Can You Cook Bacon on a Pizzazz Oven? Everything You Need to Know

If you own a Pizzazz oven, you may be wondering if you can use it to cook bacon After all, the Pizzazz is great for cooking frozen pizza and other convenience foods quickly, so it would be super convenient if you could cook bacon in it too

Well I have done some digging on this question, looking at the Pizzazz user manual, Amazon customer questions, YouTube videos, and trying it out myself. Here is what I have found out about cooking bacon in the Pizzazz oven.

What is a Pizzazz Oven?

First, let’s cover the basics. The Pizzazz is a countertop rotating oven made by Presto. It has top and bottom heating elements that cook food from both sides as the tray rotates. This allows it to cook foods very fast compared to a traditional oven.

The Pizzazz oven is designed specifically for cooking frozen pizzas, pies, potatoes, chicken nuggets, and other convenience foods. It cooks them hot, fast, and crispy by surrounding the food with heated air.

So in theory, the Pizzazz should be able to cook bacon too since it can provide the hot circulating air needed to crisp up the bacon. But let’s look at some of the considerations.

Factors to Consider for Cooking Bacon in the Pizzazz

There are a few things to think about when seeing if you can use your Pizzazz for cooking bacon

  • Grease splatter – Bacon releases a lot of grease when cooking which can splatter. The heating elements in the Pizzazz are exposed, so grease splatters could damage them.

  • Tray depth – The tray on the Pizzazz doesn’t have deep sides. Bacon grease could overflow the shallow tray.

  • Food safety – Bacon needs to be cooked to a safe internal temperature of at least 145°F to avoid foodborne illness. The Pizzazz might not heat bacon hot enough.

  • Smoking – Bacon can produce smoke when cooked. The Pizzazz is not designed for smoke ventilation like a stove or oven.

So the suitability of the Pizzazz for cooking bacon really depends on how much grease splatter, overflow, smoke, and heating control there is. Let’s look at what Pizzazz users have tried.

What Pizzazz Owners Say About Cooking Bacon

Looking at questions on Amazon and other forums, there are lots of posts from Pizzazz owners who have tried cooking bacon in their ovens. Here is a summary of their experiences:

  • Most say it will cook bacon but to use caution because of grease splatter and overflow.

  • Recommend putting foil on the cooking tray to catch grease. Some lay bacon strips on a foil lined pan.

  • Say to watch it closely to avoid burning since Pizzazz can cook quickly.

  • Note smoke is produced when cooking fatty bacon. Say to open windows or use vent fan.

  • Suggest choosing a leaner bacon or pre-cooking it a bit to reduce smoking and popping grease.

  • Say to limit bacon amount to avoid overflowing the shallow tray with grease.

  • Some report element damage from grease splatter after repeated bacon cooking.

So the consensus from Pizzazz users seems to be that it can cook bacon but some precautions should be taken. Using foil, leaner bacon, pre-cooking, and limited quantities can help manage messes and smoke. Watching it closely is important to avoid overcooking.

Cooking Bacon on Pizzazz – My Experience

To test it myself, I tried cooking bacon in my Pizzazz oven. I got a pack of regular sliced bacon and also some center cut bacon which has less fat.

Here is what I found:

  • The regular bacon splattered a ton of grease on my first try. It was popping and smoking heavily.

  • Lining the tray with foil helped contain most of the grease. Not as much mess.

  • I tried less bacon at a time and it cooked more evenly. Easier to manage.

  • The center cut bacon had much less splatter and smoke. Cooked nicely.

  • I used a digital thermometer to check temperature – got to ~150°F after about 5 minutes.

  • The Pizzazz cooked it fast, had to watch it closely to avoid burning.

So in my experience, the Pizzazz can definitely cook bacon decently but leaner bacon is easier to manage. Using foil helps minimize mess. You have to babysit it due to fast cooking. Overall it’s convenient but requires some effort to do it right.

Tips for Cooking Bacon in the Pizzazz Oven

Based on customer feedback and my own experience, here are some tips to get the best results cooking bacon in the Pizzazz:

  • Use foil to line the cooking tray and catch grease. Change foil between batches.

  • Cook no more than 3-4 slices at a time so bacon cooks evenly.

  • Choose a leaner bacon or center cut to minimize grease pop and smoke.

  • Partially pre-cook the bacon before finishing in the Pizzazz.

  • Watch closely and remove bacon before it overcooks. Cook times will be just a few minutes.

  • Open windows or use a vent fan when cooking to remove smoke.

  • Wipe down oven interior regularly to remove grease buildup.

  • Consider rotating with conventional oven if cooking large batches to avoid Pizzazz element damage from overuse.

Following these tips will make cooking bacon in the Pizzazz quicker and easier while avoiding most of the potential pitfalls.

Expert Opinion on Cooking Bacon in Pizzazz

In addition to user feedback, I checked with the manufacturer, Presto, to get their official guidance on bacon cooking.

The Presto customer service representative I spoke with said that the Pizzazz oven is not designed or recommended for cooking raw meats like bacon. They cannot guarantee safe cooking or prevent grease damage when using it for anything beyond the intended uses in the manual.

However, they acknowledge that many customers do use their Pizzazz for bacon with the precautions mentioned earlier. While not endorsed officially, they recognize that it can be done with proper care and monitoring by the user.

So in Presto’s view, the Pizzazz is not meant as a bacon cooker. But users have figured out workarounds to make it happen reasonably well. Doing so is at the customer’s own discretion and risk.

The Verdict on Cooking Bacon in the Pizzazz

Analyzing all the information and testing results, my verdict is:

Yes, you can cook bacon in a Pizzazz oven with some effort. While not designed for it, owners have found ways to make it work through using foil, leaner bacon, pre-cooking, and watching it carefully.

The conveniences of the fast cooking time and countertop design are nice perks if you want to use your Pizzazz for bacon. But extra work is needed to manage grease, smoke, and sticking compared to cooking it in a skillet or oven.

For occasional bacon cooking, the Pizzazz can be a quick cooking option. But for larger amounts, conventional cooking may be easier. Understand the risks of mess, smoking, and overcooking before trying.

Pizzaz Bacon!

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