Juicy, Flavorful Ham Made Easy: How to Cook a Ham to Perfection in Your Nuwave Oven

As soon as the holidays roll around, I start dreaming of baking a gorgeous glazed ham to serve as the centerpiece of our feast. But maneuvering that giant ham in and out of the oven can be tricky. Luckily, I discovered an easier way – using my Nuwave oven!

The Nuwave’s compact size and precise temperature control allows you to cook a tender juicy ham with minimal effort. Follow my foolproof guide to preparing holiday ham in your Nuwave and get ready for rave reviews from your family.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • How to choose the right size fresh or cooked ham for your Nuwave oven
  • Step-by-step instructions for prepping, seasoning, and cooking
  • What temperature and time to use for perfect doneness
  • Tips for basting and glazing your ham
  • How to tell when your ham is done using a meat thermometer
  • Letting your ham rest before carving for maximum juiciness
  • Serving suggestions and leftovers ideas

With my easy Nuwave oven ham cooking methods, you’ll have a showstopping centerpiece ready for your next gathering. Let’s start cooking!

Choose the Right Size Ham for Your Nuwave Oven

The Nuwave oven can accommodate a small to medium-sized ham. Good sizes include:

  • Bone-in half ham (4-7 pounds)
  • Boneless half ham (3-5 pounds)
  • Boneless whole ham (6-8 pounds)

I don’t recommend cooking a ham larger than 8-10 pounds, as it won’t fit properly in the Nuwave oven. For a big holiday crowd, cook two smaller hams.

You can cook a fresh (uncooked) ham or a cured, cooked ham in the Nuwave. Fresh will require more time.

Prepping Your Ham for the Nuwave Oven

Before cooking your ham, you’ll need to get it ready with these simple steps:

  • If cooking a fresh ham, rinse well and pat dry. Trim off any skin or excess fat.

  • For cooked ham, remove from packaging and rinse off any coatings.

  • Score the fatty side by making diagonal cuts. This helps the ham absorb juices.

  • Stud with whole cloves for added flavor and presentation, if desired.

  • Place ham on a rack or trivet inside the Nuwave oven. Add 1 cup broth or water to the bottom.

Now your ham is ready for roasting!

Step-by-Step Instructions for Cooking Ham in the Nuwave Oven

Follow these easy instructions for juicy ham success:

  1. Preheat your Nuwave oven to 325°F on “Bake” setting.

  2. For a fresh ham, cook 25-30 minutes per pound. For a cooked ham, cook 15-20 minutes per pound.

  3. Baste ham every 30 minutes with pan juices to keep moist.

  4. In the last 30 minutes, brush with your favorite glaze. Broil for 2-3 minutes if you want caramelization.

  5. Use a meat thermometer to check temperature – 145°F for fresh ham, 140°F for cooked.

  6. Once done, let ham rest 15 minutes before slicing.

Helpful Tips and Tricks

  • Add apple juice or cider instead of water for extra flavor

  • Mix glazes with brown sugar, honey, jams, mustard, etc. Get creative!

  • If ham starts browning too fast, tent foil over it

  • Insert thermometer into thickest part without hitting bone

  • Let rest 15 minutes so juices redistribute before carving

  • Add leftovers to omelets, pizza, sandwiches and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about how to cook ham in a Nuwave oven? Here are some common FAQs:

What kind of ham works best?

A boneless, fully cooked ham is easiest. Fresh ham will require much longer cook time.

How often should I glaze the ham?

Apply glaze during last 30 minutes of cook time. Broil 2-3 minutes if you want caramelization.

Do I need to add liquid to the oven?

Yes, adding 1 cup of broth, juice or water keeps the ham moist.

What if my ham is too big for the Nuwave oven?

Stick to smaller hams around 6-8 lbs max. For bigger gatherings, cook 2 smaller hams.

Can I reuse leftover glaze?

Absolutely! Store it in the fridge up to 2 weeks. Reheat to use on meats or veggies.

Enjoy Juicy, Perfectly Cooked Ham from Your Nuwave Oven

Your Nuwave oven makes cooking an impressive holiday ham easier than ever. With my step-by-step instructions, you’ll have a juicy, beautifully glazed ham ready to serve your hungry guests.

The Nuwave seals in moisture and lets you cook the ham low and slow to guaranteed tenderness. Add your favorite glaze and cook until the thermometer says it’s done.

Slice into your spiral cut ham to reveal tender, succulent meat that your family will rave about. Just be prepared for requests for your recipe!

How to Cook a Ham in the NuWave Oven

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