How Many Points is Beef on Weight Watchers? A Guide to Tracking Beef

Beef is a favorite protein for many following the WW (Weight Watchers) program. However, with the various cuts, cook methods, and changing points systems over the years, a common question is – how many points is beef on Weight Watchers? In this guide, we’ll provide a breakdown of typical beef point values across some of the most popular WW plans

Overview of Weight Watchers Beef Point Values

In general leaner cuts of beef like sirloin or eye of round tend to be lower in points while higher fat options like ground beef or ribeye are higher. Here’s a quick look

  • Lean Cuts (sirloin, round): 3 to 5 points per 3 oz cooked
  • Ground Beef: 5 to 8 points per 3 oz cooked
  • Ribeye: 8 to 10 points per 3 oz cooked
  • Brisket: 10 to 12 points per 3 oz cooked

Portion size makes a difference too. A 6 oz sirloin steak would be double the points of a 3 oz portion. Cooking method also impacts points, with pan-frying adding points via oil.

Below we’ll explore beef points in more detail across some of the most popular WW plans.

Original Points (1997-2010)

On the classic WW Original Points system. lean beef earned the following values per 3 oz cooked portion

  • Sirloin or round: 3 points
  • Ground beef (90% lean): 5 points
  • Ground beef (80% lean): 7 points
  • Ribeye: 8 points
  • Brisket: 10 points

So a 6 oz ribeye steak would be around 16 points on the Original system. Gravies and sauces added additional points.

PointsPlus and ProPoints (2010-2015)

The PointsPlus system took protein content into account, lowering the points for lean beef:

  • Sirloin or round: 4 points
  • Ground beef (90% lean): 6 points
  • Ground beef (80% lean): 8 points
  • Ribeye: 9 points
  • Brisket: 11 points

So that 6 oz ribeye came down to around 18 PointsPlus points.

SmartPoints (2015-Present)

On the current SmartPoints system, beef points shift a bit again:

  • Sirloin or round: 5 points
  • Ground beef (90% lean): 7 points
  • Ground beef (80% lean): 9 points
  • Ribeye: 10 points
  • Brisket: 12 points

The 6 oz ribeye is now 20 SmartPoints. Note these values are for Blue and Purple plans. Green plans may deduct 1-2 points for lean beef cuts.

ZeroPoint Foods (2017-Present)

Some beef options are ZeroPoint foods on WW Freestyle/Blue/Green plans:

  • Eye of round
  • Sirloin tip
  • Top round roast
  • Bottom round roast
  • Top sirloin

However, portions are still limited for ZeroPoint beef to around 3 oz per day.

Tips for Managing Beef on WW

Here are some tips for working beef into your Weight Watchers plan:

  • Stick to lean cuts like sirloin, chuck, round, or loin. Trim visible fat before cooking.

  • Limit portions to around 3 oz cooked weight to control points.

  • Choose lower fat cooking methods like grilling, broiling, roasting or sautéing. Avoid deep frying.

  • Tracking points via packaging, USDA data or WW app ensures accuracy. Estimating can lead to under-tracking points.

  • Enjoy ZeroPoint beef within recommended portions if on Green or Blue. Don’t go overboard.

  • Compare ground beef options and select leaner 90% or higher if points are a concern.

  • Beef points can fit into daily budgets. Just balance with non-starchy veggies and zero point foods.

So with smart choices and controlled portions, beef can be worked into a WW weight loss plan. Refer to WW resources for the most accurate points info based on your specific program.

How to Calculate Weight Watchers Points


Is beef zero points on Weight Watchers?

Why are other lean meats (like beef) not included on the ZeroPoint foods list? Red meat provides essential nutrients, like iron, zinc, and vitamin B12; however, some cuts of red meat, even the lean ones, are higher in saturated fats.

How many Weight Watchers points are in 4 ounces of ground beef?

Chuck/beef: This is the classic All-American hamburger that we’ve all come to know and love. It’s simply ground beef with anywhere from 20% fat and 10 Points value per 4 oz. cooked. Wagyu/Kobe: Fancier restaurants and bistros are beginning to make their burgers with Kobe beef.

How many points is 3 ounces of steak?

For example, 3 ounces of filet mignon has 7 PointsPlus® values but if you can cut away a lot of visible fat, that drops to 4 PointsPlus values.

What meat is free on Weight Watchers?

Ground chicken or turkey that is labeled “breast” or “extra lean” or at least 98% fat free/2% fat. Deli meat that is specifically skinless chicken or turkey breast. If the product contains less than 2% of non-ZeroPoint ingredients (sugar, oil, food starch), it is still considered a ZeroPoint food.

What is the weight watchers original points food list?

In conclusion, the Weight Watchers Original Points Food List is a comprehensive resource that provides valuable information for individuals following the Weight Watchers program. It categorizes various food items and assigns them point values based on their nutritional content.

How many points does Weight Watchers have?

The minimum weight watchers points allowance is 23 points, which will be changed depending on age, sex, height, and weight. How are Weight Watchers points calculated? Different food and drinks show different focus esteem. SmartPoints is computed using calories, sugar, saturated fat, and protein.

How do I calculate Weight Watchers points?

To make our calculator easier for you, this Weight Watchers points calculator is based on the Weight Watchers freestyle points calculator formula, which allows you to roughly estimate the amount of points in each meal: This formula only needs: Calories (you can calculate them using calorie calculator ).

What is a weight watcher point system?

The weight watcher point system is a tool intended to help people control or lose weight in a way that influences a person’s overall lifestyle and eating habits. This calculator can be used to estimate the point value of a food with known parameters. The point program changes approximately every 2 years.

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