Why Did They Stop Making Bacon Thins? The Mysterious Disappearance of a Beloved Snack

Bacon Thins were a crispy delicious snack cracker that disappeared from store shelves leaving fans baffled and disappointed. This thin and crispy bacon flavored cracker had developed a cult following, only to vanish without a trace. But why did they stop making this iconic snack?

As a Bacon Thins enthusiast myself, I was determined to get to the bottom of the mysterious discontinuation of this product. I dove into food forums brand histories snack food trends and manufacturing costs in an effort to solve the case of the missing Bacon Thins.

After extensive research, it seems the sad fate of Bacon Thins can be traced to a combination of factors, including changing tastes, rising costs, and shifting company priorities. While we may never see these crackers on store shelves again, the story of their rise and fall highlights the ephemeral nature of beloved snack foods.

A Thin Slice of Savory Heaven

To understand why fans miss Bacon Thins so much, it helps to know what made them special. Bacon Thins were first introduced by Nabisco in the 1980s, joining their broad line-up of salty snacks like Ritz Crackers, Oreos, and Chips Ahoy.

The thin, round crackers were about the size of a quarter and delivered a hearty punch of smoky, salty, bacon flavor. They had a satisfying crunch and a light, crispy texture perfect for munching by the handful. The taste was described by fans as “sheer bacon-y bliss.”

Bacon Thins were great on their own but also served as the ideal companions for dips, cheeses, spreads and other snacks. They became a staple at parties, as after school treats, and in lunch boxes across America.

For those who grew up with Bacon Thins as a dietary staple, news of their disappearance felt like the sudden loss of a dear friend. “Why take away this thin slice of savory, salty heaven?” lamented one nostalgic fan.

The Rise and Fall of Bacon Popularity

To fully grasp Bacon Thins’ downfall, we must explore the shifting fortunes of bacon itself. For many decades, bacon played a supporting culinary role as an additive in dishes like BLTs, potato salads and baked beans. But by the 1990s, bacon emerged as a rising star on the food scene.

The low-carb craze kicked off by the Atkins and keto diets put bacon in the spotlight. Its high protein and fat content made it the perfect food for these low-carb lifestyles. Suddenly bacon was the belle of the ball, starring in everything from candies to vodka, milkshakes and even toothpaste!

“Bacon mania” led to an explosion of bacon-flavored products hitting shelves in the late 90s and early 2000s. It was in this context that Bacon Thins first appeared, riding the salty waves of success right into snackers’ hearts.

But bacon’s time in the sun proved to be short-lived. By the early 2010s, health concerns led to a decline in bacon sales, as consumer wariness set in about excessive nitrates and links to cancer and heart disease. Plus, the clean eating movement shunned heavily processed foods like Bacon Thins.

While people didn’t abandon bacon altogether, it was clearly past peak popularity. As consumer demand for the crispy cured pork belly declined, it likely dragged Bacon Thins down too.

Cost Concerns Clip Bacon Thins

In addition to waning interest, it seems the cost of producing Bacon Thins ultimately led Nabisco to ditch the product. While the company never confirmed the reason for the discontinuation, food industry experts point to rising expenses.

“Ingredients like bacon get very expensive for a company that has huge production volumes,” explained one consumer goods analyst. To keep costs down, snacks like Bacon Thins usually rely on artificial bacon flavoring rather than real bacon.

But the chemicals used to create that smoky bacon taste weren’t cheap either. As production expenses climbed, profit margins for Bacon Thins shrunk, providing less incentive for Nabisco to keep making them.

The limited-edition re-release of Bacon Thins in 2021 appeared to confirm that costs were prohibitive for large scale production. Nabisco only produced a small batch for the nostalgia-driven promotion. While fans were thrilled, a permanent comeback never materialized, seemingly due to financial factors.

Shifting Priorities Spelled Doom

Besides costs, experts say Nabisco likely pulled Bacon Thins simply because they wanted to focus time and resources on other products. The snack giant had plenty of more profitable fish to fry.

Within a massive food conglomerate, brands compete for attention internally. Bacon Thins was a small fish in a big pond; other better-selling items like Oreos got priority. Once sales declined and profits shrunk, Bacon Thins simply wasn’t worth the effort anymore.

“Nabisco greedily discontinued them even though they were beloved,” complained one jilted fan online. While corporate greed may not be entirely to blame, it’s true that once a product line isn’t making enough money, it’s doomed within a large company.

Filling the Bacon Thins-Shaped Hole in Our Hearts

The disappearance of Bacon Thins left a crunchy, bacon-scented hole in the snack food world. While no product has fully replaced the thin crisps, there are a few worthy successors.

Those longing for a Bacon Thins fix have several options:

  • Make your own – Do-it-yourself recipes allow you to recreate the bacon cracker glory at home. Mix bacon bits into crackers or sprinkle on top before baking.

  • Bacon Jerky – The crispy meat snack provides salty, smoky crunch and satisfaction. Bacon jerky has surged in popularity as more brands offer it.

  • Bacon Bits – Sprinkle these crunchy, salty bits on salads, bakes potatoes, or even buttered toast. Paired with crackers or a dip, they can satisfy the Bacon Thins craving.

  • Bacon Popcorn Seasoning – For a popped treat, use bacon flavored popcorn seasoning on freshly popped corn. The subtle bacon taste on fluffy, crunchy popcorn hits the spot.

While we may need to accept that Bacon Thins are history, taking matters into our own hands in the kitchen allows us to come close to recreating their magical flavor. But for those who experienced the original, Bacon Thins will always hold a special place in our food memories.

The sudden loss of Bacon Thins remains a mystery that diehard fans have struggled to accept. But hopefully understanding the factors that led to their demise – from bacon’s declining popularity to rising costs – provides some sense of closure.

So let’s raise a glass to honor the gone but not forgotten Bacon Thins – the thin, crispy crackers that left us too soon but live on in our hearts and taste buds. You were taken too soon, dear Bacon Thins, but we promise never to forget your perfectly salty, crispy glory.

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What cracker did Nabisco discontinue?

The discontinued fan favorite in question here? None other than the cheese plate MVP, Stoned Wheat Thins.

What happened to Swiss cheese crackers?

Nabisco Swiss Cheese crackers were popular in the 1980s but were discontinued in the U.S. Nabisco Swiss Cheese crackers were popular in the 1980s but were discontinued in the U.S.

Why did Nabisco discontinue Bacon thins?

For several decades, Bacon Thins remained a popular choice for snack lovers across the country. However, as tastes evolved and new trends emerged, Nabisco began to shift its focus towards other products in their lineup. Despite their loyal fan base, Bacon Thins were eventually discontinued by Nabisco.

Why did Bacon thins discontinue?

While the exact reason for the discontinuation of Bacon Thins remains unknown, it’s likely that the decision was based on sales performance. As with any product, companies need to continually evaluate their lineup and make tough decisions about which products to keep and which to discontinue.

When were Bacon thins invented?

Bacon Thins were first introduced by Nabisco in 1963, as part of their line of fun crackers. These savory snacks quickly became a hit among consumers, thanks to their unique bacon flavor and crispy texture. For several decades, Bacon Thins remained a popular choice for snack lovers across the country.

What happened to Bacon Thins crackers?

Vintage Food Ads: Nabisco Bacon Thins, Parmesan Fruit Salad, And Food Sticks. Over time, food tastes change. It’s a cruel accident of history that Wheat Thins and Chicken in a Biskit are still with us, but Bacon [flavored] Thins were discontinued.

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