Can You Use Chicken Broth with Ground Beef?

Ground beef is a versatile ingredient that can be used in many different recipes. When making dishes like chili, pasta sauce, or soups, liquid is often added to the ground beef while cooking. This helps to develop flavor and texture. While beef broth may seem like the obvious choice, you may wonder if chicken broth would also work.

The short answer is yes, you can use chicken broth with ground beef. The rich, savory flavor of chicken broth complements ground beef very well. While not a traditional pairing, using chicken broth to cook ground beef can add a new dimension of flavor.

Below we’ll look at why this substitution works, how to do it, and what dishes pair these ingredients deliciously.

Why Chicken Broth Works with Ground Beef

There are a few reasons why using chicken broth to cook ground beef works both flavor-wise and technically

  • Complimentary flavors – The savory umami taste of chicken broth balances and enhances the rich meaty flavor of beef

  • Adds moisture – Chicken broth keeps ground beef juicy and tender as it cooks, preventing it becoming dry.

  • Boosts flavor – Chicken broth infuses extra taste into the beef just like wine or stock would

  • Similar viscosity – Chicken and beef broth have a similar thickness, unlike watery vegetable broth.

  • Convenience – Chicken broth is often more readily available than beef broth.

So while less traditional than beef broth, chicken broth can add moisture, intensity of flavor and complementary savory notes to dishes made with ground beef.

How to Cook Ground Beef with Chicken Broth

Cooking ground beef in chicken broth takes just a few easy steps:

  • Sear the beef – First sear chopped or crumbled beef in a skillet to brown it. This boosts flavor.

  • Add aromatics – Next sauté aromatics like onion, garlic, peppers etc to release their flavors.

  • Pour in broth – Add enough chicken broth to just cover the beef and aromatics, about 1/2 to 1 cup.

  • Simmer – Let the beef simmer in the broth for 10-15 minutes until fully cooked through.

  • Season – Finally, season with spices like cumin, paprika, pepper, and salt.

The chicken broth infuses the beef with extra flavor as it gently simmers. Add thickeners like flour if you want to turn it into a sauce.

What Dishes Pair Chicken Broth with Ground Beef?

While an unconventional mix, chicken broth and ground beef work well together in numerous dishes:

  • Chili – Use chicken broth instead of beef stock or water for moistness and savoriness.

  • Pasta sauce – Simmer crumbled beef in chicken broth with tomatoes for more complex flavor.

  • Beef stew – Substitute chicken broth for beef broth or stock in traditional stew recipes.

  • Soup – Almost any beef and veggie soup gains richness from chicken broth.

  • Stuffed peppers – Mix ground beef with sauteed veg and chicken broth as the filling.

  • Cottage pie – Use as the base for the ground beef topping to complement the potatoes.

  • Nachos – Chicken broth keeps beef taco meat juicy and flavorful.

  • Meatballs – Lighten up Italian-style beef meatballs by mixing the beef with chicken broth and breadcrumbs.

Chicken broth adds a subtle richness and sheen to almost any dish containing ground beef. Play around with recipes to see just how well they pair!

Tips for Cooking Ground Beef in Chicken Broth

To get the most flavor and best texture when cooking ground beef in chicken broth, keep these tips in mind:

  • Always brown the beef first before adding broth for deeper flavor.

  • Let broth simmer and reduce to concentrate flavors.

  • Add spices, tomatoes, herbs or worcestershire sauce to complement the broth.

  • Use low sodium broth then season beef with salt and pepper to taste.

  • For thicker sauces, make a slurry with cornstarch and broth to add.

  • Freeze any leftovers like soups, stews or pasta sauces for future meals.

  • Look for organic, free-range chicken broth for cleaner flavor.

  • Substitute broth for half the liquid in a recipe to start with if concerned about taste.

  • For a change, try cooking ground turkey or chicken in beef broth too!

FAQs About Cooking with Chicken Broth and Ground Beef

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the combination of chicken broth and ground beef:

Does ground beef go well with chicken broth?

Yes! Chicken broth complements and enhances the flavor of beef. The savory, umami tastes pair deliciously.

Is it weird to cook ground beef in chicken broth?

It may not be traditional, but using chicken broth with beef is a very tasty mix. The similar rich flavors marry nicely.

What broth is best for cooking ground beef?

Beef and chicken broth both work excellently. Beef has more matching meaty notes but chicken provides a subtle complexity.

Does chicken broth make ground beef more tender?

Yes, simmering ground beef in broth keeps it moist and tender. The broth prevents the beef drying out.

Can I use chicken broth instead of beef broth?

Absolutely! Chicken broth substitutes perfectly for beef broth to cook ground beef. Its savory flavor adds lots of moisture and flavor.

Does chicken broth change the taste of ground beef?

Chicken broth gives ground beef a subtly richer, more complex taste. It won’t make it taste like chicken though!

So be bold and break free from convention. Chicken broth can be an amazing alternative to beef stock or water when cooking ground beef. It infuses juiciness and savoriness into any beef dish for delicious results.

In Conclusion

While not a traditional combination, using chicken broth to cook ground beef can inject exciting new flavors. The savory taste and similar richness marry deliciously with beef. From stews to pasta sauce, soups to stuffed peppers, chicken broth enhances ground beef’s flavor and tenderness. With a few simple tweaks, you can easily substitute chicken for beef broth in most recipes. So expand your cooking horizons and discover how beautifully chicken broth complements ground beef. This unconventional pairing could become a new favorite flavor combo!

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