The Discontinuation of Walkers Beef and Onion Crisps – What Happened to this Iconic Flavor?

Walkers Beef and Onion crisps have been a beloved snack time staple for generations of Brits. With their tantalizing blend of flavors and irresistible crunch, Beef and Onion crisps have secured their place in the snack food hall of fame. However, in recent times, fans of this iconic flavor have been met with empty shelves and disappointment. The big question on the minds of crisp lovers across the nation – have Walkers Beef and Onion crisps been discontinued?

Unfortunately, the answer seems to be yes. After years of delighting crisp enthusiasts, Walkers made the difficult decision to axe Beef and Onion from their lineup. This came as a major blow to the many fans of this long-standing classic.

The first inklings of the Beef and Onion discontinuation came when shoppers started noticing the flavor missing from store shelves Several took to social media to ask Walkers for an explanation The brand finally confirmed the bad news that Beef and Onion was taken off the menu for good last year.

Understandably lovers of the Beef and Onion crisp are “devastated” by this loss. The flavor had been around for so long that its sudden disappearance left a major void. For those who grew up enjoying Beef and Onion as an after-school snack or weekends treat, this meant the end of an era.

So what led Walkers to cancel one of their most beloved flavors? The exact reasons are unclear, but it seems the decision was part of the business strategy Walkers regularly rotates certain flavors in and out of production. Removing underperforming crisps allows them to focus on new innovations.

Beef and Onion joins a long list of discontinued Walkers flavors over the years. While staples like Cheese & Onion and Salt & Vinegar remain, the brand has axed unusual limited editions like Fish & Chips, Hog Roast, and Coronation Chicken. Other retired flavors include Worcester Sauce, Bacon & Tomato Ketchup, and Smoky Bacon.

The demise of Beef and Onion may signal changing tastes among crisp fans today. While the flavor had a strong nostalgia factor, younger generations likely crave newer, bolder taste experiences. Walkers seems determined to appeal to this market with exotic crisps like Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Japanese Wasabi & Ginger, and Chilli & Lime.

For those still mourning the loss of their beloved Beef and Onion crisps, all hope is not lost. Some shops may still carry leftover stock, so keep your eye out next time you browse the crisp aisle. There is also a chance Walkers could revive the flavor someday based on consumer demand, just as they recently brought back Salt & Shake crisps.

In the meantime, why not honor this classic crisp with your own homemade version? Coating potato slices in olive oil then sprinkling on onion powder, garlic powder, salt, and pepper can satisfy the Beef and Onion craving. Or try mixing beef bouillon powder into sour cream or Greek yogurt for a quick chip dip that captures the flavor.

While we sadly have to bid farewell to Walkers Beef and Onion for now, the memories and tastes live on. This flavor will remain legendary in the hearts of crisp lovers across the UK. What discontinued crisp do you wish would make a comeback? Share your thoughts to keep their legacy alive!

Walkers Beef and Onion Crisps


Are Walkers Beef and Onion discontinued?

Walkers Beef and Onion The Beef and Onion Walkers were discontinued in 2022 – but many people haven’t realised until recently. After searching high and low for the product in supermarkets, one shopper took to social media to ask Walkers why she was having no luck.

Can you still buy Walkers Beef and onion crisps?

Walkers has confirmed it has axed a popular packet of crisps after fans noticed another flavour has been missing for some time. The crisps manufacturer no longer sells its Beef and Onion flavour, which came in a brown bag. The news comes after one person took to Twitter/X and asked if Walkers had stopped making them.

What happened to Beef and onion crisps?

The crisp giant confirmed to a fan earlier this month that the flavour had been discontinued on X, much to the dismay of many. ‘Hi Ian, we know there were a lot of people that loved Beef & Onion, but sometimes, sadly the sales just aren’t there, so we have to make changes to our range,’ they wrote.

Are walkers beef & onion crisps discontinued?

Have Walkers Beef and Onion crisps been discontinued? Walkers has confirmed that it has axed one of its longstanding crisp flavours. The brand responded as people flocked to social media to ask where their fave flavour had gone – and it wasn’t good news.

Does walkers have beef and Onion flavour crisps?

And this time, it’s the beef and onion flavour crisps. The news was confirmed by Walkers when one crisp fan noticed that they hadn’t seen the brown packets of beef and onion flavour on shop shelves in a while. So, they took to social media to ask the company what they deal is.

Why did walkers bring back beef and onion crisps?

Beef and Onion was one of the five flavours chosen for the campaign, and it received an overwhelming 480,000 votes, making it the winner. As a result of the campaign’s success, Walkers brought back Beef and Onion crisps in November 2015. They were available in a six-pack single format and were sold alongside the newly reintroduced Marmite flavour.

Did ‘walkers beef & onion bring them back’?

RIP. Needless to say, fans weren’t impressed. This isn’t the first time this has happened, either: the snack was first discontinued in 2015 and then brought back, which one Facebook support group aptly named ‘Walkers Beef & Onion Bring Them Back’ attributed to its campaign.

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