Does CVS Sell Ground Beef? A Look at Meat Options at the Popular Drugstore

As a popular drugstore and retailer of grocery items, CVS offers a surprising variety of foods, including fresh produce, dairy, and even meat. But with a smaller selection than your average supermarket, you may be wondering – does CVS sell ground beef?

The short answer is yes, many CVS locations do sell fresh ground beef However, selection and availability vary by individual store. Below, we’ll take a closer look at the ground beef options CVS offers, how to find it in your local store, and some tips for buying and using ground beef from CVS

An Overview of Ground Beef at CVS

While CVS may not have an expansive meat department like a dedicated grocery store, many locations do sell fresh ground beef in the refrigerated section. Typically, CVS offers:

  • 80/20 ground beef: This refers to lean ground beef that is 80% lean meat and 20% fat. It has a balance of rich beef flavor and juiciness.

  • 90/10 ground beef The leanest option with 90% lean meat and 10% fat. Still flavorful but healthier with less saturated fat.

  • 93/7 ground beef: Extra lean with 93% lean meat and 7% fat. Can be drier than fattier options.

  • Organic ground beef: For customers looking for an organic option, some stores carry certified organic ground beef.

The specific varieties and brands of ground beef stocked can vary by location and region. Check with your local CVS to see their current selection.

Where to Find Ground Beef at CVS

At CVS, fresh ground beef is sold in the refrigerated meat section, typically located in the back of the store near the dairy and eggs. Here are some tips for locating it:

  • Look for refrigerated cases along the back wall, meat is often sold here.

  • Check signs hanging above the cases for markers like “Fresh Meat” or the meat icon.

  • Scan for familiar ground beef packaging like the clear plastic tubes or Styrofoam trays covered in plastic wrap.

  • The meat case is often near the fresh produce, eggs, milk, and other refrigerated goods.

If you still have trouble finding the ground beef, don’t hesitate to ask a store employee for assistance. They can point you in the right direction.

Buying Ground Beef from CVS – What to Look For

When buying fresh ground beef anywhere, including CVS, here are some tips for selecting high-quality packages:

  • Check the color – Ground beef should be bright red without any graying or brown spots. This indicates freshness.

  • Examine the texture – The meat should look moist but not slimy or sticky. Large juicy chunks are best.

  • Confirm the expiration – Choose packages furthest from expiring. Use ground beef within 2 days of purchase.

  • Avoid tears or stains – Make sure the protective plastic wrap isn’t torn or stained, which could indicate spoilage.

  • Consider odor – Give it a sniff when you get home – it should smell fresh without any sourness.

Following basic food safety practices ensures you get the freshest, highest quality ground beef from CVS or any grocery store.

Tips for Cooking CVS Ground Beef

Ground beef purchased from CVS can be used just like ground beef from any other source. Here are some tips:

  • Browning ground beef properly in a skillet ensures food safety – cook until 160°F internal temperature.

  • Adding spices, herbs, or sauces enhances flavor. CVS often sells recipe-ready options like taco or fajita meat.

  • Use in pasta sauces, casseroles, meatballs, burgers, tacos – ground beef is very versatile!

  • Combine with fresh produce from CVS like peppers, onions, or lettuce for quick meals.

  • Split bulk packages into smaller portions and freeze extras for later use. Thaw in the refrigerator before cooking.

So don’t hesitate to grab some convenient ground beef during your next CVS run. With a bit of prep and seasoning, you can make tasty meals with this supermarket staple.

Food Safety with Ground Beef

As with any raw meat, basic food safety practices are important when handling, cooking, and storing ground beef:

  • Refrigerate ground beef ASAP, ideally below 40°F. Keep for 1-2 days max.

  • Thoroughly wash hands, surfaces, utensils after contact with raw meat to avoid cross-contamination.

  • Cook ground beef until the internal temperature reaches 160°F to kill any bacteria present.

  • Never refreeze raw ground beef after thawing. Cook within 1-2 days.

  • When reheating cooked ground beef, heat to 165°F. Bring sauces, soups, etc. to a boil.

Following safe handling and prep methods minimizes the risk of foodborne illness. Taking these simple precautions allows you to safely enjoy convenient ground beef from CVS.

Signs of Spoiled Ground Beef

Always inspect ground beef before cooking – if you notice any of the following, throw it out:

  • Unpleasant or sour odor

  • Gray, green, or brown discoloration

  • Slime or stickiness on surface

  • Mold growth – do not cook!

  • Weird textures like large clumps

  • Expired sell-by or use-by date

Consuming spoiled ground beef can potentially cause food poisoning. You can’t rely on appearance and smell alone – if in doubt, when in doubt, throw it out!

Is CVS Ground Beef High Quality?

While selection is more limited, CVS ground beef meets the same standards as beef sold in supermarkets and butchers. CVS procures beef from major national suppliers and distributors.

Quality can vary between specific packages, which is why it’s important to inspect for freshness and signs of spoilage. But overall, CVS ground beef provides solid quality you can feel confident cooking for your family.

As with any ground beef, proper handling and cooking is key to both food safety and quality. With care in selecting, storing, and preparing CVS ground beef, it can be a convenient option for quick family meals.

The Bottom Line

So does CVS sell ground beef? The answer is yes – many locations offer fresh 80/20, 90/10, 93/7, and sometimes organic ground beef options. Exact availability varies but can often be found in refrigerated cases near the dairy and eggs.

While selection is more limited, CVS ground beef can be purchased and cooked just like beef from any grocery store. Keep food safety in mind, look for signs of freshness, and flavor it up with spices, herbs, and sauces.

With care and common sense in selection and handling, CVS ground beef provides a handy option for whipping up meals using the convenience of your neighborhood drugstore.

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Are ground beef products still available?

These products are no longer available for purchase, but there’s a chance you may have some in your freezer. Here’s what you need to know: Products: Ground beef produced on March 28, 2024 with a “Use/Freeze By” date of April 22, 2024 and packaging date of “032824”.

Is there a recall on raw ground beef?

A recall was not requested because the products are no longer available for purchase. The raw ground beef items were produced on March 28, 2024. The products have a “Use/Freeze by” date of April 22, 2024, and packaging date of “032824.” The list of products that are subject to the public health alert can be found here.

Does CVS Pharmacy sell frozen food?

Quickly feed yourself or your family with Frozen Food from CVS Pharmacy. Read reviews and shop online or in store today. Plus, enjoy fast, FREE shipping on most orders!

Why is Cargill beef recalled?

Six ground beef products produced by Cargill Meat Solutions of Pennsylvania are being recalled by the FSIS after a previously “segregated product” was inadvertently used in the production of ground mince and burger patties. In all, 16,243 pounds of raw beef is believed to be affected.

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