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The Secret Behind Yoder’s Irresistible Canned Bacon

Yoder’s canned bacon has become a staple in many households across America. Its rich, smoky flavor and convenience make it a go-to for quick breakfasts, camping trips, and anytime you need some bacony goodness. But have you ever wondered who makes this beloved canned bacon?

The story behind Yoder’s bacon goes back over 50 years. In 1963, Menno Yoder opened a small butcher shop in Shipshewana, Indiana. As a member of the local Amish community, Menno used traditional techniques to make high-quality cured and smoked meats. His bacon, in particular, gained a reputation for its exceptional taste.

By the 1970s, customers kept asking if Yoder’s bacon could be canned so they could take it camping or have it on hand for meals. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Menno began experimenting with canning his thick-sliced bacon. After months of trial and error, he finally perfected the process of sealing that smoky flavor into a convenient can.

Today, Yoder’s canned bacon is still made right in Shipshewana using Menno’s original recipe. The current owners of the Yoder’s Meat and Cheese shop carefully source quality pork bellies from Midwest farms The bellies are cured with a signature blend of salts, spices, and brown sugar before being hickory smoked over real wood fires. This slow process infuses the meat with a rich, maple-like flavor

After smoking, the bacon is sliced, trimmed to perfection, and hand-packed into cans. Only the finest bacon makes the cut. Any pieces with too much fat or that aren’t up to Yoder’s standards are discarded The cans are then filled with real bacon grease to ensure each slice stays moist and tasty

The final step is sealing the cans and cooking them in a water bath. This gently “bakes” the bacon locking in its smoky goodness. While other brands use preservatives and artificial ingredients Yoder’s relies on tried-and-true Amish cooking methods to naturally preserve their bacon.

Today, Yoder’s produces over 400,000 cans of bacon per year right on site in Indiana. They still use those same small-batch smoking and curing techniques that made their bacon famous back in Menno’s day. The rich heritage and craftsmanship you can taste in every slice are why Yoder’s remains a cut above the competition.

The Best of Both Worlds: Convenience Without Compromise

Yoder’s canned bacon delivers two big benefits: convenience and quality. Having pre-cooked bacon that lasts on your shelf for over a year makes mornings easier. Just open the can and heat for quick bacon whenever you want it.

At the same time, you get the same thick, hearty slices and handcrafted flavor as fresh artisan bacon. Yoder’s doesn’t cut corners to achieve shelf-stability. They stick to traditional smoking methods that lock in more flavor. The result is canned bacon that tastes just as delicious as bacon prepared the slow, old-fashioned way.

When you want bacon in a hurry, Yoder’s is the fastest option that still delivers gourmet quality. No more waiting for raw bacon to cook. Just warm and serve these pre-cooked slices as-is straight from the can. The bacon comes perfectly crisp without the splatter and mess of frying it yourself.

Of course, you can cook Yoder’s bacon in unique ways too. Try wrapping canned bacon slices on steak, adding crumbled bacon to beans or potatoes, or infuse the smoky flavor into a soup or stew. Because each slice is fully cooked, it’s already safe to eat and ready to warm in creative recipes.

Yoder’s also sells ready-to-eat bacon ends and pieces cans. These are ideal for adding bacon flavor to dishes without fuss. Sprinkle them on salads, baked potatoes, eggs, pasta, or anything that could use a hint of smoky, salty crunch.

With its long shelf life and grab-and-go convenience, Yoder’s canned bacon lets you keep the smoky bacon flavor you crave on hand anytime.

Why Yoder’s Taste and Texture Shine

Exceptional flavor. Perfectly crispy, yet tender slices. Yoder’s cans highlight the best qualities that make bacon so crave-worthy. So why does their canned bacon stand out from less satisfying grocery store varieties?

It starts with the source. Yoder’s insists on premium pork bellies with just the right balance of meat and fat. Leaning and fatty pieces don’t make the cut. This ensures every slice has a hearty meaty bite and just enough fat to deliver flavor.

The traditional curing and smoking process also makes a difference you can taste. Yoder’s uses natural wood smoke rather than artificial liquid smoke. This imbues the bacon with undeniable smoky depth. Their signature dry rub of spices and brown sugar gives the meat a hint of sweetness to balance the smoke and salt.

The way Yoder’s pre-cooks the bacon in the can also contributes to its stellar texture. Other brands just boil their canned bacon, resulting in limp, flabby slices. Yoder’s gently bakes their bacon, sealing the juices inside each slice so they stay tender. The result is the perfect balance of crisp edges with a subtle chew in the middle.

Lastly, Yoder’s cans their bacon in real rendered bacon fat. Other brands use oils that dilute the bacony flavor. The small bit of grease in Yoder’s cans is the good stuff—pure, porky, and full of flavor. This keeps the bacon moist and delicious whether you reheat the slices or cook them in unique ways.

Between the higher-quality meat, wood smoking, and baking process, Yoder’s offers canned bacon miles above the average grocery store brand. One taste of their signature flavor and texture explains why they’ve become America’s #1 canned bacon.

