Finding the Best Bacon Deals Near You

Bacon is one of the most popular and beloved breakfast foods. The savory, salty, smoky flavor of crispy bacon is hard to resist! But bacon can also be expensive, especially if you eat it regularly or cook for a large family. That’s why it pays to look for bacon on sale when you shop. Getting a good deal on bacon allows you to enjoy this tasty treat more often without breaking the bank. But with so many stores selling bacon, how do you track down the best bacon bargains in your area? This guide will walk you through strategies for finding bacon on sale near you.

Check Weekly Store Ads

The first place to look for bacon savings is in weekly store ads and circulars. Major grocery store chains like Albertsons, Kroger, Safeway, and Publix regularly feature bacon in their weekly ads and mark down certain bacon products. Browse the store ads online or in your local paper to see which stores have bacon deals that week. For example, Albertsons often highlights their store brand Wright or Applewood smoked bacon in weekly ads for $2.99-3.99 per pound, a nice discount off regular prices. Watch for stores advertising lower prices on certain days like 10 for $10 bacon on Fridays. Checking ads allows you to plan your bacon shopping around the best deals.

Look for In-Store Bacon Discounts

In addition to advertised specials many stores will discount bacon in-store without advertising it widely. Check for in-store markdowns and bacon manager specials on packaged bacon especially National brand names like Oscar Mayer or Hormel. Stores will often heavily discount bacon nearing its sell-by date to clear it quickly off shelves. You can find packages marked down to 50% off or more. Look on the bacon shelves for yellow or red markdown stickers. The markdown area is another prime spot to score discounted bacon. Just be sure to check expiration dates and freeze bacon you won’t use right away. With an extra-sharp eye and a little luck, you can grab bacon for as low as $1-2 per pound!

Buy Store Brand Bacon

Opting for the store brand version of bacon is one of the easiest ways to save money. Store brands like Albertsons’ Signature Select or Kroger’s Private Selection are typically 15-25% cheaper than premium name brands of bacon. Yet they still deliver good quality and flavor. Albertsons Signature Select applewood smoked bacon is $3.99 per pound while Oscar Mayer applewood is $5.99 per pound, for example. Don’t rule out lesser-known regional bargain brands either. Trying a value brand can net you savings of $1-2 per pound. If you’re organizing a large family breakfast or cooking for a crowd those savings really add up.

Buy Bacon in Bulk

If you go through a lot of bacon, consider buying it in bulk from warehouse stores like Costco, Sam’s Club, or BJ’s Wholesale. Buying a multi-pack of bacon yields a lower per-pound cost. A 10-pound bulk package of Kirkland brand bacon at Costco sells for around $3 per pound, while a 4-pack of 1 pound Oscar Mayer bacon costs close to $6 per pound. Splitting bulk packs with friends or freezing extra bacon makes buying in quantity worthwhile. Many warehouse stores also offer occasional “bacon roadshows” where they heavily discount bacon for a few weeks at a time, dropping prices as low as $2.50 per pound.

Look for Coupons and Deals Online

Lots of online grocery sites like Instacart, Walmart Grocery, and Amazon Fresh will send you alerts and offers for discount bacon. You can find coupons for $1-2 off name brand bacon packages. Or watch for sitewide bacon sales taking 10-20% off bacon prices. Ordering online allows you to easily price compare between retailers. Don’t forget to factor in tipping and delivery fees to find the best net price. Cashback sites like Ibotta and Checkout51 frequently offer bacon rebates too. Between coupons and cashback, you could score name brand bacon for just a couple bucks per pound.

Buy Directly from a Local Butcher

Visiting an independent local butcher shop in your area is another potential source of bargains. Many local butchers sell fresh bacon and other cured pork products made in-house. Because they don’t pay for national brand name recognition and distribution, their prices are often competitive with or cheaper than national brands. You might even find artisanal premium bacons for less than grocery store prices. And butchers may mark down bacon nearing its use-by date even more than chains. Check social media too – local butchers will sometimes advertise bacon specials there.

Shop After the Holidays

Right after big events involving ham like Christmas, Easter, and Mother’s Day, you can often find great markdowns on packaged bacon. Retailers stock up on large quantities of pork products leading up to holidays. And once the celebrations are over, they want to clear out extra inventory and make room for the next holiday. Look for sales on bacon the week after Easter, Christmas, and New Year’s. The discounts may apply to both brand name and private label bacon. Holiday clearance prices could get you packaged bacon for as little as $2 a pound.

Use Bacon Grease for Savings

Here’s a non-shopping tip that can save money – keep and reuse your bacon grease! Instead of throwing away the fatty bacon drippings, strain and store the grease in an airtight container. You can then use the reserved bacon fat for cooking other foods like eggs, potatoes, roasted vegetables, or popcorn. Reusing bacon grease means you can cut back on using new vegetable oils, butter, or other fats. And it adds great bacon flavor to boot. Saving bacon grease keeps those bacon bargains paying off long after you’ve eaten the bacon itself!

With so many stores selling it, locating cheap bacon in your area simply takes a little inside knowledge and clever shopping tactics. Follow the tips above to stay alert for deals and discounts on bacon at grocery stores, warehouse clubs, online retailers, and local butchers. Before you know it, you’ll have found all the best bargains available and be stocked up on budget-friendly bacon! What are you waiting for? Go find those sizzling savings!

We Finally Know Why Costco’s Bacon Is So Cheap


How much does bacon cost in Walmart?

Keep Your Portions Reasonable. A good rule of thumb for a reasonable portion size of bacon is about one ounce per person. That’s one slice per person, which comes in at around 44 calories and 1 gram of saturated fat. Plus, that one piece of bacon is so flavorful, it goes a long way.

How much does a pound of bacon cost?

Over a longer period and averaging the BLS’s monthly pricing data, the per-pound cost of bacon was $6.65 in 2023 compared to $7.31 in 2022, marking a year-over-year decrease of 9%.

Why is bacon so expensive?

Analysts who spoke to CNBC attributed the surge in pork prices partly to a recently imposed animal welfare regulation in California, which came into effect July 1. California’s Proposition 12 bans the sale of pork from farms that confine pregnant sows in tiny enclosures, and spaces that are less than 24-square-feet.

How long will bacon last in the fridge?

You can keep bacon in the refrigerator at 40 ºF or below for one week. Bacon can also be frozen at 0 ºF for four months (for best quality). For more information about bacon and storage of other bacon products, go to Bacon and Food Safety.

Where can I buy House of bacon in Baltimore MD?

JDs House of Bacon – GET SOME! All orders available for local pickup only. No Shipping. Address: 7211 Rolling Mill Road, Baltimore MD 21224. Interested in wholesale items? Follow us on social media! Innovator of the “Bacon on a stick” movement in Baltimore back in 2011, JD has brought this concept of specialty bacon to reality.

Does Bacon Freak offer discount Bacon deals?

At Bacon Freak, we constantly update our discount bacon deals to provide you with the best products at the best prices. From seasonings and meats to novelties and T-shirts, we have it all at a low price for you! Since 2008, Bacon Freak has offered a wide variety of everything bacon.

Is slab bacon a good value?

Great value and will definitely purchase again! Quick delivery, use the slab bacon to make smoked bacon burnt ends, they are a hit. Was looking to buy 1/2″ slices of bacon to grill, but the slab was great because I was able to slice myself to desired thickness.

Where is Bacon Freak made?

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