in-house.

8. Wine & More

Browse the fridges at this wine shop on Carlebach St for vacuum-sealed pork belly, bacon, and other gourmet finds.

Tips for Buying Bacon in Israel

When purchasing bacon in Israel, keep these tips in mind:

  • Inspect packaging carefully for mentions of pork ingredients or images of pigs.

  • For less language barrier, look for vacuum-sealed packages with clear labeling.

  • Seek out pre-sliced bacon to avoid cross-contamination at deli counters.

  • Pick bacon cured or smoked with basic flavors – avoid malt, beer, or certain spices.

  • Ask vendors to translate ingredients and preparation methods if unsure.

  • Cook bacon thoroughly if concerned about surface contamination risks.

Local Alternatives to Bacon

If you can’t get pork bacon in Tel Aviv, try these local “beef” bacons made from cows:

  • Parveh bacon – Mimics bacon in flavor and crunch using textured vegetable protein.

  • Beef salami – Salty cured beef salami provides a similar savory, fatty taste.

  • Grilled turkey – Get smoky flavor by grilling turkey breast rubbed with spices.

  • Chicken bacon – Brands like Godshall’s make turkey and chicken versions of bacon.

Enjoy a Bit of Bacon in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv may not be a pork hot spot, but with insider knowledge of the specialty shops available, you can enjoy delicious high-quality bacon during your visit. Seek out professional butchers passionate about their pork products for the best experience. While you may pay a bit of a premium, it’s worth it to occasionally indulge in prime Israeli bacon.

Tel Aviv’s New Kosher Bacon Cheeseburger


Can you eat bacon in Israel?

Pork, and the refusal to eat it, possesses powerful cultural baggage for Jews. Israel has legislated two related laws: the Pork Law in 1962, that bans the rearing and slaughter of pigs across the country, and the Meat Law of 1994, prohibiting all imports of nonkosher meats into Israel.

Can you buy pork in Israel?

In fact, due to a law that bans the import of non-kosher meat, all of the pork sold in Israel is raised and processed in the Holy Land.

What food can you bring to Israel?

In a personal import, you can import up to 15 kilograms of food products in a shipment, but no more than 5 kilograms of a specific product. Exceptions: Spices: you can import up to 5 kilograms per shipment, but no more than 500 grams of one type of spice. Furthermore, saffron is limited to 20 grams only.

Where can I find a kosher butcher in Tel Aviv?

Super Bareket – Several branches across Tel Aviv with clean butchers. Mega – Some of the branches have butchers with kosher meat, for example the Dizengoff Centre. Shufresol – Most of the Shufresol Sheli branches have kosher butchers. Tiv Tam – Most Tiv Tams have a butcher. Super Baba/ Super Yuda – Some have butchers, for example Ibn Gvirol.

What are the best butchers in Tel Aviv?

French Butcher with a great assortment of meats in Central Tel Aviv. HaTikva Market – Like the Shuk HaCarmel, there are loads of butchers in HaTikva market. They have mixed reviews. Super Bareket – Several branches across Tel Aviv with clean butchers. Mega – Some of the branches have butchers with kosher meat, for example the Dizengoff Centre.

What to eat in Tel Aviv?

While a popular destination for historical and cultural reasons, Tel Aviv also offers a booming dining scene. Seen above is a plate of Jerusalem artichoke, poached egg and pistachios at The Restaurant at Hotel Montefiore. This article was produced by National Geographic Traveller (UK).

Does Kibbutz Lahav contribute to Israel’s pork industry?

Kibbutz Lahav in southern Israel, which, like many kibbutzim, started as a radically secular project, is the only one of its kind to contribute to Israel’s pork industry, albeit as a byproduct of a program to breed lab animals.

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