Yoder’s Quality Across the Product Line

While their smoked bacon may be their claim to fame, Yoder’s also offers an impressive range of other canned meats. You’ll find the same commitment to quality across all their products.

For cured pork lovers, try Yoder’s canned ham slices or pork sausage links. Their specialty canned chicken options include smoked chicken breast and chunk chicken in broth. Yoder’s also offers versatile canned ground meats like beef crumbles, sausage crumbles, and chicken.

Beyond meats, Yoder’s provides a stellar selection of canned soups, vegetables, and fruits. Favorites include hearty bean soups, sweet corn, roasted red peppers, and juicy fruit medleys. Amish country jams, jellies, salsas, and other goodies round out Yoder’s canned offerings.

With decades of canning expertise behind them, Yoder’s has practically perfected the art. They understand exactly how to seal in fresh flavors and textures no matter the ingredient. Their canned products make camping meals, quick lunches, and potluck sides easier. Just open a can for instant access to tasty fruits, vegetables, meats, and more.

Next time you stock up on Yoder’s bacon, don’t forget to browse their equally scrumptious canned chicken, ham, soups, beans, and produce.

The Yoder’s Difference: Small-Town Charm Meets Big Flavor

Part of what makes Yoder’s so special is their down-home roots. What started as a small-town butcher shop has blossomed into America’s favorite canned bacon—without sacrificing charm or quality.

Today, the Yoder family’s little storefront in rural Indiana ships their famous meats across the country. Yet they still operate with the personal touch of a neighborhood shop. The family and staff know most customers by name. Their doors are always open for factory tours and chatting over samples.

Despite growing demand, Yoder’s stays committed to time-honored techniques. Every step still involves real people hand-crafting meat the old-fashioned way. Technology may help can more bacon in a day, but the small-batch smoking and curing remain. Yoder’s refuses to cut corners or compromise on ingredients to increase profits.

This dedication shows in their exceptional flavors. When you taste the smoky richness of Yoder’s bacon, you’re experiencing a legacy of quality dating back over 50 years. Their small-town spirit and work ethic shine through in every bite.

Beyond amazing canned meats, Yoder’s offers an authentic peek into Amish culture. Their beautiful farmstead area includes Amish buggy rides, quilt shops, baked goods, and cheesemaking. It’s a chance to step back in time and see how things are made the traditional way.

Even after growing into a nationally-known brand, Yoder’s stays connected to their roots. They still embody the down-to-earth, community-oriented values you expect from Amish country. Yoder’s commitment to “quality you can taste” began as one man’s small business—and you can still see that hands-on care today.

Where to Buy Yoder’s Canned Bacon and More

Have we convinced you to get on board the Yoder’s bacon train? Here are some tips for getting your hands on their famous canned meats.

  • Direct from Yoder’s: You can order all of Yoder’s products right on their website and have them shipped to your door. This is the best way to get the full range of their canned goods.

  • Amazon: Yoder’s bacon cans and other meats are available on Amazon with quick Prime delivery. Prices and stock vary.

  • Specialty grocers: Retailers like Whole Foods, Fresh Thyme, Earth Fare, and Fresh Market carry select Yoder’s canned meats. Call your local stores to check availability.

  • Camping stores: Brands like Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops often stock popular Yoder’s bacon cans perfect for camping.

  • Butcher shops: Independent butcher shops may offer Yoder’s bacon and ham cans along with other artisan canned goods. Ask at your neighborhood butcher counter.

  • Farmers markets: You can sometimes find Yoder’s products at farmers markets, especially in the Midwest near their Indiana home.

  • Discount clubs: Warehouse stores like Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s occasionally carry cases of Yoder’s bacon when in stock. Check your club’s website to view current inventory.

  • Grocery stores: Major chains like Kroger, Meijer, Food Lion, Safeway, and Albertsons may stock Yoder’s bacon seasonally or have limited regional availability. Check the canned meat aisle.

With so many retail options, tracking down Yoder’s signature canned bacon and meats is doable no matter where you live. Grab a few cans, heat up the slices, and taste why Yoder’s remains America’s top choice for canned bacon.

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What is the shelf life of Yoder’s canned bacon?

The guaranteed minimum shelf life is 10 years from the date of production. To find the production date, look for the date code on the bottom of a can.

What is yoder bacon?

Ingredients and shelf life To prepare it to be stored in the can, the bacon slices are wrapped in waxed paper and rolled up. The label on a can of Yoder’s bacon lists pork, water, salt, sugar, smoke flavorings, sodium phosphates, sodium erythorbate, and sodium nitrate as ingredients.

How long will canned bacon last?

This canned meat product has an impressive shelf life of 10 years when unopened. That means it can live in your pantry indefinitely, or at least until you can no longer resist its salty siren song. At that point, you must relocate your can of bacon to the refrigerator to keep it fresh, tasty, and safe for consumption.

Does canned bacon taste good?

Although short, they cooked up wonderfully and tasted just like crisp, fresh cooked bacon. Other than the bacon sticking to itself, the experiment had been very successful. Now I knew why the commercially canned bacon had a layer of paper on the bottom of the bacon and another on the top.

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