How to Throw an Epic Beef and Beer Fundraiser for a Great Cause

Beef and beer fundraisers are a time-honored tradition for raising money for charitable organizations and causes. These events bring communities together for food, drinks, raffles, games and entertainment, all while fundraising for something meaningful.

Planning a successful beef and beer fundraiser does take work, but the end result is incredibly rewarding In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk you through the key steps involved in organizing your own beef and beer fundraiser bash from start to finish.

You’ll learn crucial tips for choosing a venue, creating a budget, selecting a menu, gathering supplies, promoting the event, assigning volunteer roles and more. With some strategic planning and enthusiastic promotion, your beef and beer fundraiser is sure to exceed your fundraising goals and provide great memories along the way. So grab a cold one and let’s get started!

How to Organize a Beef and Beer Fundraiser

Step 1: Choose a Worthy Cause

The first step is deciding what cause your fundraiser will support. This could be a local charity, community program, school organization or other non-profit group you are passionate about assisting.

Select an organization that resonates with you and your community to create genuine excitement for the event Communicate with the organization upfront to ensure they approve of a beef and beer fundraiser benefitting their cause,

Step 2: Pick the Perfect Venue

Choosing the right venue is crucial for a successful event. Look for locations that:

  • Can legally serve alcohol and food

  • Provide adequate space for your estimated guests

  • Offer necessary amenities like seating, A/V equipment, restrooms etc.

  • Are accessible for your target audience

  • Fit within your budget

Consider indoor venues like banquet halls, lodges, VFWs, or outdoor spaces like parks. A backyard barn bash works too!

Step 3: Set a Budget and Fundraising Goal

Determine how much money you want to raise, then calculate expenses like:

  • Venue rental and staffing
  • Food, beer and other drinks
  • Marketing and promotional materials
  • Decorations, entertainment, supplies
  • Permits, licenses, insurance fees

Set realistic revenue expectations from ticket sales, raffles, auctions etc. Create a profit/loss budget to track spending.

Step 4: Choose a Memorable Menu

Select crowd-pleasing food and drinks at reasonable prices. Classic beef and beer fare like burgers, roast beef sandwiches, wings, and cold brews is always a hit.

Offer non-alcoholic options too. Add variety with taco/nacho bars, BBQ pulled pork, live music, or themed cocktails.

Step 5: Stock Up on Supplies

Buy plenty of beer, wine and/or liquor depending on your bar offerings. Don’t forget cups, bottles, taps, ice, coolers, and mixers for drinks.

Purchase condiments, sides, and all food/beverage serving supplies. Having extras is ideal to avoid running out.

Step 6: Spread the Word

Market early and often on social media, local announcements, email, flyers and word-of-mouth.

Ask supporters to share the event with their networks. Follow up with reminders as the date approaches.

Step 7: Recruit & Organize Volunteers

Delegate tasks like set up/clean up, ticketing, bartending, cooking, managing games etc.

Provide volunteers with clear instructions, training and materials to perform their roles.

Step 8: Add Fun Touches

Raffle baskets, cornhole, photo booths, live music and other activities encourage guests to stay longer and spend more.

Themed decorations and costumes make the event more festive and photo-friendly.

Step 9: Manage Logistics Flawlessly

Overprepare to handle large crowds smoothly. Stock up on extra food, drinks, supplies and garbage cans/recycling bins.

Arrange sufficient parking, restrooms, seating, signage and lighting. Have emergency plans for rain, power outages etc.

Step 10: Have a Blast!

When the big day arrives, relax and have fun! Thank all volunteers and guests. Take lots of pictures to share on social media.

Most importantly, celebrate raising funds and awareness for an important cause near to your heart!

Handling Legalities and Licenses for Beer

To serve alcohol legally and safely:

  • Apply for a temporary liquor license from your local government well in advance

  • Obtain any necessary food service permits for preparing and selling food

  • Check your state’s laws on selling alcohol at fundraisers

  • Purchase event liability insurance in case of accidents

  • Hire licensed bartenders or train volunteers on safe alcohol service

  • Check IDs and provide wristbands to verified attendees over 21 years old

  • Stop serving alcohol at least 1 hour before the event ends

Recruiting Helpers and Delegating Duties

Volunteers are invaluable when hosting a major fundraiser. Here’s how to recruit and organize your team:

  • Start with friends, family, community groups already invested in the cause

  • Create specific volunteer roles based on skills like cooking, marketing, decorating etc.

  • Use sign up forms to match interests and availability with needed tasks

  • Provide clear instructions, training and materials to set volunteers up for success

  • Arrange shifts so you have enough help the whole event without burning people out

  • Show appreciation with shirts, food vouchers, shout outs and plenty of thanks!

Spreading the word, managing logistics, serving guests – your volunteers make it all possible! Treat them well.

Setting the Scene with Decorations

Decorations instantly boost the festive fun while showing attendees their participation matters.

  • Use your organization’s colors and logos on signs, banners, balloons, etc.

  • Add lighting – string lights, lanterns, candles – to create ambiance

  • Display photos and information about your cause

  • Arrange fun themed props for social media photos

  • Provide signage so guests can easily find food, drinks, restrooms etc.

Simple touches make a memorable difference in the guest experience!

Planning and executing a beef and beer fundraising bash takes effort, but the rewards make it incredibly worthwhile. Bringing people together to laugh, feast and support something meaningful is truly special. I hope these tips help you throw a successful and impactful event for an organization close to your heart. Just be sure to grab me a cold one – I’ll be happy to join you in celebrating for a great cause!

Frequently Asked Questions About Organizing a Beef and Beer Fundraiser

How much should tickets cost for a beef and beer fundraiser?

Ticket prices depend on your expenses and fundraising goal. Typically $20-50 per person is reasonable. Offer discounted early bird pricing to encourage sales.

How much food is needed for 100 people at a beef and beer fundraiser?

Plan for 1⁄4 pound of beef per person, plus buns. Provide sides like coleslaw, pasta salads, fruit and desserts. Have extra food for big appetites and latecomers.

How much beer should I buy for 100 guests?

Expect 3-4 beers per person over a 4-5 hour event. Go with at least 15-20 cases of 24 beers each to be safe. Offer wine and liquor too.

How many volunteers are needed to run a medium-sized beef and beer fundraiser?

Aim for at least 1 volunteer for every 10-15 guests. 20 volunteers for 100 people allows for several shifts and roles.

What are fun activities to include at a beef and beer fundraiser?

Raffles, cornhole, axe throwing, karaoke, photo booths, games like giant beer pong keep guests engaged for hours. Provide fun prizes!

With thoughtful preparation and enthusiastic promotion, your beef and beer bash will raise big bucks while creating great memories. Cheers to that!

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