How Many Slices Of Bacon Make A Cup? The Complete Guide

Bacon is a versatile ingredient that can add smoky, salty flavor to everything from breakfast dishes to hearty dinners. Many recipes call for cooked, crumbled bacon by volume measurements like cups. But when you’re prepping the raw bacon to cook, it’s handy to know how many slices you need to reach that volume.

In this complete guide, we’ll break down exactly how many slices of bacon make a cup depending on how it’s prepared. Whether you need to know how many raw slices to cook or how much pre-cooked bacon equals a cup, this guide has you covered

How Many Raw Slices Of Bacon Make 1 Cup?

When bacon is raw and sliced but not cooked the general rule of thumb is

  • 1 cup of raw, sliced bacon = about 20 average slices

However, the exact number of slices can vary a bit depending on the thickness of the bacon Here’s a more detailed breakdown

  • Thin-sliced bacon (about 1/16 inch thick): 1 cup = 24 to 26 slices
  • Regular sliced bacon (about 1/8 inch thick): 1 cup = 20 to 22 slices
  • Thick-sliced bacon (1/4 inch thick): 1 cup = 16 to 18 slices

Bacon shrinks and renders fat when cooked, so you need more raw bacon to equal a cup than you would for cooked bacon. For accuracy, weigh the bacon slices on a kitchen scale rather than relying on slice counts. An average slice of raw bacon weighs around 8 to 10 grams. So 1 cup of sliced raw bacon weighs between 160 to 200 grams.

When preparing recipes, it’s best to cook a few extra slices of bacon than necessary to yield a full cup. It’s easy to crumble up any extra cooked bits as a tasty topping or snack!

How Many Cooked And Crumbled Slices Make 1 Cup?

Once bacon is cooked, it shrinks in size and you need less to make a cup measure. Here is a rough estimate:

  • 1/4 cup cooked, crumbled bacon = 4 slices
  • 1/3 cup cooked, crumbled bacon = 5 slices
  • 1/2 cup cooked, crumbled bacon = 8 slices
  • 2/3 cup cooked, crumbled bacon = 10 slices
  • 3/4 cup cooked, crumbled bacon = 12 slices
  • 1 cup cooked, crumbled bacon = 16 slices

However, the cup-to-slice ratios can vary based on how crispy you cook the bacon and how finely you crumble the pieces. Thinner bacon tends to make smaller crumbles than thick bacon.

For best results, start with about 20% more raw bacon than the slices listed. For example, for 1/2 cup crumbled bacon, cook about 10 raw slices. This ensures you end up with enough cooked, crumbled bacon after accounting for shrinkage and waste.

If you want a very accurate measurement, you can also weigh out the cooked, crumbled bacon. Generally, 1 cup of cooked crumbled bacon weighs around 120-140 grams.

Pro Tips for Getting the Bacon Cup-to-Slice Ratio Right

Cooking and crumbling bacon for recipes takes a little finesse. Follow these tips to nail the bacon-to-cup conversion every time:

  • Weigh raw bacon slices for the most accurate measurement. An average slice is around 8 to 10 grams.
  • Cook a few extra slices than needed – it’s easy to use any extra as bacon bits.
  • Cut raw slices in half or thirds to promote even cooking.
  • Cook over medium heat to achieve crispy bacon without burning.
  • Drain bacon on paper towels after cooking to remove excess grease.
  • Let bacon cool slightly before crumbling so pieces stay in chunks rather than powder.
  • Store leftover cooked bacon in a sealed container in the fridge for 5-7 days.

With practice, you’ll get a feel for how much raw bacon you need to yield the right cup measurement after cooking and crumbling. No more guessing!

Handy Bacon Cup Conversions

Print out this handy reference guide for quick access to bacon cup conversions in the kitchen:

Raw Sliced Bacon Cooked, Crumbled Bacon
1 cup = 16-20 slices 1/4 cup = 4 slices
2 cups = 32-40 slices 1/3 cup = 5 slices
3 cups = 48-60 slices 1/2 cup = 8 slices
4 cups = 64-80 slices 2/3 cup = 10 slices
5 cups = 80-100 slices 3/4 cup = 12 slices
1 cup = 16 slices

Recipes That Use Cooked, Crumbled Bacon

Once you’ve mastered the bacon cup conversion, try using your cooked crumbled bacon in these delicious recipes:

– BLT Salad with Bacon Vinaigrette

Toss romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, avocado, hard-boiled egg, and cooked, crumbled bacon. Drizzle with a dressing of olive oil, red wine vinegar, Dijon, and a spoonful of bacon grease.

– Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad

Combine cooked pasta, crumbled bacon, shredded cheddar, tomatoes, green onion, and ranch dressing for a picnic-ready crowd-pleaser.

– Bacon Guacamole

Adding cooked, crumbled bacon to classic guacamole gives it a smoky, salty kick. Perfect with tortilla chips.

– Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

Roast Brussels sprouts and bacon together until crisp-tender. The rendered bacon fat gives incredible flavor.

– Bacon Maple Baked Beans

Make barbecue baked beans next level by topping them with maple syrup and cooked, crumbled bacon before baking.

With the handy bacon cup conversion guide above and these recipe ideas, you’ll be a bacon cooking pro in no time!

How to make BACON BOWLS – CUPS

How many slices of bacon are in a cup of bacon?

However, we’ve compiled a handy guide to help you out: – 1/4 cup of cooked and crumbled bacon = 4 slices of raw bacon – 1/3 cup of cooked and crumbled bacon = 5 slices of raw bacon – 1/2 cup of cooked and crumbled bacon = 8 slices of raw bacon – 2/3 cup of cooked and crumbled bacon = 10 slices of raw bacon

How much Bacon is in a cup?

Keep in mind, you can’t have too much bacon! Diced, raw bacon is roughly the same weight for cup measure as liquids. One cup would be approximately 8 ounces and 225 grams; 1/2 cup is about 4 ounces or 115 grams; 1/4 cup is about 2 ounces or 55 grams, etc.

How do you make bacon muffin cups?

Preheat oven to 400F. For each bacon cup, you’ll need 2 and 1/2 slices of bacon. Place two 1/2 slices of bacon across the back of one of the muffin cups, then place a third 1/2 slice across the middle of the other two. Then wrap an uncut slice around the cup tightly. This was the most stable and easiest way of making the cups that I tested.

How much bacon do you need for crumbled bacon?

While diced, raw bacon is roughly the same weight for cup measure as liquids, many recipes call for precooked, crumbled bacon. Since bacon is mostly fat, which will render or melt off when fried, you need a lot of bacon for a relatively small amount of crumbled bacon.

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