How Long Does Chocolate Covered Bacon Last? The Complete Guide

Chocolate covered bacon has become a popular indulgent snack. The sweet and salty flavor combo is irresistible to many. But like any perishable food, chocolate covered bacon has a limited shelf life. So how long does chocolate bacon really last?

The shelf life depends on several factors like storage method, ingredients used, and preparation. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about how long chocolate covered bacon lasts, proper storage, signs of spoilage, and more.

General Shelf Life of Chocolate Covered Bacon

When properly stored, chocolate covered bacon will generally last:

  • Refrigerator: 1-2 weeks
  • Freezer: 2-3 months

The above times are for best quality. Chocolate covered bacon may still be safe beyond that, but the taste and texture quality will start to decline.

What Factors Affect the Shelf Life?

There are a few key factors that play into the shelf life of chocolate bacon:

  • Ingredient Freshness Fresh, good quality bacon and chocolate lasts longer. Older ingredients spoil faster

  • Bacon Fat Content Fatty bacon spoils more quickly. Leaner bacon lasts longer

  • Chocolate Type: Dark chocolate lasts longer than milk or white due to higher cocoa content.

  • Storage Temperature: Refrigeration preserves better than room temperature. Freezing extends life the most.

  • Air Exposure: Open packages exposed to air deteriorate faster.

  • Handling: Double dipping introduces bacteria which shortens shelf life.

Proper Storage to Maximize Freshness

To get the most shelf life out of your chocolate covered bacon, follow these storage tips:

  • Refrigerate in airtight container immediately after dipping and cooling.

  • Freeze for longer term storage. Use freezer bags or airtight containers.

  • If freezing, wrap chocolate bacon pieces individually in plastic wrap before bagging.

  • Store away from fresh produce which can impart off odors.

  • When refrigerated, use within 5 days for best texture.

  • Let refrigerated chocolate bacon come to room temperature before serving.

Signs Your Chocolate Covered Bacon Has Gone Bad

Check your chocolate bacon for these signs of spoilage before eating:

  • Dry, hard bacon underneath chocolate

  • Grayish color to bacon or chocolate

  • Slimy or soft texture

  • Off odors – sour, rancid, ammonia-like

  • Mold growth – fuzzy dots or spots

  • Separation of chocolate coating from bacon

When in doubt, remember it’s better to be safe than sick – if your chocolate bacon seems questionable, discard it.

Does Freezing Affect Taste and Texture?

Freezing preserves chocolate covered bacon safely but may negatively impact taste and texture. Signs of freezer damage include:

  • Dry, tough bacon due to moisture loss

  • Waxy or grainy chocolate with faded color

  • Loss of crisp bacon texture – becomes soft

  • Freezer burn – dry, leathery spots on bacon

  • Condensation inside packaging causes sogginess

For best results, minimize freezing time to 2-3 months max. Thaw overnight in the fridge before serving.

Can Chocolate Covered Bacon Be Refrozen?

It’s not recommended to refreeze thawed chocolate covered bacon. Refreezing leads to more ice crystal formation, which degrades texture. Eat defrosted chocolate bacon within 3-5 days and don’t refreeze any leftovers.

If thoroughly thawed in fridge, chocolate covered bacon can be kept refrigerated for up to 1 week before quality loss becomes noticeable.

Is It Safe to Eat Expired Chocolate Covered Bacon?

It’s generally not recommended to eat chocolate covered bacon that’s passed its expiry date or recommendation of 1-2 weeks refrigerated. However, if it was continuously frozen, it may still be safe from a food safety standpoint if thawed and inspected properly.

Look closely and sniff for any off odors, color changes, or texture issues. If it seems normal, cooking it thoroughly to 165°F internal temperature should kill any bacteria. But when in doubt, it’s best to discard old chocolate bacon.

The Takeaway

When stored properly in the fridge or freezer, chocolate covered bacon lasts 1-2 weeks and 2-3 months respectively before quality deterioration. Use freezer-safe packaging and minimize temperature fluctuations. Rely on your senses – if it seems off, play it safe and throw it out. With proper handling, you can safely enjoy this sweet and salty treat!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the thickness of the bacon affect how long chocolate covered bacon lasts?

Yes, thicker sliced bacon has a shorter shelf life when coated in chocolate. Thick bacon is more porous and absorbs moisture more easily. Thinner bacon lasts longer as the chocolate provides a better protective barrier.

How long does chocolate covered bacon last unrefrigerated?

Chocolate covered bacon should always be refrigerated and not left at room temperature. The chocolate can melt and bacon spoil quickly without refrigeration. Refrigerate within 2 hours of preparation – don’t leave chocolate bacon unrefrigerated for more than 3-4 hours.

Can you freeze chocolate covered bacon without wrapping first?

It’s not recommended. Freezing chocolate covered bacon without wrapping each piece can lead to freezer burn as air reaches the bacon. Always wrap in plastic wrap before freezing to prevent freezer damage.

What happens if you freeze chocolate covered bacon for longer than 2-3 months?

The quality will decline rapidly beyond 2-3 months frozen. The bacon will suffer extreme moisture loss, change color, lose crispness, and develop freezer burn. Eat frozen chocolate bacon within 2-3 months for best flavor.

Is white chocolate covered bacon safe to eat?

Yes, white chocolate covered bacon is safe if handled properly. However, the shelf life is shorter than dark chocolate bacon due to the higher sugar and milk content. Eat white chocolate covered bacon within 3-5 days for best quality.

Can you substitute coconut oil for the chocolate when making chocolate covered bacon?

It’s not recommended. While coconut oil will provide a coating on the bacon, it lacks the preservation properties of chocolate. Chocolate contains compounds that help extend the shelf life. Pure coconut oil coated bacon must be refrigerated and has a shelf life of only 2-3 days.

How can you tell if chocolate covered bacon went bad after being frozen?

Check for dry or slimy bacon underneath the chocolate. Sniff for sour, rancid or ammonia odors when defrosting. Off colors, freezer burn and hardened, leathery bacon are also signs frozen chocolate bacon may be spoiled and should be discarded.

Does double dipping affect the shelf life of chocolate covered bacon?

Yes, double dipping can introduce bacteria and shorten the shelf life. Using a utensil or drizzling the chocolate over the bacon rather than dipping multiple times helps prevent contamination. Discard any chocolate covered bacon where double dipping occurred after 2-3 days.

Follow proper storage guidelines and rely on your senses, and you can safely enjoy chocolate covered bacon without having to worry about foodborne illnesses!

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