How Much Beef Does McDonald’s Use Per Day? A Behind-the-Scenes Look

As one of the largest fast food chains in the world, McDonald’s serves up a massive amount of burgers on the daily. But have you ever wondered just how much beef they go through in a single day? The answer may shock you!

In this deep dive, we’ll uncover the incredible stats on McDonald’s daily beef usage, from patties to pounds. You’ll also get an inside look at where their beef comes from, how it’s processed and what options they offer for non-meat eaters Grab a Big Mac, get comfy and let’s satisfy that McDonald’s curiosity!

An Astounding Amount of Daily Beef

The stats on how much beef McDonald’s uses per day are pretty mind-blowing. According to recent reports, they serve around 75 hamburgers every second. That equates to over 4,500 burgers per minute and 270,000 burgers every hour!

Doing the math, McDonald’s goes through approximately 6.5 million pounds of beef per day just for their burgers. That’s equivalent to 3,250 tons of ground beef daily. To put it into perspective, that’s about the same weight as 612 mid-size cars!

McDonald’s other beef menu items like the Filet-O-Fish also add to their insane daily beef totals. Many of their breakfast sandwiches contain beef as well. When taking their entire menu into account, McDonald’s is estimated to use over 9 million pounds of beef per day worldwide.

Just writing about these beef numbers is making me hungry! But it really illustrates the sheer size and scale at which McDonald’s operates globally. The amount of meats, veggies, buns and other items they need supplied is truly mind-boggling.

Where Does All the Beef Come From?

With such massive beef requirements, where exactly does McDonald’s source all that meat? Their suppliers include powerhouses like Cargill, JBS USA, Tyson Foods and other major processing plants.

McDonald’s has strict standards for their beef. They only use whole muscle cuts of beef in their burgers, never pink slime or fillers. The burgers are made from forequarter and hindquarter trimmings and brisket, chuck, rib, sirloin and round cuts.

Their beef is primarily grass-fed and sustainably sourced from farms in Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. It is processed in the U.S. at facilities that meet McDonald’s food safety standards. Even the farms that supply the cattle undergo audits to ensure ethical practices.

Inside the Patty Making Process

Ever wonder how they form those perfect burger patties? At the processing plants, big blocks of beef trim are run through large grinding machines where the pieces are pulverized into smaller bits.

The grind is mixed with seasoning – just salt and pepper to keep it simple. The beef goes through a second grind to achieve an ideal consistency for shaping. It is pressed into patties by high-tech molding machines that can churn out 360 patties per minute!

The patties are flash frozen and packaged to lock in freshness until they are shipped out to McDonald’s locations. Each McDonald’s gets beef shipments multiple times per week to replenish their supply.

Options For Non-Meat Eaters

While McDonald’s has built its empire on beef, they recognize that not all customers want meat in their meals. That’s why they now offer substitutes like plant-based patties.

The McPlant burger features a soy and pea protein-based patty that looks and tastes similar to real beef. McDonald’s also offers alternatives like the Filet-O-Fish, Southwest Salad with Chicken and Fruit & Maple Oatmeal which allow customers to bypass beef.

McDonald’s is constantly evaluating their menu to cater to evolving dietary preferences while still maintaining the classic items customers love.

McDonald’s Beef Stats are Staggering

After learning how much beef McDonald’s uses per day, all those “Billions Served” signs start to make a lot more sense! It’s estimated they serve 75 burgers globally every second, equaling billions annually.

To satisfy their beef needs, McDonald’s sources from major suppliers like Tyson and Cargill. They have high standards for sustainable, ethical practices. The beef is processed into patties using high-volume grinding and molding equipment.

While McDonald’s is synonymous with burgers, they also offer non-beef options. But whether you prefer a Big Mac or McPlant, the efficiency with which McDonald’s handles such a massive beef supply chain is impressive!

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How much beef does McDonalds use in one day?

McDonald’s is the world’s largest fast food chain. With over 1,000 restaurants in over 60 countries, it’s no wonder that they produce a lot of beef. In fact, a single McDonald’s branch uses up to 10 kilograms of beef in a day! That’s a huge amount of meat, and it needs to be treated well.

How many pounds of beef does McDonalds?

Another is Keystone Foods, a Pennsylvania-based farm that provides McDonald’s with more than 150 million pounds of beef, 300 million pounds of chicken, and 15 million pounds of fish each year.

How many cows does McDonalds go through a day?

McDonalds responsible for the slaughter of 67 thousand cows per day! McDonalds opened in 1955. Since then they are proud to advertise that 247 billion beef burgers have been sold.

How much beef is consumed by McDonalds?

Moreover, McDonald’s, for all its global heft, is hardly the largest buyer of beef: It typically represents only between 1.5 and 2 percent of total beef consumption where it operates. To meet its goal, it would have to engage its suppliers, competitors and others.

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